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it’s fine if you don’t pay much attention to the competitive side of Pokemon with IVs, EVs, abilities, and etc, but it’s also fine if you do. What isn’t fine is thinking you’re better than and looking down on someone who plays Pokemon differently than you.

you know it’s really important to keep an open mind, look at the positives, and give yourself time to get used to something new in the pokemon franchise before automatically deciding you hate it but that really doesn’t mean you have to feel bad about not really liking something they introduce at first and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to get excited about it and instantly love it just because it’s pokemon

On that same note, I just want to point out that age does not, in any way, determine an individual’s level of maturity. If you love something, whether it regard Pokemon or not, no one can take that from you unless you allow them to. Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to the things that give you happiness. 

Okay here’s my opinion and you’re free to disagree but just because there have been pokemon in the past with the same design added on to make a new pokemon (like magneton and dugtrio) that doesn’t automatically make it a good idea. At this point I feel almost like it’s a pokemon tradition and i personally don’t mind, i think honedge’s evolution is fine, but I don’t think anyone should have to like it just because there have been similar pokemon design concepts before. But that of course doesn’t justify rude language or anyone being mean to anyone else over it either, that’s just uncalled for ;v;

the story itself is really interesting and it had so much potential. the idea of a main series pokemon game going into detail about a pokemon based war and the aftermath it caused is really intriguing but they didn’t elaborate on it too much and the characters didn’t stand out or have much of a role in the storyline and it was just really messy. I hope they do something memorable with the game’s story and characters in upcoming kalos games if they make any

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Different anon. But yeah, I agree with you! I really like the new type. I don't think there's anything wrong with them making the pokemon seem too "girly". If you really look at ALL the pokemon from the beginning, how many do you see that are actually relatively more "feminine" looking anyway? Having a few more cuter pokemon would be a really nice balance.

I just don’t see the point in getting upset over fairy types being girly. Being girly doesn’t make you weak. ‘Girly’ isn’t a put down. It’s not a bad thing and it shouldn’t be treated like it is. I think fairy types have already established that tHEY ARE STRONG AGAINST DRAGONS AND THAT’S PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME (hello ice types).
I had someone message me about wanting some of the fairies to be terrifying like fairies are depicted in some fairy folklore (personally i wouldn’t know anything about that— so feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken! ^^) but I think that’d be really cool, too. Basically, most of the fairy types so far are being true to what we generally and initially identify with the idea of fairy: “cute and frilly.“ Just like how we generally and initially identify the idea of fighting with more macho and tough appearances. And most fighting types are pretty tough/macho looking ;w; When was the last time somebody complained about that? Those are just my thoughts on this whole thing though… I.. understand that not everyone will agree with me and that’s okay!! Everyone sees things differently, but this is how I view the matter personally…

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In your opinion, what exactly makes a pokemon master?

Oh, I think I was asked a similar question before once… A pokemon master isn’t exactly someone who has all the badges or all the pokemon, or has even won the league, imo. To me, a pokemon master is someone who doesn’t need to catch all the pokemon with a pokeball. That individual is able to catch those pokemon with his/her heart, and keep them without any definite chain. That person is able to befriend any pokemon and is someone others know they can rely on. A Pokemon master doesn’t need titles like “champion” or “gym leader”. A pokemon master proves themselves by the way they act and how they treat their pokemon… That’s my opinion, anyways ^^

Sorry but it really bothers me when people get so nasty in the kpop fandom. Those members of that group you’re shaming are actual people. With feelings, who have families and try their best to make friends like you and me. Just because you don’t like their music doesn’t give you the right to treat them as less than human. smfh.

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What is your take on trainers not evolving their pokemon? Are the trainers wrong for not letting their pokemon reach their full potential? Are they justified in only wanting their pokemon not to change after they had already bonded with a pre-evolved form? What do you think?

I think Pokemon that evolve without the help of outside influence (such as stones, items, and trading) are able to choose when they want to evolve, and that it’d be wrong for a trainer to pressure them into it if they weren’t ready. It’s the same as pressuring a growing person into choosing something they don’t know anything about/aren’t ready to jump into (imo)
Same with items, stones, and trading. I think if the pokemon is forced into it, then it’s not a justified evolution. If a trainer holds its pokemon back from what it wants (i.e. evolving) then i think that’s also bad…

I think the pokemon should have the chance to choose something that will effect the rest of their life, whether they have a trainer or not. It may be your pokemon. But it’s not your life. Ahh— that probably sounds really dumb, sorry! ;n;

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I noticed you said piplup reminds you of Sayaka. Since you used to dislike piplup and found him annoying, does that mean you disliked or found Sayaka annoying?

No. A lot of people hate on Sayaka for making the choices she made, and expected her to act differently. But because she made the mistakes she did, I think it’s a lot easier to see how human she is and that she’s not perfect. It makes her much more relateable and much more realistic. She was barely a teenager and probably not in the best state of mind. She was still growing and let her emotions dictate her actions—something a lot of us do even into adulthood—which is completely human. So I like Sayaka