“Hate to burst your bubbles…”

(Inspired by this post [x])

(I just really wanted an excuse to draw Korra post-coitus I mean… I wanted an excuse to draw Korra with her hair down andwearingMakosundershirtbecauseimpliedmakorrasexisalwaysgood >.> *cough*)


Selfie tag thingy
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I always get tagged in these & never do them bc im a little bitch who doesn’t want to show my face but here I am

Also look at my dog I love her v much

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someone: says a lie, a blatant lie
me: *shakes head vehemently* WRONG ANSWER *presses buzzer* WRONG WRONG *slams buzzer repeatedly* YOU ARE WRONG *body slams the goddamn buzzer* NONO *a million buzzers fall out of the sky. They hit the ground, emitting a high pitched noise every time. The someone fears for their life. they understand they are wrong, but it is too late. I am standing on the mountain of buzzers, smiling. they are wrong.*