I just got a copy of this book, it super cute if you know a young lady who loves figures skating this is the book for her. I did the jacket illustration a while back and wanted to share a bit of the process from it. I loved working on this cover definitely brought back some childhood memories, and Gail’s writing  is lovely.


Hey tumblyheads this is a snippet of a spread I did for our new art book #SQUAMBLE with Lynn Wang, Trevor Spencer and Ed Skudder. We’ll be releasing it next week so stay tuned all this week and next week for more. Tumblr secret: this page was inspired by my high school days, total blast from the past. Enjoy all the TeenBop goodness of it hehe.

Hey guys, so this is the process work for the cover of our sketchbook PLOMO that you can checkout on our online shop. We made it into a nifty gif to show how I went from the thumbnail phase to the final. The line work and over all design was done by me but the characters featured are by Trevor Spencer, you can see them show up in red. He also did those sweet butlers! My fave! Anyways hope you guys enjoy and hopefulyl i’ll be posting more process pieces soon.


Thanks again to all who stopped by our booth at the CTN! We had an awesome time and were so inspired by all the artists!  It was really cool getting to catch up with a bunch of you as well as meeting so many more talented people!  It is always such and awesome weekend and we can’t wait to see you again next year!  This is one part of the book that Andrea and I made which we should have more of very soon.