How The Evans React When You Cry —

Tate Langdon  —

He’d be talking with you about some personal matters you felt you needed to get off your chest and Tate being the little dear he is, offered to listen to your problems and try to help in any way he can because he loves you. So when you broke down it surprised him a little because you were fine one minute, bawling the next. Tate would stare at you for a few moments, unsure what to do, before wrapping his arms around you and whispering nice words about how much he loves you, about how if you stick with him everything will be okay. You stayed like that for a while, Tate giving you the occasional forehead kiss and rubbing his thumb over the palm of your hand.

Kit Walker  —

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Kit had just come home from something in which he took a little too long on doing, not that he meant to. You were stressed out from cleaning, cooking, wondering where Kit was and if he was okay. So, when he entered your bedroom, he greeted you with an apologetic look and of course said sorry for taking so long. You’d had it, you broke down then and there, letting all the stress get to you and leaving poor Kit perplexed. He’d ask if it was something he said and you’d deny, explaining to him why you were so overcome with your emotions through sobs. After his confusion wore off, he sat you down on the bed and kneeled in front of you, his hands in yours, looking deep into your eyes and trying to talk things out with you; his sweet voice telling you that everything was going to be okay and that he’d help out more. Poor boy would be too scared to come home late ever again!

Kyle Spencer (pre-death) —

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Seeing you crying would send him into a panic, he wouldn’t know what to do while you cried other than pull some shitty joke in attempts to lift your moods, maybe even pull a silly face or two; he’d keep at it until you let out a little laugh and when you would, he’d crack a little smile. He’d probably be the one to grab a nearby teddy bear and say in a strange voice “What’s makin’ ya sad, Y/N?” he’d refuse to answer unless you spoke to him through the bear, which sounds stupid, but when your mood lightened a little he’d give you a lovely hug and offer to talk seriously about what’s on your mind.

Jimmy Darling —

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Jimmy would be really upset, too. The poor boy would probably think he was the reason for your crying, thinking to himself that it was because he couldn’t give you what you wanted or that he wasn’t good enough for you. So when he tried to talk to you about it, he’d give you a weak smile and talk about the future, about the nice house and white picket fence you’d have together. He’d promise to take you far away from the Freak Show and he’d promise to do all sorts of things with you. For the meantime, though, all he could physically give you was a hug and kisses. He’d probably be a little self-conscious for the next week or so, or he’d be too afraid to make you cry so he’d accidentally avoid you.

James March —

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Expensive gifts, the most comfortable bed in the hotel and threats to kill whoever upset you galore! He’d calmly ask why you were sad and that if it were a person that caused it, he wanted names, room numbers and his best weapons to gut someone with. Hell, he’d even tell Miss Evers that she’d have bloody sheets to clean by the end of the day. If it wasn’t a person though, he’d reply with a simple “oh, dearest,” and try his absolute best to comfort you. (sorry, I’m on the early episodes of Hotel and I’ve not seen a whole lot of this character, I’m going based off of other tumblr’s James reactions.)

i was having a peaceful day and then i started thinking about how of the skyw,alker/so.lo dynasty in nucanon, pa.dmé and are the only ones who Aren’t force sensitive, and how when han died padm.é was probably the only one there to greet him bc’s force ghost is still running around trying to drag ben back into the light and i’m just picturing spirit pa.dmé sitting spirit down and asking him so many questions about and about le.ia and about ben and their lives and smiling at him like i’m so happy to finally meet you and anyway now i’m not having a peaceful day anymore

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Someone is claiming that Anti Rey Skywalkers hate Luke. That doesn't seem particularly reasonable to me. Luke would never leave his kid on a planet that reminded him way too much of a place he hated(Tatooine) and in the hands of a junk dealer that treated her like a slave.

I think it’s just another attempt at slandering a group of people with opposing views. “If you don’t agree with me it’s because you hate ___”

I’m just one anti rey*alker who tends to stick to my group of friends on tumblr and my followers. So I can’t speak for the entire group, but just myself. I personally am against her being a Skywalker because of how against Luke’s character it is.

I can see him dropping her off somewhere safe to hide while he fights- but I have a problem believing he wouldn’t entrust his daughter to his sister, or at least on a safer planet with a better guardian. Or that he would just vanish long after dropping her off on Jakku, without explanation or telling anyone ‘hey my little girl is on Jakku, I have to go into hiding, someone please go get her’.

If she ends up being a Skywalker, there will have to be some DAMN good reason for Luke to abandon her.

I was buying a Kylo Ren Funko Pop today at GameStop and the cashier started saying, “Isn’t Kylo a little whiny?” and so forth and I’m thinking “Oh, great. Here we go.” So I told him that while Kylo has some anger to sort out, I think he’ll figure himself out in the end. To my surprise, the cashier agreed and went on to say that “Rey and Kylo are going to team up and take down the big guy together” and that he thinks Rey is either Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter, or Anakin reincarnated. He also told me how he’s been a long time Star Wars fan ever since he saw A New Hope in theaters when he was 7.

I don’t know, it just felt really good to talk to a veteran fan outside of Tumblr who isn’t rooting for Kylo’s death or adamant about Rey Skyw//alker.