alive tour newark

I just got home from the concert about 25 minutes ago.

It was amazing. There was so much energy and I was on my feet the entire time. From “Still Alive” to “Feeling”, I could not look away from all 5 of them: TOP, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri.

Okay, so we initially got the second cheapest tickets and we were supposed to sit in section 228. When we went to get our tickets checked for our seats, the lady upgraded our tickets so that we were sitting in section 7. Because they didn’t sell out the November 8th show, there were a lot of open seats, so we got moved closer to them. I could see their faces and they were great. I took a bunch of pictures and I recorded a lot of it. I have a headache from how loud everyone was screaming, but it was worth it.

TOP of course was wearing long sleeves the entire time even though he was really sweaty. And hearing him talk in English is like hearing him speak for the first time!! Haha!! He gave such intense performances and his deep voice is…..perfection.

Taeyang……oh, Taeyang. He was really enjoying himself. And he’s so cheesy!! Haha. He was so energetic and was running around and doing backflips everywhere. AND THEN HE RIPPED HIS SHIRT OFF. He’s such a cutie pie lol.

G-Dragon really knows how to put on a show. He’s such a great rapper and he’s so… I loved his hair and when he was performing “Crayon” I was jumping up and down!! He was so into it when they performed “Haru Haru”. I loved it.

Daesung. Oh my gosh, Kang Daesung. HE’S SUCH A GREAT SINGER. He was singing with his all and his performance was powerful. “Wings” sounded amazing, and when they put the wings on him and he descended above the crowd, I was in awe.

Seungri is hilarious!! “I’m funny! That’s my job!!” Haha!! His singing was great too. It was different and stronger than when they perform on television and I loved it. But seriously, he so funny. His “Strong Baby” performance = badass.

That concert was so much fun!! I wish I was still there…..who wants to sneak me in tomorrow night? Lol. But really, they’re so talented. My dad, who only heard “Cafe” before the concert, loved it. He said that they’re great and the show was really exciting (even though the screaming girls were too loud for his sensitive ears). He now likes “Bad Boy” and “That XX” (he saw the music video of “That XX” as we were waiting for the show to begin).

I’m so grateful to have seen them!! B-I-G to the BANG, BANG!! Lol.