Self-harm is no joke. You always hear self-harmers are ‘Emo’ or an “Attention Seeker” but Self-harm isn’t joke, it takes a lot get to the point of turning mental pain into physical pain. When you sit there, and m

aking fun of them, you’re just making them pull down their sleeves, put on a pair of pants, and hide their skin even more, you’re pushing them further and further into a hole, and if you don’t be careful with what you say, that hole will turn into their grave

I’ve been messed with, let down, and played too many times. I wonder what people think of me too much, and i’m way too judgmental. My heart is big but i have my selfish moments. I love to be in big groups, but i love to be alone. Every song on my iPod has a special memory or a regret behind it. I don’t like going through old pictures because i miss what used to be. I tend to over think things and

 i trust way too many people. I have the people i’d love to pack up and leave with, and there are some people I wish would just disappear. I don’t cry very often, but when i do i can’t stop. I hate the word goodbye and i wish it didn’t exist. I hate liars, though i lie myself. I have secrets hidden in me that even i don’t know. I’m still finding things out about myself, so don’t be quick to judge