“Hate to burst your bubbles…”

(Inspired by this post [x])

(I just really wanted an excuse to draw Korra post-coitus I mean… I wanted an excuse to draw Korra with her hair down andwearingMakosundershirtbecauseimpliedmakorrasexisalwaysgood >.> *cough*)


DOLLS FOR SALE - Master Post

LittleFee Pipi/Soom Ai Hybrid: $700
Soom Teenie Gem FC Bronze Alk: $600
Soom Teenie Gem Lucky: $500
Soom Teenie Gem Unicenta Pyrol: $350
MiniFee Seorin/Soom Borol Hybrid: $550

Click the doll names for their listings on Den of Angels. If you don’t have a Den of Angels account, you can send me an e-mail at nonesuchgardenATgmailDOTcom to request more info.

Oh joy, again we end up in the complete shithole, all thanks to you.

Fanart of Olga Gromyko’s book “Year of a Rat”. It’s a… I’d call it slavic low fantasy with some comedy elements.
Like, really, it’s a fantasy where people ride cows, eat turnip on daily basis and wear bast shoes. I absolutely love it. Stories about demon invasions, chosen ones and people leading armies are all right, but after some time they get a bit… dull. There is something refreshing in fantasy which is much closer to historical middle ages))

it’s literally the middle of the night and my parents just came down to have a cigarette and casually walked past me and didn’t even yell at me for doing my homework in the middle of the night is this the real world or is this just fantasy