alix harrower


Publisher: DC Comics

Created By: Grant Morrison(writer) & Yanick Paquette(artist)

Alter Ego: Alix Harrower

First Appearance: Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer #1 (Nov. 2005)

Other Notable Appearances: Infinite Crisis #7, 52 #24, 52 #50, Birds of Prey #100, Final Crisis #2, Final Crisis #5, Wonder Woman #600, Justice League: Cry For Justice, Justice League of America #56, Justice League of America #57

Occupation: Former teacher for autistic children, current superhero for hire

Known Relatives: Alix is a descendant of Aurakles (a 42,000 year old demi-god who is believed to be the “first superhero”)

Group Affiliations: Seven Soldiers, Justice League of America

Powers & Abilities: superhuman strength, indestructible skin, flight(?)

Weakness: Alcoholism, Depression

Origin Story: 27 year old Alix Harrower becomes an unwilling participant in her husbands research study of a compound that when bonded with collagen creates a “thin metal skin” that turns tissue indestructibly hard as well as imbuing the subject with superhuman strength. Due to a seemingly allergic reaction to the substance, Alix’s husband asphyxiates, leaving Alix alone to deal with the repercussions. 

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