Media Launch <3 Mr. UP

HELLO ALJUR! Hahaha. kamukha niya si Machete. :) Ang pogi. Di ko alam kung assuming lang ako kanina o ano (o dahil crush ko lang talaga siya), pero parang napapansin ko na tumitingin siya sa way ko (namin).. Kinikiligs lang ako. :“”“”“> (Photo grabbed from his FB page, hinalughog ko lang talaga.)

Kakauwi lang from SEMA 2012’s media launch. Nakita ko ulit si Mr. UP. :)


Bestfriend are you Gay?

So we’re making a short film and the title is “Bestfriend are you gay?” There’s this guy named “Mark” who’s a very shy guy and mysterious type but then lately, Mark’s questioning his sexuality because he’s falling in love with “Fran” (Francisco) Fran is one lucky unicorn. The feeling’s mutual between Mark and Fran but there’s this girl named Beatrice. (Bestfriend of Mark) Bea is keeping her feelings to Mark since Highschool, she doesn’t have the guts to open her feelings to Mark because she’s afraid that Mark might stay away from her.

Pinilakang Tabing101

Directed by Sir Lui Co
Cast: Argel Joseff as Pat; Fran’s Bestfriend
James as Fran; The unicorn
Kyle nica Tan as Beatrice
Fay macale as Cal; Bea’s Bestfriend
Aljur as Mark

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