Welcome to the Alker Region!

Origin: Myths, Legends, and Lore, Mythological “Floating Island”

Derivation: Alter, Altar, Aku(evil in japanese)

The Region of Life

Welcome to the Alker Region! This region is home to many different cultures, from ancient villages to modern cities. The history of the region is alive within the different towns and cities, with lore shrouded in mystery and darkness. People in the Alker region value the balance of mind, body, and spirit. The region itself seems to pulse with energy. Down below is a list of places to explore! Details of each will be on their individual posts.


  • Ajime Town
  • Ulwood Town
  • Tartarot Pit
  • Pyroh City
  • Marchen Village
  • Ombos Ruins
  • Huengong Islands
  • Mumachi Town
  • Tekotek City
  • Jhesh City


  • Arteried River
  • Veined Pass
  • Soul Lake
  • Lake of Wisdom
  • Ipheasteo Volcano
  • Dasos Forest
  • Spilaio Cave
  • Livadi Meadow
  • Tree of Eternity
  • Vouno Mountains

Other Places

  • Stone Shrine
  • Chained Boulder
  • Observatory
  • Crumbled Temple
  • Oasis
  • Soul Rock
  • Hunter’s Lodge
  • Village Cemetery
  • Island Hill
  • Statues of Sacrifice
  • Pokemon League

There are over 180 new pokemon to catch and train, with the addition of Alkeran forms and new Mega Evolutions!

Come see what the Alker Region has to offer, and enjoy your stay!

This time it’s Ezra, who I made specifically for the RP he was in, but ended up realizing I really needed someone for this specific role right here, and he fit. So I immediately adapted him to Ignite to work under Alker, as a contracted civilian to help operate his covert strike team. 
So he’s got the same powers as Alker. 

It has been well documented in recent years that coral reefs are sensitive ecosystems that are threatened by any changes to their environment. Accordingly, the results of an ongoing ecological study in China come as no real surprise. The study undertaken by the Australian Research Council Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology has discovered what was once an area of vast coral reefs has now shrunk by a worrying 80% in 30 years- with most of the damage within the last 10-15 years. The reefs that once stretched across roughly 31,000 square kilometres in the South China Sea have largely died off.

The reduction in biodiversity comes at the price of a massive economic boom in China in the last decade. The effects of pollution, overfishing and inefficient coastal management are blamed for the reefs degradation.

China is currently the economic powerhouse of the world, but along with this title it also takes on the role of being one of the biggest polluters. A balance between economics and environment needs to be reached imminently to try and prevent complete coral reef collapse.


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Photo courtesy of J.W. Alker/Corbis

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TW: Death, blood, cursing.

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“Are you spying on me Dixon?” I say as i turn around, Bright smile on my face.

Daryl is leaning with his shoulder against a tree.

“Ya don’t think i would leave my girl go out alone in the forrest.” He comes closer to me and drapes his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I look up into his blue orbs he looks back into my (y/e/c) ones.

“Awh were you already missing me?” I put my arms around his neck.

“Nahh, i just don’t trust ya out here.” He teases me

I let out a small laugh, and pull him in for a kiss.

The kiss is soft but loving, a side Daryl hardly shows.

A sound of rustling leaves makes us pull apart, i turn around and see that its a walker making its way up to us.

It’s jaw is gone and skin is hanging loose, it suprises me that it can still walk.

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Dex Number: 006

Name: Blazerise

Derivation:Blaze, blazer, rise

Pronunciation: BLAZE-ir-eyes

Species: Flare bat pokemon

Type: Fire/Flying

Abilities: Blaze

Hidden Ability: Forewarn

Signature Move:  Flare- (fire type) The user sends off a burst of fire that enchants the target. This may cause confusion. Power: 85 PP: 10 Chance to confuse: 10%

Base stats:

    HP: 70

    Attack: 64

    Defense: 60

    Special Attack: 120

    Special Defense: 100

    Speed: 120


    Entry 1:  “Blazerise are incredibly loyal, and will serve and protect their trainer. Their excellent hearing enables them to sense danger, and will take enemies out with a swift blow of fire.”

    Entry 2:  “Some outfits are tailored to imitate Blazerise’s classy look. Suits made in Blazerise’s image are usually worn by high-rank butlers.”

Evolution: From Flarieft at level 34

Basis: Fire, fruit bat, partial butler/servant theme

Notes:  Funnily enough, Blazerise’s name came before I decided to make it a butler type of pokemon. It is a complete coincidence that Blazerise has the word “blazer” in it(which it appears to be wearing one). I think design-wise, Blazerise is my personal favorite, which is unusual, because I usually favor grass or water types. Such elegance and grace! My favorite part of the design is the lil’ mustache and curly hair. I’m especially proud of the fire effects! The butler/ servant theme plays into the circle of the starters.

Name: Eggs

Role: Rival

Description: A very mellow and polite fellow. Hailing from the Kalos region, he has come to adventure in Alker to learn more about the pokemon of the region. 

Pokemon: Chooses the same starter as you. 

Quotes: Greetings! It’s a pleasure to meet you. The name’s Eggs! I reckon we’ll have quite a time together, so I sure do hope we get along. I can’t wait to get stronger and crush you in battle!

Notes: I had a hard time deciding on Egg’s colors, but I really love his design! He’s a fancy gentleman.

Meet Professor Olive!

Name: Athena Olive

Role: Professor

Description: The professor of the Alker region, Professor Olive is an eccentric and quirky individual. She studies pokemon types in her resident lab in Ajime Town. She gives you the choice of the starters Rooteo, Embat, and Ampib on your first journey around the region. She specializes on each type as a whole, and is currently studying the origins and behavior of ghost-type pokemon. She is Fennel’s cousin, who works in the Unova region.

Notes: I realized after I designed professor Olive that she looks like Fennel! Ah, well. She can balance books on her head for a straight hour while researching pokemon. Says it’s easier that carrying them with her arms or bearing the burden of a backpack. The apple is there so she can brag about balancing two books AND and apple. She has a pocket on her lab for each type! The secret to her long, silky hair without getting tangled is ampib mucus.

Meet your father!

Name: Dad

Role: Protagonist’s father

Description: Your father is the parental figure of the protagonist. He is a stocky man who is a woodcutter and sells wood for construction companies. He is a kind man who watches over you and your siblings after your mother left the house. He keeps an Argoros at home. 

Pokemon: Argoros

Notes: Obviously, with fairy tale inspired protagonists, you gotta have the woodcutter. You gotta. I wanted to have the father instead of the mother just to change things up a little. In the tale Hansel and Gretel, the mother is hateful and sends the children off, so I didn’t want to have a mother character with Hansel, Gretel, and Mutig. I want the mother to be relevant to the plot somehow, and I am yet to figure that out!

Name: Mutig

Role: Protagonist

Description:  A curious individual, Mutig is one of the protagonist options to start your adventure. Born and raised in Ajime town, they are ready to start their pokemon adventure around the Alker region with their siblings Gretel and Hansel.

Pokemon: Chooses the starter to complete the circle

Notes: Sometimes I worry if Mutig is androgynous enough…They look like their going on a safari! I really like their color scheme and outfit.