• 2011: don't worry. aliya's just gotta let her knee heal, then she'll be back
  • 2015: don't worry. aliya's just gotta take a little break for her health, then she'll be back
  • 2017: don't worry. aliya's just gotta push a new human out of her body, then she'll be back

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btw at day 2 ef on bb at Ech2017 Aliya was defending Lari :D when her partner during these Euros, said that Lari is fat LOL Aliya told that she's only recovered from injury and not at 100 % shape yet, she's only trainings 1 month at full and that Lari will be ready for Worlds at 100% :P Also Aliya was announcing/promote Eythora FX during her BB, Mustafina said that Thorsdottir FX it's a little theater =)

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