alive meenah


Had to cram Roxy in down here, but these are the others I have so far


Latula Serket

Meenah Megido (alive at least)

Meulin Maryam

Mituna Vantas

Porrim Pyrope (with all the fancy scarring on her face)

And Roxy Strider (normal and god tier, Seer of Space)

A6A6I5 talk

Timeline of changed events:

Gamzee isn’t allowed to fool around on his own with Vriska around. A+

Vriska promptly goes into Auspistice mode with Terezi and Gamzee. A++

Terezi hates herself a lot less without Vriska being dead. Scourge Sisters rise again! A++

Karkat hates himself a lot less without Terezi/Gamzee happening and without Terezi mourning Vriska. Possibly dating Dave now. A+++

Vriska helps out Kanaya with alcoholic Rose. Are they back to being moirails? HMM. A+

Gamzee whines to Kurloz that Vriska has changed the timeline somehow. A+

Without being tied down by alcoholism, Rose and Kanaya’s relationship/friendship is pretty well off. (That said, it was drunk!Rose that asked her out. Did this happen in this timeline? WAS ROSEKAN REPLACED BY DAVEKAT OH NO)

Alive!Vriska met Dating-Meenah Vriska. Awkwaaard.

Vriska uses the time machines instead of Gamzee to create better, more balanced sprites for the alpha kids. Now they’re just stretching things but this is probably in line with the “Vriska keeps messing with Gamzee’s shit” changes.

That said, Tavrosprite being allowed to live without blowing up? A+++