About…oh geez 2 months ago? I just wanted to draw buns because wow I have a thing for kitty and bunny boys, yes I have a problem. I had to stop at one point though when my tablet died but now that I have it back and remembered this I finally finished!

Here you are then, three of my favorite bun buns: Dubhán, Remy and Alizar! Hope you like! Just simple line art

Dee and myself have been recording tracks for over a year now. This tape was originally set to be a trilogy but we’re still seeing how things will go. We had this complete but I decided to shelve it because something seemed to be lacking. I’ve gotten over it and just want ya’ll to hear it. You be the judge.

Anywho enJoy the first complete project by DP Kash and myself, Bo.

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I AM ALIVE! Sorry I’ve been quiet on here guys! What with that Steubenville thing that I’ve been tracking down since the new year and my tablet usb port not allowing me to draw (hopefully that will be fixed in two weeks) I haven’t been drawing much. So I decided to do some bust shots of new characters I’ve created recently!

Crispin: Normal average male who doesn’t know exactly what he wants from life. He would like to improve his painting skills but he’s not sure if he would want to make a profession out of that. He works as a hall monitor at a local villa that is used as a museum to art.

Rowan: A mage who lives in the woods in order to keep from interacting with people too much. He enjoys listening and talking to animals more, feeling they’re more trustworthy or at least easier to understand. Because of his reclusive attitude, many of the townsfolk who live near the woods are slightly fearful of him and have labeled him as a witch, even though he’s tried to correct them on many accounts that that is not the right label (but he’s given up trying to set the record straight). While still intimidated by him, the townsfolk do occasionally come to him for his services. Usually the children are sent to ask of his help since the adults are too scared.

Alizar: Information about him can be found here

Gunthrum: A cocky mage who deal with potions the most. He was turned into a crow by a wizard after aggravating the man and was turned back after two years (though he still has some crow habits lingering now). He loves the color red and lived with Rowan while he was a crow.

Shaun: A vagabond mutt who’s just trying to find a pack to be part of or to find a home. He longs for company but, due to being rejected so many times, he now tries to act like he doesn’t care about being with anyone. He’s actually very lovable, excitable and enjoys being praised even for doing the simplest of deeds. He also loves biscuits. 

That’s them so far! Hope you like! I’ll try to get more sketches up while my tablet is MIA. Love you all! <3

it’s funny cause my summoner’s first name, I already had him as “rufio” and if the prescratched ancestor ends up being named that, I’m going to grin like an idiot because I knew it (and already did that).

Yeah, my summoner’s full name is Rufio Alizar Summoner.

I just.



You leave his hive the next evening sore, a little bowlegged, but overall…not that bad. You have work to do, so you take your leave early, assured the two of you would meet again. That’s enough for you, let the details fall into place as they may. 

Three nights later you’ve not heard from him. You swallow your pride, seems to happen often around him, and give him a ring. He invites you over the next evening and informs you to dress for a date. You acknowledge his request command and agree to be there by 8:00 PM. 

True to your word, with him at least, you arrive 5 minutes early wearing a simple light grey linen suit (linen blend, you don’t want wrinkles now do you?)  pastel pink shirt, indigo pocket square, and black and grey loafers. You knock briskly on the door to his hive and inspect the dozen or so assorted silvery rings that adorn your slender fingers.

You’re nervous as fuck. 

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Regarding Game Release of WildStar

According to the information we collected so far, WildStar is going to be launched in June 3, 2014. WildStar gives players two methods of paying for the game, following the initial purchase. The first being a monthly subscription, giving the player 30 days of game time. The second method allows players to purchase an in-game item which grants 30 days of playtime, but is able to be traded to other players for in-game currency. WildStar is an upcoming fantasy fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place on the fictional planet Nexus, where a mysterious and powerful race known as the Eldan has disappeared leaving behind a wealth of technology and secrets for players to explore. “It’s one of the most feature-complete MMOs” Carbine said, the WildStar developer.

The level cap is 50. It’s said that there are nine realms in WildStar including Alizar, Cassus, Mikros, Myrcalus, Nexus, Olyssia, Orias, Pergo, Widow. We will constantly update the relevant information about WildStar as the launch of WildStar.

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Bad Business

You need to talk to talk to Jailos. Chances are he and his crew know about it, but you owe him the information, especially since they came to you. It’s not clear if they know he is your Kismesis and they were baiting you, or if it’s just plain bad luck on their end. Either way, they’re probably not long for this world. 

Not that you give a damn about them, you don’t want him thinking you had anything to do with it or worse, thinking you took the job.

– garishShadow began trolling moneyMaker –

GS: Tweet tweet Jailbird

GS: Need to talk to you

GS: Had a job offer today

GS: You were the offer

GS: Dinner at my place tomorrow night?

GS: I need to do some research. #need to know info #money not in the bank #wear something pretty beneath your skirt

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Alizar(Izzy) and Apollilao(App) are full-brothers, but from a sect of demons that view certain offspring as undesirable(Originally, any sons after the first were considered subchildren and treated very poorly. The favored son and any daughters were taught cruelty by abusing the undesirables… may change the ‘undesirable’ quality)

App was the only undesirable son and his sisters were already well of age and out of the home so he had a lot of time at the harsh hands of his parents and brother and it drove him a little loco

Missed You

You managed to convince your friend Daph to come spend the evening with you. It wasn’t easy after the twink fiasco, and  you’re sure to catch hell about it, but it’s been far too long since you spent time with your swamp baby.

It’s an evening in with movies and delivery. You don’t really know what kind of movies he’d like or food for that matter. Most of your time together is spent pursuing other activities. Like rescuing him from street vendors and getting your Lamborghini stuck in the muck near his hive. Good times. The sex was awesome too. You could do with some cuddles though. might have to scrub him down first, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

He should be here soon. After last time you made sure he knew how to get to your hive.



After you leave him you go right hive and start a load of laundry: underwear, socks, undershirts, all the things he said you could bring clothing wise. 

You’re going to bring, as you one outfit, the suit and accessories you were wearing when you met him. That includes your favorite steel boned corset. Hopefully, you can keep it. 

The other possessions you’re bringing, jewelry, toiletries, photos, and mementos, work laptop with all your files, a few office supplies, all fit’s in one medium sized suitcase. The laundry fits in the exact same suitcase only this one is black, the other purple. That’s it. That’s your life. You aren’t attached to your blankets or pillows, you can sleep anywhere. You prepare Puma and captcha his food and extra rocks for his bowl. 

You sleep fitfully, if at all.

Upon waking you shower and change into track pants with snaps down the side, you’re moirail's rugby team t-shirt and a pair of slip on athletic shoes.

You make it to your new home by 8:00 and knock softly, wondering if you should run


Routine Surveillance

Personally, you have no idea why you were hired to watch this chick. She’s boring compared to the criminals you are usually hired to track. Even more weird, they didn’t want you to actually collect any data—just watch her for a week. The real kicker is she is supposed to have a black widow spider tattooed on her neck. She don’t. You’ve suspected it from the second night, mistaken identity. Week’s worth pay is a week’s worth pay though, and tonight is your final night.

You ring up the client and tell them this girl is unequivocally not who they are looking for and you’ll email notes and pictures the following night.

While she makes a damn boring criminal, you’re still intrigued. You’ve been hired on enough limeblood hunts to know the subtle skin tone and the typical build and bone structure. You suspect the little hemoanon to be a lime. She has nothing to fear from you. You reported negative on all three positive limeblood identifications you’ve made. You could care less about the spectrum, but the way an entire caste was wiped out—it’s just wrong. You may be a drunk sleaze, but you do have your own code of ethics.

Speaking of drunk, she’s headed into a liquor store. Whiskey you believe. You head in after her an grab your usual, see this is your liquor store, they know you and keep you stocked. 

“‘Sup Salkin,” you nod to the clerk.

You run to the back for a bottle of top shelf vodka and a bag of the sour gummy bears Salkin keeps right next to your brand. You catch up to her in the scotch, bourbon, and whiskey isle. You’re glad you don’t look like a hobo tonight.

“Missy, I got something you’d be dying to hear. Trust me, it worth ya time,” you offer your hand,“Ali Laedis, Private Detective. I got a place 'roud the corner don’t mind me bringing in my own.” You hold up the bottle of vodka. “Come have a drink with me, but not 'with me,’—ya digg– and I’ll tell you 'bout this past week of ya life.”

[[ nootnootfantrolls ]]

In The Jailhouse Now

It’s been awhile since you saw your kismesis. The two of you antagonize eachother over trollian regularly, but he’s busy and so are you. Untill about five minutes ago when a client bailed on a meet and greet. You aren’t contacting him first though, fuck that. 

You find yourself wandering the streets and wondering how his dumb ass is doing. You’ve maybe got a red interest and know that Jailos has a mate, you kind of want to talk and your ‘rail is weighed down with so many obligations right now.

Subconsciously, you end up the neighbourhood you met old Jailbird in. Lo and behold, the tall seadwller in a skirt is standing outside the office supply store. Looks like he’s checking items off a list. What luck.

You sneak up behind him and slide your arm around his waist.

“Come quietly with your hands behind your back and no one gets hurt,” you growl in his ear.


Jet Black Payback

You’ve been trolling your new kismesis for days. How do you even get the trollian handle moneyMaker? Fucker must have been alive when trollian was fucking born for that shit, and he literally makes fake money…how fucking dull can you be?

It took a few days, but you’ve convinced him it’s only proper that you take him out for a real date, share a bottle of wine, and fuck like drones are at the door in celebration of the new quadrant you spare. He’s such a fucking sucker.

What was it that snakey teal girl told you about seatrolls? Increased tolerance to booze, high metabolisms, blah blah blah. What matters is what you bought. A potion to lower a dwellers inhibitions, colorless and tasteless. It’s not like you’re roofie-ing him, just leveling the playing field.

You arrive and wait for him at the swankiest cafe and lounge in the city. You already have the wine spiked when he arrives.


Closing Time

Three nights you’ve been on this guy. Martin, Marin, Melvin, whatever. Three nights and nothing. You can’t fathom the universe this dude would be interesting in. For a supposed assassin he is down right boring. It’s truly rubbing you the wrong way. The client had given you nothing but a name and occupation and asked that you tail him for a week and report your findings at the end of the week. He had been easy enough to find and seemed to have unusual eating habits, but other than that he’s given you nothing. 

As it is now you’re tailing him on foot. You like this area of town, one of your favorite bars is up ahead. Maybe you’ll just tuck into the bar when he passes it, you’ve had about enough of him for the night.