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Happy Birthday, Soo-won!! ♡ (feb03)

I decided to color the second one too because the first one is a little depressing lol. Especially if you know when that panel is. & I didn’t want him to only be sad for his bday.. orz

Also happy birthday to Kusanagi Mizuho! Bless her for creating such a masterpiece in progress! ♡




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The Parallels between Yukine, Yato, and Mizuchi/Nora (A Noragami Meta)

Rereading Noragami, I am constantly awed by Adachitoka’s masterful crafting of the character relationships. It reminds me of the early days of Bleach. You see the relationships contains layers upon layers of parallels and foils. The primary one I want to talk about, being this one here:

In the above, you have a trio of a human, a god and a shinki. Below, you have a trio of a shinki, a human and a god.

It’s so interesting to see the contrast between Baby!Yato’s relationship with his father figure and sister figure and that of Yukine with his relationship with Yato and Hiyori.


Both did questionable acts at the time of their ‘birth’, but while Yato never learned right and wrong from his ‘Father” who also often showered him with praises, Yato tried his best to teach Yukine about morality, even as he called him childish insults (but ultimately he also refrained from punishing Yukine, not because he wanted to enable his bad habits like Father did to him, but because he sympathized so much with him)


It’s pretty clear, the differences between their parenting styles. @echodrops illustrates the dichotomy beautifully in their essay.


It’s easy to forget, but Mizuchi is actually Yato’s older sister, and Yukine sees Hiyori as an older sister figure.

Mizuchi enabled Yato’s bad behavior (but then again this is also because she didn’t develop a proper moral framework), and to an extent Hiyori did too in regards to Yukine by failing to reprimand him early on. But as Yukine put it, if Hiyori didn’t scold him (and if Yato didn’t find him), which she did later, he wouldn’t have become the person he was today. Yes, just like:

The parallels between Sakura and Hiyori are so interesting ok? Especially with respect to their relationship with Baby!Yato and Yukine.

Ok, I kid. There are serious parallels too, like how both Sakura and Hiyori tried to stop Baby!Yato and Yukine from stealing, and how both boys ended up betraying them (Yato in using Sakura to kill people, Yukine in stealing from Hiyori). Also Sakura acted as both a mother-figure and sister-figure to Yato in the same way Hiyori is sometimes motherly towards Yukine.

And then you can also compare the family Yukine’s found now with Yato and Hiyori to that of his family from when he was alive. I mean the manga has already shown us hints of this:

Yukine has overlapped his sister (presumably) with Hiyori before and now his dad with Yato.

It comes full-circle as his former life also parallels with Yato’s former life (father issues, abuse etc.). But here’s the thing, while Yato and Yukine were in similar situations (likely to face physical abuse), someone else was more appropriate to act as the foil to Yukine.

Mizuchi was the sibling left behind to an abusive father while Yato, through Sakura’s influence, gained more independence (in the same way, Yukine’s mother took his sister away; admittedly this is speculation since we don’t know how canon the anime-only scene above is).


So, if you pity Yato and you pity Yukine (if you belong to the Noragami fandom, the answer to that would be a resounding yes), then you should pity Mizuchi as well. Don’t be fooled by her smug smiles and creepy-ass dark panels. Underneath all that, she’s a tragic character.

Yukine may think he’s become more like Nora, and Nora already thinks they’re a lot alike, but the both of them don’t really know how deeply the similarities run.

Do you know what hurts me the most about ObiYuki? It’s that Obi and Shirayuki relationship right now is so good, so well developed, but is probably just being used as a way to “confuse” the readers.

Shirayuki and Zen relationship is also good, but for me, it lacks actual development. They got together so fast ( something I loved in the beginning), but now there is always this “tension” between them, which ends up difficulting their development. It is as if they just scratched the surface of each other, which wouldn’t be a big problem if the author didn’t decide to show us another relationship in which two people started getting to know each other in depth by actually spending time together and getting closer. There is a palpable difference in Obi and Shirayuki’s relationship from the beginning of the series to where they stand now. Again, this is in no way Zen or Shirayuki’s fault since they keep getting separated by their own duties, but it was a conscious choice made by the author.

Sure, we could see Obi and Shirayuki’s relationship as an old and good bromance/platonic relationship IF one side of the equation didn’t have romantic feelings for the other, and it is simply disappointing that the author is building this wonderful relationship between them… that is probably  going nowhere, because as we all know, their chances are low and the main ship will prevail in the end.

And this is where I get to my main point ( and the reason I’m writing this post in the first place lol), what will happen to Obi in the end?  Sure, he’s completely devoted to Zen and Shirayuki and support their relationship and happiness, but there’s a limit to how much you can stand seeing the person you love with someone else, even if you happy for them, and his feelings for Shirayuki are nowhere near to disappear ( they getting stronger, tbh).  Kiki and Mitsuhide are also going to be a couple sooner or later, but what about Obi? Is he going away after Shirayuki and Zen get together for good and leave the only place he felt like he belonged behind? Or will he stay with them while keep harboring feelings for Shirayuki? What I want to say is that, right now, I can’t see an ending where I’ll be satisfied when it comes to Obi, because there’s no ending where he will be truly happy.

Maybe (probably) I’m suffering in advance and the author will show us a way, but now I’m just … so, so frustrated.

PS: I’m in no way bashing ZenYuki* I know they’re good! I’m just frustrated to see a good chara being used as a plot device and getting my hope up just to be letting down at the ending,