My Fancams for Alive Tour in Malaysia

I dont have the best fancams but it’s clear lah hahahahaha If you wanna make gifs just credit my tumblr or my yt :)

GD being a cutie during High High

Seungri dancing to Crayon

Sexy Bingu TOP for High High

G-Dragon doing the crab dance during Fantastic Baby

It’s a love triangle (GTopRi)

Encore Bad Boy TOP: “Can we get an encore, Do you want more~?”

Fantastic Baby with Daesung

Talk - Riri,Bae&Dae (In English)

Haru Haru + Happy Birthday T.O.P  

Daesung dancing to 1OAK


I went to the hotel one day before the concert because EVERYBODY knows they will be swimming + go to the gym so I went there trying my luck and BAM I saw everyone except TOP (fish you Tabi I went there and you’re still inside your cave didnt come out :’()

After they were done swimming taeyang, ssabunim and gd walked pass my table but I only get to take gd because my camera was freaking slow to record ssabunim and bae. Bae was waving and smiling when the fans called him. Btw you cant simply enter the place and the securities were tight.

FANCAM of GD exit the pool area