About…oh geez 2 months ago? I just wanted to draw buns because wow I have a thing for kitty and bunny boys, yes I have a problem. I had to stop at one point though when my tablet died but now that I have it back and remembered this I finally finished!

Here you are then, three of my favorite bun buns: Dubhán, Remy and Alizar! Hope you like! Just simple line art

I AM ALIVE! Sorry I’ve been quiet on here guys! What with that Steubenville thing that I’ve been tracking down since the new year and my tablet usb port not allowing me to draw (hopefully that will be fixed in two weeks) I haven’t been drawing much. So I decided to do some bust shots of new characters I’ve created recently!

Crispin: Normal average male who doesn’t know exactly what he wants from life. He would like to improve his painting skills but he’s not sure if he would want to make a profession out of that. He works as a hall monitor at a local villa that is used as a museum to art.

Rowan: A mage who lives in the woods in order to keep from interacting with people too much. He enjoys listening and talking to animals more, feeling they’re more trustworthy or at least easier to understand. Because of his reclusive attitude, many of the townsfolk who live near the woods are slightly fearful of him and have labeled him as a witch, even though he’s tried to correct them on many accounts that that is not the right label (but he’s given up trying to set the record straight). While still intimidated by him, the townsfolk do occasionally come to him for his services. Usually the children are sent to ask of his help since the adults are too scared.

Alizar: Information about him can be found here

Gunthrum: A cocky mage who deal with potions the most. He was turned into a crow by a wizard after aggravating the man and was turned back after two years (though he still has some crow habits lingering now). He loves the color red and lived with Rowan while he was a crow.

Shaun: A vagabond mutt who’s just trying to find a pack to be part of or to find a home. He longs for company but, due to being rejected so many times, he now tries to act like he doesn’t care about being with anyone. He’s actually very lovable, excitable and enjoys being praised even for doing the simplest of deeds. He also loves biscuits. 

That’s them so far! Hope you like! I’ll try to get more sketches up while my tablet is MIA. Love you all! <3