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got any fanfic recs for mikayuu? =3 also open for fanfics for other pairings!

Hi there, nonnie! 

Sorry for the very late reply! >< Down below is the list of fanfics that I personally consider my favorites, although there’s a lot available out there! It goes without saying, but please don’t limit yourself to only this list! ^^

With that, here you go! They’re listed in no particular order! 

Updated on: 06-26-2017

Red and Rosemary by imiriad - Yuu’s transformation changed far more than his looks and demeanor. Sometimes Mika wondered if things would have turned out differently, had he known what Yuu meant when he said he “fed on humans.“ 

One of my most favorite canon divergence fics! xD The tone of the story is very somber, and I’ll be honest, it’s a guilty pleasure read.

Scented by Hannaadi88 - In a world ruled by beta neutrality, alphas and omegas are controlled by suppressants which modify their natural inclinations. Under constant surveillance, unproductive members of society are removed in the name of efficiency. Yuichiro Hyakuya is deemed infertile by the Board and is sentenced to certain death. In an act of defiance Yuichiro steals enough suppressants to hide his scent and joins the military under the guise of a beta.

It would be his luck to find himself under the command of his assigned mate, Mikaela Shindo.

My most favorite omega!verse fic for Mikayuu! ^^ Hannaadi88 has done a wonderful job with her world building for this AU, and I just love the overall plot line. She has many wonderful themes embedded in her story as well, and the tension between the two main characters is superbly done! Highly recommended! 

Dancing on your Grave by EvilMuffins - Mika is a laughing stock among the vampires.

VERY intriguing short piece about Mika’s life before meeting up with Yuuichirou in Shinjuku! ^^ Mom!Krul/Son!Mika is also hinted at~ 

Devotion by thousandmonkeys -  She could never deny him; not for all his whimsies, and not for all his ideals.

Kureto x Aoi FTW!!! The writing style is wonderful, and the character dynamics between these two characters are well played! 

Sub Rosa by blueskull -  “Can you keep a secret, Akane-chan?”

AKANE-centric fic!! One sided love / Modern AU, and I’m so infinitely in love with it! Blueskull has done an amazing job getting Akane’s character right, and just–ahh! Please read it if you can! 

Afire Love by strikedawn - After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

An obvious choice; strikedawn/blueherondale is a fanfic writer genius, and I deeply respect her works! Afire Love is one of the best canon divergence fics out there, and the time I spent reading it is really worth it! ^^

Warmth by awaywards -  Trapped together in a snowstorm, Yuu and Mika need to find a way to make each other warm.

One of the most wonderful smut fics for Mikayuu; definitely in character, and there’s no top/bottom dynamics. If there was one, it’s barely recognizable.  

You are my galaxy by alkahestic - A series of drabbles that feature Yuu and Mika as fallen angels. 

One of the best drabble series in my opinion. XD The usage of metaphors is absolutely brilliant, and I love the biblical and astronomical references. Alkahestic definitely knows how to show the beauty of Mikayuu’s relationship. A definite must-read!! 

History Dictated. by thousandmonkeys -  The name Michaela would not survive past the bearer’s existence on the mortal coil. Mikaela is no exception. | Drabble. Minor spoilers for the Mika light novel.

OMG, this is absolutely brilliant! It deals with future!Mika, and how he fares long after Yuu is dead. It’s somewhat dark, but not really, more character introspection than anything else! Still, it’s a wonderful piece that dives into Mika’s character!

If I Could, by minorthirds -  Yuu is oblivious to what Asuramaru would consider the perfect opportunity.

This is actually a remix of an original fic from the same fandom, but personally, this is one of the best stories I’ve read in a while, if I do say so myself! XD The subtlety and pining from both Mika and Yuu is wonderfully done here, and I just loved how the author portrayed a devious Ashuramaru! Highly recommended!