Gymternet Secret Santa

Time for the gymternet secret santa again! It will be basically the same as every other year, and for those of you who are new to the gymternet, this is a great way to make a couple of new friends!

To sign up, you need to reblog this post. You have until 10pm on the 27th of November GMT to do so. Then I will randomly assign everyone a URL and message you who you have at some point before the end of November. Every day from December 1 - December 25 you will message your person on anon something nice to brighten their day (so it goes to their inbox, not the messaging system). Feel free to go the extra mile and make blogs for them etc as some people have before.

Pretty much the only rules are:

- you need to have your ask box turned on so the person who has you can actually message you

- you need to have anon enabled 

- you also need to actually send your person messages. Every year I was organised this, there have been several blogs who haven’t received anything from the person who has them which really sucks, so please, please, only sign up if you plan on sending the messages as well as receiving them

Any questions, just message me and I will answer :)