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btw at day 2 ef on bb at Ech2017 Aliya was defending Lari :D when her partner during these Euros, said that Lari is fat LOL Aliya told that she's only recovered from injury and not at 100 % shape yet, she's only trainings 1 month at full and that Lari will be ready for Worlds at 100% :P Also Aliya was announcing/promote Eythora FX during her BB, Mustafina said that Thorsdottir FX it's a little theater =)

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New and big Mustafina interview ....And Aliya says that she will be back on business ;) also some coll things as always :P vtbrussia(.)ru/sport/gymnastic/ya-poka-nichego-ne-dobilas-v-zhizni-sport-eto-eshche-ne-zhizn-/

*Thank you! This really is long, so I’m not gonna translate all of it, just the highlights, as I’m sure someone will do a detailed translation later on.

I’ll start with the bit about her comeback. She’s asked if it’s true what some said, that once her child will be three months, her mother will take care of her and she’ll return to the Round Lake.

‘I don’t have such a clear plan. Everything will be the way it will be. It’s impossible for me to think about these things. Maybe in the autumn I will see more clearly when my return is going to take place: is it really this year as Valentina Alexandrovna says, or is it already in the next. I repeat: I’m not making any plans!

Her hurband supports her decision to return, but her mother not so much. It’s not that she told her not to do it, but asked why does she need it and reminded her of all the injuries, while her father tells her to let her try. Asked if she returns because she feels she has something left to prove, she says that’s not the reason, she just does it for the team.

Speaking about the team, she said Afan wants to return and they’re waiting for Vika to get back.

On coming back after having a child, she says she has to try first, and then she can talk about whether it possible or not. She doesn’t have a plan to return and win at all costs. She’ll get herself back into shape, and she’ll see how things turn out.

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Gymnastics Legends (Part 3/): Aliya Mustafina

  • 7 Olympics medals, 11 World medals, and 12 European medals
  • 2x Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion, and 5x European Champion
  • 2010 All Around World Champion
  • 2012 & 2016 Olympic Uneven Bars Champion (the first female gymnast to defend an Olympic event title since Svetlana Khorkina in 1996 & 2000)
  • 2013 Balance Beam World Champion
  • first female gymnast since Simona Amanar (also in 1996 & 2000) to medal in the all around at two consecutive Olympics
  • has a World or Olympic medal in every single final (team, all around, vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise)
  • came back from a devastating ACL injury to be the most decorated gymnast at the 2012 Olympic games
  • 2nd most decorated female Russian gymnast of all time
  • tied for the most Olympic medals of any female Russian gymnast

Aliya Mustafina: You vs Me Edition

  • 2011: don't worry. aliya's just gotta let her knee heal, then she'll be back
  • 2015: don't worry. aliya's just gotta take a little break for her health, then she'll be back
  • 2017: don't worry. aliya's just gotta push a new human out of her body, then she'll be back