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15 april / saturday

The next few weeks is gonna tough. Like really tough, with both my competition and mid-years coming up (and i have barely even started my revision 😓😓). But somehow, by some miracle, I’ll make it through this.


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Why Lena Chose To Save SuperGirl

I’ve always felt the ‘LOVE’ part (from the 2x18 Promo) was for SuperCorp but didn’t know the details- until after 2x18-Lena’s love for Kara/SuperGirl is greater. Saving SUperGirl meant Lena is also saving humans SG will be saving as long as SG is alive. She also knows that SuperGirl is Kara. Lena is a hero.

Working on something new

((Hey so, I’m making a new blog (and this time I’m not going to let it be too inactive like here and SG’s blog lol..), I’m still working on it but if you’re interested in taking a look, it’s @the-spacebun

Also please don’t worry this blog is still alive, same for SG, I just hadn’t been feeling inspired to draw them so I decided to make a new blog :’D please be patient with me and thanks for taking your time and read this oDo ….Wait that’s not all..

A last thing, I might stream on Friday around 8~9 pm CLST, I’ll be doing requests and other random stuff, so if you have time you can join and request something ovo That’s all for now!))

i think the reason why kaisoo hug give some of us “uncomfortable” feeling is bc they(especially jongin) were shy. so i dont sense something bad from it (their awkwardness)

i believe many of you have seen the videos and gifs (here are the links x x x credit to dem owners)

1. suho pushed kai to ksoo and if you look closely ksoo was looking at them 

(as if he was anticipating kai to be pushed to him; also if notice how kai’s face kinda changed before suho pushed him – it was like “oh shit” [nervous] and then he said something to suho while pointing a finger and suho laughed)

2. when kai was finally colliding with ksoo, both of them immediately latched their hands on each other (kai put his on soo’s shoulder while soo’s on kai’s waist)

3. then kai waved his hand at fans, and soo followed. as soon kai saw soo waving his hand too, kai made them clapped their hands together (i hope my sentence makes sense)

4. ksoo then hugged kai, he had his hand on kai’s neck. kai hugged him back. both of them pat each other back. their lower bodies didnt touch (a.k.a no dick on dick action lel [sorry for my immaturity]), since kai is taller than soo, so he had to bend his body to hug ksoo (and also bc ksoo kinda clinged on his neck)

5. kai let go and went back to his prev place with a smile

6. another thing i’d like to point out is; ksoo had this “cheeky” smile on his face while kai had a “shy” one (one of kai’s eyes was still not healed, so that’s why his face looked slightly uncomfortable(?), hadnt he still had swollen eye, he prob wouldnt look uncomfortable hugging ksoo, but this is just my opinion)

7. it seems they didnt plan on this back stage, it seems suho was kinda blurted it out an idea he just had minutes ago (unplanned beforehand),  i mean look at kai’s face when suho said something before he pushed kai to soo

anyway, sure they had hugged on stage before, but notice those things happened when the OTHERS also involved (in doing fanservice stuffs)

this recent hug on SG EXOLUXION D1 happened when all attention were on them, so it’s understandable that they looked awkward 

just my 2 cents

note: im sorry i dont reply some of your messages, or do your request(s). 
i dont really have time and when i do, i’m lazy / unmotivated / tired / dont know what to reply. im really sorry for being such a snobby asshole who doesnt reply to messages but i hope you dont get offended bc of that. i read them all and i’m grateful for the messages. thank you. i really mean it.