Fast Times in Finite Space

A ray of light filtered through a hole in the blinds, then fought its way through the curtain that covered the window before finally hitting its mark.


The light shone in the Mage’s face, almost as if it was directed there on purpose. It did its duty as he stirred from his sleep in a somewhat unorthodox location. As he opened his eyes, he looked around the couch inside his home where he ended up laying and noticed something…missing.

“…ugh…I fell asleep again…and she…hm…”

The person in question was no where to be seen, but he knew she couldn’t have gone very far. After a few moments, he pushed himself onto his feet and let out a mighty yawn before his eyes began to look around, searching for that someone…

“…Where could she have gone?…”

==> Merge

It’s been a while… But you are a space player, And as such, having two of you in the same universe does not bode well for it’s stability…

Naturally, when you arrived, your other self ceased to be… She was doomed from the start, Two minds melding through universal shenanigans and the help of a couple heart players you made friends with…

You now have all of her memories, and her wings to boot… Wonderful…

The air crackled with energy as a spinning symbol slowly appeared in the air, an inch or two above the ground. It was reminiscent of both a swirl of white and a red gear as it slowly came to a stop. A moment later, a large vertical crack formed in the symbol and opened up, a figure clad in red stepping through and looking around quickly.


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*she walks over and gently lays a hand on the boys shoulder* It's okay... Where did you come from...? - [FA]

“Nooo… Don’t look at me like this…”

He presses his face into the fabric of the sofa, hiding it from view.

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*she sniffles and rubs her eyes* Y-yeah? D-don't tell me you got hit by one too...?

“Well… Yeah, I did get hit by one of them. Now for some reason, whoever comes to talk to me I just…propose to them for…whatever reason…”

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Am I just not useful anymore? Because I can barely move, let alone use my powers anymore?! God dammit im so sorry!! -FA

“What?! NO! It’s not that!…”

He sighed, biting his lip for a moment before swallowing his pride.

“…You remember what happened to Connor a while ago? When he said something about…grayfaces?…”

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Hun we kinda are already married... That and you dont seem to be reading the cues here >:[

“I…I don’t know!”

The Mage quickly became flustered, his cheeks turning a bright red.

“I just…couldn’t help myself! It was like…my body was on autopilot or something…”

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Does it have anything to do with All these girls you've been proposing too? >:/ - [FA]

“Well, that’s the thing… I love you more than life itself! You helped me heal my heart when it was broken. So I was wondering…”

The Mage then takes a knee, holding her hand in his.

“Would you do me the honor of marrying me?”