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Gabriel might be canonically alive, now. In the AU at least.





GABE IS JUST FINE. and this season’s finale put the final nail in the coffin for me

i was going to do a comic about it, but it could be too much to shove into a comic anyway. SO–in regards to this:

he was literally drilling into their heads “GUESS. WHAT. CAN. KILL. ME. THAT. I. TOTALLY. HAVE.”

i don’t think gabriel brought an actual “archangel blade” at all. we find out in hammer of the gods that there’s a specific blade that looks like an angel blade that can kill an archangel, and it was confirmed in s12′s finale that a regular angel blade doesn’t do much to an archangel. so whatever luci stabbed him with, wasn’t actually something that could hurt gabe

if you think gabriel can literally warp reality but couldn’t recreate an angel death, i need you to sit down and reread that


but we also learned that lucifer apparently thinks, even without incredible showmanship, “if i stab it, it’s dead.” crowley, a DEMON, just a demon, was able to slip out of his body into a rat, with lucifer none the wiser. this wasn’t premeditated on crowley’s part. i firmly believe gabriel went in with a plan for the worst

so when sam and dean watched the porn gabe gave them:

i FIRMLY believe this was actually gabriel that they were watching. he was alive. right there. and he just wanted an easy out of the drama. he never had the plan to be caught, he just got heated in changing channels and realized he was going to back himself into a corner if he stayed in the game. which is ALSO why i think this stunt was pulled in meta fiction:

this is genuinely just something he can do. and metatron had, more or less, the power of god. he probably suspected the same thing i did when he read chuck’s work. so metatron literally made gabriel pitch to cas what gabe was afraid would happen to him. he didn’t want to lead armies or head rallies. he wanted to spend the rest of eternity fucking with humans

ALSO. FROM THE FINALE. dean says to luci something along the lines of, “…so you’re just going to go around smashing all of his toys?” which,

and at the beginning of the season, cas crashes into the Mystery Spot sign.

so while he is alive in other universes, sure, i think he’s still just fine in this one. if anything, he’s the one archangel that chuck actually respected, just by leaving him alone. but with the new devil baby i think something might snap

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I have no idea if this was already theorized but do you think the Scooby Doo episode will happen cause Gabriel came back to fuck shit up? Cause high and low key I’m hoping that happens

with rich being on set so much, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case! if this is what happens, they’ll think Oh They’re None The Wiser because of all of rich’s directing spots, both now and in the future. otherwise, it might just be a weird fever dream MOTW ep. FINGERS CROSSED, THO

Bighit and BTS Meeting
  • Bighit: Alright it's that time again, we have to confuse the hell out of your ARMYs. So what do we got this time?
  • Namjoon: Let's...have Jimin in the ocean instead of a bathtub
  • Bighit: Nice one Namjoon!
  • Jimin: Dammit
  • Taehyung: Oh! Let's add a random shape to make them think it has meaning...a rectangle!
  • Bighit: Good job Taetae!
  • Jungkook: Put me on a train! They'll think its connected to RUN
  • Bighit: That diploma is coming in handy!
  • Hobi: Don't give me ANY lines!
  • Bighit: NOICE
  • Suga: Add laundry! We've never done laundry
  • Bighit: Confusing, confusing, confusing! I like it!
  • Jin: Make it seem like I'm alive...but still dead
  • Bighit: Get this boy a raise!
  • Jimin: Give me random blue sneakers!!
  • Bighit: Him too!



One Dance Pt. 3: The biggest challenge is choosing between what is right and what is easy. But sometimes the right answer isn’t the most obvious one.

 << Part 2        Part 4 >>

 A/N: Hiii thanks for everyone who’s been reading and keeping up with the series so far! There was one anon who correctly guessed the inspiration for the series but I don’t wanna post it yet cuz I don’t want spoilers 😅 So shout out to the anon for guessing correctly ☺Also, y'all still alive after the YNWA comeback? cause I am DECEASED

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Hello my sweet Dayana I have died and came alive this comeback ~ Did you see the way 2jae made eye contact at that dingo gif I'm melting and screaming Danielle said she wants to smoosh their faces together me too tbh and the incident at the making film???what is your thought about 2jae? I love them so much ~ love you, take care ~

Hi my beautiful anony <3

I was dead and was more dead this comeback ^^ i love reincarnations <3




PS. He turns away because he smiles and couldn’t hold in his love for Youngjae, but who would be able to when Youngjae smiles like that!

[video] [gifset]

Ahhhhh! ok and then the MV making of nEVer EVER (gonna let 2jae die)!

Literally Danielle’s gifset [here it is] is like this:

(reminder these are Danielle’s gifs not mine [X])

*Jb singing wet (whispering sweet nothings) into Youngjae’s ear* *youngjae turns slowly bc..*

*YJ: theres a camera you bum / *JB’s chin comes out a little but just purses his lips to calm down*

*YJ: im laughing at you hyung!’ / *JB smirks*

JB: i should kiss you to shut up.. *looks at lips* / YJ: ‘he can’t do anything to me, there’s a camera’

Yeah but like i’ve said before, 2jae used to be like this, so obvious all the time but since If you do era, it’s kinda like, they toned it down a lot (such as hiding more) and so i’m sure it’s funny to Youngjae that Jaebum got caught by the camera xD

and one other thingy to end with…

Sign (Ars)

Sin (Defsoul)

It’s going to be a beautiful era (filled with 2jae) <3

Have a lovely day anony <3! be safe!

John’s choices (from TEH to TLD)

I do not have a lot of sympathy for John after what he did in TLD and I won’t claim that his confession / speech in the end of the episode is evidently confirming Johnlock because it isn’t evidently doing so, however I can’t interpret it in any other way that could possibly make sense. 

John starts by blaming himself for not being the man he wants to be - the man who would be brave and strong and would always save his loved ones. He’s right to feel guilt. I haven’t seen people discuss the scene in which Culverton Smith says in the news that he won’t press charges against Sherlock and that he may even take him to his “favourite room”. John already knows that this is the mortuary yet he still chooses to trust Culverton more than Sherlock. Sherlock does not know that but it is another good reason for the severe guilt John feels. Sherlock quickly says that John does a disservice to himself - John was the man who killed Hope to rescue Sherlock, he was nearly killed by the Golem, he chose to sacrifice himself so Sherlock could escape from the pool and he decided to die there although, technically, if he didn’t care about Sherlock, he could perhaps survive.

So, in fact, John is not the man he wants to be but he used to be that man when he lived with Sherlock. Sherlock brings the best out of John just as much as John does the same for Sherlock.

Then John goes on and says that he cheated on Mary and that he wanted more although he knew he shouldn’t. And then he says the most enlighting thing in this baffling conversation: 

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