pick some songs sung by a bollywood playback singer that you miss or hasn’t been showing up as much as you’d like so we could remember them. they could be iconic or one hit wonders. then tag your friends to do the same!

i’m choosing alka yagnik

1. ringa ringa (slumdog millionaire)

2. agar tum saath ho (tamasha)

3. mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai (saajan)

4. hum tum (hum tum)

5. bahon ke darmiyan (khamoshi)

6. aaja mahiya (fiza)

7. tujhe yaad na meri aayi (kuch kuch hota hai)

8. o rey chhori (lagaan)

9. aisa lagta hai (refugee)

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tag game

I was tagged by @raepori aka my ex gf :””) thank u!!! 💖

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Name: Aleksandra
Nickname: Alka aaand recently also Mandy bc my girls don’t love me :^)
Gender: female
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 161,5cm!!!!!! b i tche s I’m a TALL bebe now! ✨
Time Right Now: 01:01am woahh
Average hours of sleep: used to be 3-4h on school days and then even up to 10h on my free days
Lucky number: don’t have one
Last thing I googed: woody allen (lol apparently, my friend wants to watch his latest movie)
Favorite book: ………………idk let’s say whole Witcher saga
Favorite band: i’ll go for twenty one pilots and shinee for now but. what an impossible question wow
Song stuck in my head: thankfully none at the moment
Dream trip: tbh I’d like to start from the nearest places, so I’d say Scotland, Ireland aaand Skandinavian countries! would love to visit Sweden or Norway someday;; (and then OFC I’m going to fly to Chile and get married with Cata travel with my fav Chilean sisters 😂)
Currently wearing: fav shorts and a tank top
When did you create this blog: i think it was in 2013, but. idk
What do you post about: things i find aesthetically pleasing for some reason lmao (kpop is also under this label, i guess)
Do you have other blogs: not really
When did your blog start reaching its peak: lOL NEVER I’m a Nobody™ 💩✨

tagging: @jaebumjpg u tagged me in things and I’m awful and haven’t done those tags yet but Ily and I hope u 💕lovelove💕 me too; @shinssi dude I don’t know so many right answers for those questions like… what r u wearing 👀; @shrimppaste i adore your blog let’s be friends forever???? @chlexcer bc your sis tagged u but I’m not sure whether u have already done this tag and i just neED TO KNOW WHAt’s your average hours of sleep. i think’s it’s crucial for our relationship