alix of denmark


We can’t wait anymore.First of all the wedding, and then immediately the coronation.
© Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark)

Nicholas II of Russia, Empress Alexandra, Grand Dukes Boris, Andrei and Kirill of Russia, Grand Duke Ernst and Grand Duchess Victoria Melita of Hesse, and Prince Nicholas of Greece in 1899


Today is a busy day in Romanov history!

On November 26th, 1847, Princess Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Known to her family as Minnie, she would eventually marry the future Alexander III and change her name to Maria Feodorovna.

On November 26th, 1894, Nicholas II was married to Princess Alexandra of Hesse and by Rhine, who had changed her name to Alexandra Feodorovna. The wedding took place at the Grand Church of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, 8 days after the funeral of Nicholas’ father, Alexander III, who had died on November 1st.

On November 26th, 1895, the baptism of Nicholas and Alexandra’s first child, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna, took place at the Catherine Palace Church. She was christened early on purpose, to have the event fall on both her grandmother’s birthday and her parents’ first wedding anniversary.

For yours and Nicky’s sake start treating her like your own child, without fear, right away. I have done wrong by Louise and therefore spoiled Freddy’s life, and she is pulling him away from me, this is where I am afraid for you: and there I am warning you. - Pull her towards you, then you will keep him and pull her towards you with love! God help you if you lose Nicky’s trust and love, it will be the death of you.
—  Queen Louise of Denmark writing to hear daughter, Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia about her future daughter-in-law, Princess Alix of Hesse (later, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna)