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Helmut Lang Fall / Winter 1993 

“To understand the excitement surrounding a Helmut show in the early ’90s you really did have to be there. There was never a set or an elevated runway, and the space Helmut favored in Paris was sort of a dump, but the electricity in the room each season was palpable. I must have looked through every Helmut Lang show from the ’90s in search of the photo that could convey this energy until I finally stumbled upon this image which had originally appeared in a German or an Austrian newspaper. As you can clearly see the space was packed well beyond capacity and the models picked their way through the audience at a rapid pace per Helmut’s directive—as if they were walking on the street and in a hurry to get somewhere.” - Alix Browne, Runway: The Spectacle of Fashion
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jewishsuperfam  asked:

oOOOOH ok for the jaysteph prompt: what if they fake dated in order to piss off bruce, except that they actually wind up being rly into each other, and are rly good influences on each other? and like, it totally backfires bc tim and dami are rly the only ones who get pissed off. cass, dick, and babs are v supportive and then sway bruce to their side, and steph's mom ADORES jason. (bonus: they're so into each other w/o realizing it that cass doesnt believe steph when she tells her its fake)

Here you go Alix! Hope I didn’t disappoint!

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It all started out because Cass brought a girl home.

More precisely, Cass brought Wendy Harris home, and Bruce went mildly ballistic.  

Even more precisely, Cass brought Wendy Harris to a Wayne Foundation Charity Gala, and Bruce spent the night glaring in a disapproving manner and muttering to Babs about background checks on his cell phone every now and then, which irritated Babs greatly because, firstly, she was at the gala too, Bruce just talk to her like a regular person, and, secondly, if Bruce thought that Babs would trust Proxy with her servers but not her protégé, he was clearly and heavily mistaken.

“He’s just,” Steph was very drunk that night, swaying slightly from side to side as she stood next to Jason, who was in denial about how drunk he was. “He’s just being so overprotective.” She giggled.

“He always is,” Jason said, sagging against the wall. “Y’know he ran background checks on the people I used to have crushes on in middle school?”

Steph started laughing again. “Bruce.” She paused, looking at Jason. “When I was dating Tim, y’know, there was so much disapproval. And I thought it was because it was me? But then apparently he heard that I was flirting with Detective Pretty Face—”

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jewishsuperfam  asked:

prompt: steph/cass, cass is a celebrity bc she's a wayne, and takes steph to all her red carpet events because she can't really handle them without steph. bonus points for cass or steph explicitly stating that they're dating and the media refusing to accept that they're anything more than "really close friends"

oh my gosh this prompt is great this was so much fun to write 



The tabloid sat on the kitchen table, where it had been thrown unceremoniously by a laughing Jason, sitting in the dead center.

“She had her hand on your ass in that photo,” Jason had managed between snickers, propping up his head on his elbows.

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John Galliano Spring / Summer 1996

“While there was a fair amount of visual material on this show, which took place at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, the challenge was to find a single image that told the whole story. As in most Galliano shows from that period, there were many different narratives all tangled up into one visual extravaganza. We ultimately went with this photo as it conveys the feeling of sitting up on the stage right there with the models—which is where the VIPs were surprised to find themselves when the curtain came up. I was seated up in the nosebleed section, but after Shalom Harlow twirled through the aisle right in front of me, I realized there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house.” -  Alix Browne, Runway: The Spectacle of Fashion.