alive nj

Possibilities. The spaces between your fingers. Every inhale and exhale. That feeling in your chest when you hear a song you haven’t listened to in a long time. The different shades of people’s eyes. The word “you.” Touching new books and discovering new worlds. How connected we all are. Chances. The fiery passions hidden inside of us. The pitter patter of raindrops. Falling asleep and waking up. Conversations you still remember. Smiling out of nowhere because you were reminded of something. First love. New friendships. Getting to know you. Snow, rainbows, skylines, and sunsets. The shift in seasons. Thinking of you. Random bursts of laughter. Memories. The future.

I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I saw BIGBANG!!
I miss them a lot and I hope they come back soon (๑>◡<๑)

The plethora of emotions. Losing yourself in a book. Trees, silhouettes, and horizons. Our ability to remember. The delicacy and, at the same time, the force of ocean waves. Poetry, music, art, and films. The word “us.” The expanse of our palms. The shape of our eyes. How the sky is a constant blanket. Constellations and galaxies. Whispered conversations. Accomplishments and triumphs. Being filled with wonder and fascination. Uncharted places. Crowds of people. Newborns, the awe in their eyes, and how they curl their hands around someone’s finger. Flowers, mosses, and weeds. New blank pages. Feeling the sand on your feet and the ocean breeze around you.

It’s been almost a year since I saw Alive Tour in NJ.
That was the BEST day of my entire life.

I can’t wait for the next tour.

Next time I will be right at the barrier!! ^^

Endless capacity to love. Finding broken things. Keepsakes. Nostalgia. Parks, zoos, museums, galleries, and monuments. Going on road trips. The curve of the lips. The complexity of the mind. The brevity and magnitude of a single breath and a single blink. How people laugh. Throwback feelings. The entirety of a moment. From dusk till dawn. Smiley faces in texts. Beauty and intricacy of languages. Hellos. Discovering new songs. Finding new hobbies. Our ability to learn. The present. The distance between the eyes. Finding love and friendship. Staring at the midnight sky and wondering to the stars. Photographs, handwritten letters, books and masterpieces.
Mixed tapes. Abandoned places. Days and nights of serenity, when nothing feels overwhelming and you’re swimming rather than drowning. Conversations that last for hours. Unexpected gifts. Honest smiles. Full-blown laughs. Cheating your fears and reaching your dreams. Birthmarks. Old bookstores, monsoon season, coffee mugs, and peaceful thoughts. Forehead kisses. Warm hugs. First meetings. Fleeting and shy glances. Rekindling friendships. Handwritten letters, photo albums, and playlists. Midnight talks. Passions. Childhood memories. Childhood friends. Forgiveness. Remembering. The vibrant colors during autumn. The cold and snow of winter. The blooming trees in spring. The radiant sun during summer.