i have spent

weeks trying to figure out

the exact moment

you became my best friend.

was it

the night we got smoothies

and i left my wallet at home

so we had to drive 

all the way back to my house

for ten minutes to enjoy ourselves?

was it 

the night i came over

after work

and me, you and micheala

watched stupid gay movies

and laughed

and you made me promise

i’d never let you two

have a baby together?

or was it

some other moment

so insignificant in my memory

that solidified 

our best friend-ship?


you have come so far

from a boy seeking revenge

to a young man 

who is ready

(in my opinion)

to take my place.

you are still growing.

do not give up.

do not stop.

keep going.

keep glittery.

blainey boy,

embrace the ‘fro.

embrace yourself.

and do not forget

that you are my best friend.