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1st Hype Mag Release Party

Congrats to the whole team of The Hype Magazine for the new issue and also special congrats to @classymarzia ❤️

Thanks for joining me @jermaine-sinclair and idk where you found that fancy suit.
So let’s paaaaartyyyy

Lord of Wolves is an exotic shotgun. This weapon can only be obtained through Prison of Elders. This bounty is called The Elder Cipher and its a guaranteed drop on level 35 Skolas. On level 34 it has a possibility to drop aswell but as always the chance is pretty small. 

First of all let us see which perks this shotgun has. As always we start off with the ballistic perks:

  • Smart Drift Control - Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range.
  • Soft Ballistics - Less recoil. Penalty to Impact
  • Linear Compensator - More predictable recoil. Slight boosts to range and impact. More recoil. 

Since its a shotgun and the range isn’t that long i went for linear compensator. It gives me a boost to range and impact even tho its just the slightest bit. Everything you can add to range is good. The range is short in stats when you look at it but because you shoot in bursts the range get a bit more extended by it. The rest of the perks are more based on stability.

  • Hip Fire - This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip
  • Speed Reload - Reload this weapon quickly
  • Extended Mag - A larger magazine
  • Perfect Balance - This weapon has extremely low recoil

And the perk that this gun is build around…

  • Devil’s Touch - Kills with this weapon rally nearby allies with +3 recovery. Lasts 30 seconds

Hip Fire is a perk you need to select anyway to advance to the next upgrade tree. The hip fire perk doesn’t need much explaining since people know what hip fire is (shoot without use of sights or scope).

Speed Reload is really handy when playing in PVP since shotgun reloads are slow. But since this shotgun uses the same reload technique as an auto rifle, which makes it reload pretty damn quick already without the perk. But everything you can add to shorten the reload time while playing in pvp is crucial to stay alive longer.

Extended Mag is nice since it takes your magazine size from 30 to 39. Which means about 2 bursts more than without. Downside is it doesnt give you more ammo in reserve like the field scout perk does. Is it useless therefor? No and its all on how you play and what you prefer.

Perfect Balance gives this weapon extremely low recoil especially when you use it with the ballistics perk Smart Drift Control. But that does mean the range is taken down with 50%. I rather use Linear Compensator in combination with Perfect balance. Main reason for this is that linear compensator gives me a slight boost to range and impact but also takes away a lot of stability. Perfect balance adds more stability and put it back to the same level as had. Which makes it no lost in balance but gained impact and range. Like i said with a shotgun you have the stopping power but not the range. Add range and you are even more lethal when you already were.

Devil’s Touch is a really nice addition to the list of perks weapons already had and can come in handy in so many situations. This perk boosts your fireteams recovery IF they are within range of you after you killed an enemy. This boost lasts 30 seconds BUT!!!!…..if you are not close from your teammate that has lord of wolves and killed with it, it doesnt mean you cannot get the boost. If you are able to get in range of the recovery boost within those 30 seconds it is active you can still get it.

I noticed after playing with some friends that even tho i wasn’t within range of this recovery boost when they killed enemies. Yet when i regrouped with my fireteam within those 30 seconds i still heard the sound of the recovery boost and also saw it appearing in my screen.  So don’t worry if you are hurt and not within range…just get your character as close and as quick as possible to your teammate who is using the Lord of Wolves.

Conclusion: Lord of Wolves is BEAST! This shotgun got the highest amount of reserve ammo (240+ bullets) and the highest magazine size (30 standard, 39 with extended mag perk) of all shotguns. Ofcourse when you have armor that increases the shotgun ammo you can carry you will have even more. Its nicely balanced and the burst of 5 bullets gives the option to kill multiple targets if they run towards you or when you “spray” your bullets. Because of the high amount of bullets this gun feels like a primary. It also feels like you are running around with an extremely heavy pulse rifle. The only wake up moment is when you notice you are lacking in range when you try to kill that one enemy that is just a but further than you anticipated. But for the people that play really in your face than this gun is surely a must have….but then again…its a must have anyway.

It looks badass with the flames at the end of the barrel. I have no negative feel towards this gun nor do i feel that i am lacking when i use this gun. Sight of the gun is nice and clear.

I hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to comment/message and share opinions about this gun, any gun or destiny in general.

Based off my post of Beth being in Alexandria already, I decided to write a little something. 

It’s long.. So if you don’t want to read, keep scrolling lol


Beth woke up early ever since she arrived in Alexandria, she’d walk outside of her small one room apartment and sit on the lawn chair with a small blanket and a book and read for a while until she was called for her duty which was caring for the children, she decided to work with them because she missed Judith and the rest of the kids from the prison. 

She worked with smaller kids though since she was used to being around smaller kids, she just taught them how to read and write and their Abc’s, stuff she was robbed of doing with Judith. Or her own children.

Sometimes she did inventory when she was thinking too much and needed alone time, up until she came to Alexandria she thought there wasn’t many people around, and after she was kidnapped and escaped the hospital she wasn’t sure that there were good people around either. She thought she was all alone, until one day she came across a woman in the woods who took her into her group and took her under her wing almost immediately after she found her. Her name was Laura, sadly she was gutted.. Which was Beth’s biggest fear.

And Beth felt all alone..Again.

“Hey Beth.” Adrian said.

Beth turned and gave a smile.“ Hi.”

“You hear about the new people?”

“What new people?”

He put a box of crayon’s on the table.“ Well they came from Georgia and have been on the road for seven days, there’s like 10 of them.”

Beth nodded in remembrance of her home state, she missed her family so much that for a second there she was convinced it was Daryl and Maggie and everyone, but, she knew that they probably were gone. They had to be or why wouldn’t they of somehow crossed paths. 

“Where are they?”

“Infirmary being checked out, they are in bad shape. They were held hostage in a train car by cannibals, they fought their way out and went searching for this girl that they lost, and they-”

Beth turned around quickly and hurried out of the room leaving Adrian puzzled, she knew it was crazy to think it was them but their story seemed too much like stuff that they’d all go through, but the one thing that got her the most was them searching for a girl, it may of been the hopeful side of her that she lost a while ago along with her dignity.

But hearing that started that fire of hope deep within, she didn’t know why because she gave up hoping that she’d ever see Daryl again or Maggie again, she gave it all up and just accepted the facts… The truth.

But now she had a reason to have her heart pumping faster than lightening could strike, and tears already forming in her eyes as the wind flew past her as her legs carried her quickly through the courtyard.

She pushed open the door to the infirmary coming to an abrupt halt, she looked around her huge smile slowly fading into a frown. She looked around the waiting room expecting to see them all, but she only saw books and magazines that were spread out on the coffee table.


She spun around quickly expecting to see Maggie, but it was only Abigail the infirmary nurse. Beth forced a smile and sniffled back her tears as she was stabbed in the gut again and her family that she thought she had was gone before she could reach them.

“Oh hi I just wanted to know if you needed any help with the new people, But I see that Joshua is already seeing them, I’ll just go.”

“Well I do need help with the baby, I know you love babies.”

Beth’s eyes began watering - she knew, she knew it was Judith. It had to be or else she was the biggest idiot in the world. 

“Can I have a minute?”

Abigail nodded sympathetically and walked away back to the rooms, Beth looked around for the bathroom and found the door with the sign for female and walked in. She shut and locked the door and cupped her hands under the faucet and let the cold water fill up in her hands and splashed some on her face, she felt the warm tears starting to pool under her eyes that even the cold water couldn’t stop.

She took some paper towel that was under the sink and dabbed her face dry, her complexion was getting tanner since she stayed out in the sun a lot when the kids played on the playground in the school yard. She sniffled and dried off her hands before throwing away the paper towels in the waste basket beside the sink.

She grasped the door handle and took a deep breath before opening the door while looking down at the ground, she heard some talking and then quiet. She always hated when people felt pity for her when she walked into a room, she was alone and she was fine with it, but they weren’t.

She looked up after shutting the door and gasped…. there in front of her stood Rick with Judith in his arms, Carl, Carol, Tyreese, Sasha, Maggie, Glenn, and four others she didn’t know, and coming out of the door behind them was the hunter who chased the car that took her.

They were alive…

“Beth!” Maggie ran forward and scooped Beth up into her stronghold, she sobbed on to her shoulder. Beth squeezed her eyes shut as she cried, she couldn’t believe that they were all alive, 

“M-Mag….” She choked out since she could barely speak. She felt more arms reach around her and hug her, she opened her eyes and saw Glenn, Carol and Carl all trying to hug her, Rick, Tyreese and Sasha stood off to the side with huge smiles on their faces.

Glenn planted a kiss on Beth’s head, and Carl leaned into Rick’s side with tears in his eyes. Maggie pulled away from the hug only to cup Beth’s face - her thumb swiping the tears away.

“B-Beth, are you okay?” She sniffled.

Beth nodded.“ I’m fine.” she whispered.“ I’m fine.” she repeated.

Beth looked over at Judith and began crying again as the baby reached for her, she lifted the squirmy baby into her arms and squeezed her tight until she grunted.

Everyone laughed.

“How did you get out?” Carl asked.

Beth’s eyes scanned the small crowd of people until they landed on the hunter who was hiding back a ways but his eyes glued on her, she gave a small smile and looked back to Judith who was chewing on her pointer finger.

“Me an’ Daryl got out after the Governor attacked, we spent a while together before I was kidnapped by these people.”

“Is that how you got the scar on your face?”

Beth looked over at Maggie and nodded.“ Yeah…”

“Daryl said you were gone.” Carl said.

“I was..”

Maggie wiped her tears.“ He never told us until a while later that you were taken, if he woulda told us sooner we maybe would have found you sooner.”

Beth shook her head.“ Maggie now isn’t the time to blame anyone, I’m okay I’m fine lets just drop it okay?”

“It’s not okay Beth! He lead us to believe you were dead!”

“I didn’t see you chasin’ after cars.” Daryl grumbled.

Beth sighed.“ Stop it okay, Maggie leave Daryl alone he didn’t mean it, that would mess anyone up, I’m here now and I’m alive, drop it!” Beth said sternly.

Maggie glared at Daryl than glanced back at Beth who was begging her with her eyes to stop, she never could say no when Beth did the puppy dog eyes.

“I’ll forgive but I’m not forgetting.”

Daryl snorted and pushed open the door storming out of the infirmary, Beth sighed.“ Daryl.” She called, she handed Judith over to Rick and ran after Daryl.

She ran out the door and began running down the street, Daryl was walking incredibly fast, his fists clenched, his whole body tense, she ran up and grabbed his shoulder as she walked around in front of him stopping him from walking.

“Daryl Dixon stop it now!”

“You got your family back, go be with em.”

Beth hit his left shoulder with her right clenched fist.“ You’re my damn family, don’t give me that bullshit!”

“You gotta mouth on you Greene." 

She brushed her hair behind her ear.” Yes I do, because you never listen… Maggie is upset I don’t know why I’m alive, but you can’t take to heart with what she says.“

Daryl looked away from Beth.

"Dixon.” She warned through clenched teeth.

“I chased after that car.” He said.

Beth’s mouth formed into a straight line as she watched Daryl’s face fall from angry to complete sadness. She touched his face with her hand and he flinched and moved his head away from her.

“Chased it all damn night, and all….. All day.” His voice cracked and he looked down feeling slightly embarrassed.“ I did my part and your sister is blaming me for not telling all of em right away…. I couldn’t.”

Beth wrapped her arms around him quickly pulling him closer and closer until he had no other choice but to hug her back, his arms laid loosely on her lower back.

“I’m sorry Daryl.” She whispered in his ear.

Daryl made a deep sound within his throat, it was hard to even really imagine this moment let alone actually have it happen. For a moment there he really thought that she was dead, it wasn’t until Maggie and Carol that he realized there was still hope and she could still be alive. 

“I looked for you…. I thought, I thought I’d find you.” He said breathlessly.

Beth looked up at him and saw his eyes glistening a little, his voice was raw with emotion. She felt bad, but she was alive and right in front of him there was no reason for tears, maybe happy tears but no sadness. That was in the past.

“I know you looked for me.”

His eyebrows furrowed and his forehead creased.“ How?”

She shrugged.“ I had faith.”

Daryl nodded and kicked the concrete. Beth grabbed his hands gently with hers, he looked up feeling…. feeling something that he couldn’t really put his finger on, but it felt like something in his stomach was tickling him. She smiled and it got worse.

“C'mon.” She said so sweetly as she threaded her fingers with his.

He swallowed and blinked a few times as his head lowered- looking at the damp ground from the recent rain storm.

“You okay?” She asked.

He nodded and looked back up at her blue eyes and soft face.“ Yeah…. I am.”