Remind yourselves that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to breakdown or cry yourself to sleep. We are all imperfect human beings, but it is up to us to accept that what has happened cannot be undone and to learn from it.
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It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins (Spencer & Bethany)

I’m going to rewrite the theory which is here I did last year in October about Spencer & Bethany being twins.

But you don’t have to read it since I’m going to explain everything in this post. 

I will do some character analysis, clues, discuss some facts about psychopathy and the switch. I will talk about Bethany’s connection with The Hastings, DiLaurentis, Charlotte, Melissa, etc. 

So Marlene has confirmed that the story is not over and there will be a twin storyline that is connected somehow to this Uber “A” story which is connected to Charlotte’s death. 

First I will talk about Spencer Hastings 

Spencer Hastings is my favorite liar of all of them. She’s such an interesting character and to me, she has always been a suspect even though she was a victim of “A”. I don’t know there is something about her. I feel she’s hiding something that we don’t know, yet. Spencer is VERY smart. She’s the liar that had the most interest in solving the A mystery. And I feel like she’s too smart to share her secrets and the things she does with the other girls. 

I also feel like we don’t know everything about the girls. 

Bethany Young was a patient at Radley. We don’t know her story. We don’t know why she was put in Radley but something we can assume is that she was put in Radley as a child because she did something horrible. She was in a mental institution. We don’t know who her family is, any siblings, nothing. That’s why I feel she is the infamous twin that has been talked about in the fandom for years. We never saw her face when she escaped from Radley and she’s connected to Alison’s disapperance, Charlotte and Jessica DiLaurentis, Radley Sanitarium. She’s a big character on the show. She is an insane bitch who killed Marion Cavanaugh (Toby’s mom) and blamed it on Jessica’s son, Charles DiLaurentis. 

My theory is that Spencer Hastings & Bethany Young are twins. You may say but Bethany’s last name is Young not Hastings. That really doesn’t matter because The Hastings are very secretive and they could’ve faked her name to keep it a secret. Yes, another secret child. The Hastings always chat in silence and I will prove to you that they are connected to Radley Sanitarium more than you think.

And it goes back to Marion Cavanaugh’s death. 

In season 4, “A” starts sending Toby texts helping him to find out what happened to his mom. “A” a.k.a Charlotte knew about his mom’s death since she witnessed it when she was Charles. I believe she had a good relationship with her and that’s why she decided to help Toby. “A” never helps anyone but she decided to help Toby find out about his mother’s death. 

Her death was something that was kept a secret for more than a decade. Everyone thought she committed suicide but she was murdered by a patient named Bethany Young. Something really strange about her death is that Peter Hastings desperately wanted for Toby to close down Radley and stop the investigation. But you may ask why Peter? He’s the father of the girl that killed Toby’s mom. He had an agreement with Jessica DiLaurentis on this. Jessica knew Bethany killed Toby’s mom but ruled it out as a suicide to help Peter. And also made it seem like a suicide to protect her son Charles who was the one that was blamed for the death. Now Peter and Jessica knew things about each other. Peter knew that Jessica was buying dresses to Charles without Kenneth knowing about it. And Jessica knew that Peter had a crazy daughter that killed one of the patients. 

Now Jessica and Peter were having an affair or that’s what Bethany believed. This is why Bethany escaped Radley and wanted to kill Jessica. This is why Jessica was very worried that night because she was afraid Bethany would kill her or hurt Alison. One of the reasons she wanted Alison to stay at home. 

Bethany escaped Radley with the yellow top she stole from Charlotte. She was dressed like Alison. Alison at this time is on her way to the barn to drug the girls with some sleeping pills. 

She drugs the girls but the pills don’t have any effect on Spencer because she was using other drugs. And this is why she didn’t go to sleep. She was awake. 

After this event, Alison is talking to a bunch of people including Jenna, Garrett, Byron, and Ezra. And possibly Melissa. 

We see Melissa talking to a blonde girl with the yellow top. It was either Bethany or Alison. This wasn’t CeCe as we saw her wearing different clothes when she hit Alison. The only people who were wearing the yellow top was Bethany & Alison. For the sake of this theory lets say it was Bethany. Plus Alison kind of confirmed in 6x10 that she wasn’t talking to Melissa when she says “Jason says that he saw you talking to Melissa”  This just proves that Bethany has a connection to Melissa Hastings, who is her sister (Spencer’s twin). Now this girl doesn’t look like Spencer a bit but it was Jason’s flashback and he was drunk so we can’t see the true face of this person. 

Now, Melissa desperately wanted the videos that Alison had so she asked Bethany to get them for her because she is Spencer’s twin. Alison or anyone that would caught her would think that this girl is Spencer. What a genius! Now Bethany wasn’t there just for Melissa. She was trying to kill Jessica DiLaurentis that night so she had to act fast before the Radley staff got to her. Now if Bethany was trying to get those videos for Melissa how would she do it if she has blonde hair? That’s a blonde wig. Bethany stole the entire outfit from CeCe including the Alison bracelet. For you to escape you are going to need more than just a yellow top. You are going to need an entire outfit and some accessories. 

At this moment, Alison realizes that Spencer is awake and they have an argument where Alison realizes that Spencer never went to sleep because she was drugged with other pills.

Alison tells Spencer to go to back to sleep to the barn. 

Now back to Bethany. Bethany is not a dumb bitch. She knows what she was going to do and before she escaped Radley she had a plan. It was a once in a life time opportunity. She needed to act fast. 

Hence the quote “Leaving is easy Charles, staying gone that would be tough.” 

One of the plans was to kill Jessica DiLaurentis and the other one was to kill her twin sister, Spencer and replace her (which she hide from Melissa) She didn’t kill her but she knocked her out when Spencer was on her way to the barn after her discussion with Alison. Bethany switched clothes and eventually took over her life. Mona hit the real Spencer with the shovel, and Melissa buried her alive. 

Now her death was symbolic. She has an “A” mark in the head which represents “A” a.k.a Mona (at that time) killing her and the Alison bracelet which represents that she belonged to Alison. Alison was the leader of the group and Spencer belonged to her. 

This is the switch. 

The episode ‘A is for Answers’ is for me one of the most important episodes in PLL history. In that episode, Melissa confesses to Peter that she killed the blonde girl. But the way she confessed the murder was very strange. 

Melissa: Dad, Spencer didn’t kill that girl. [whispering indistinct]

When I saw the episode I thought she was going to reply “I did” but she took some time. She must have told him more than that. And it explains why Peter was shocked.

Bethany is now Spencer and the real Spencer is dead and buried. 

Spencer or should I say Bethany goes to the barn and finally goes to sleep with the rest of the liars. Now before CeCe bashes Alison’s head with the rock, Alison is at the barn and sees all the girls sleeping including Spencer. 

Here is the proof that this isn’t the real Spencer. 

Spencer was all drugged up and the pills Alison gave her didn’t have any effect on her. That’s why she couldn’t go to sleep. So this CAN’T be Spencer sleeping. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! This HAS to be her twin. 

Aria: Ali?

Spencer/Bethany: She’s gone.

Aria: What do you mean she’s gone?

Spencer/Bethany: I looked everywhere for her. I think I heard her scream

Alison never screamed when she got hit with a rock. This person is clearly lying because how would she know this if she didn’t hit Alison? This once again proves this is not Spencer but her twin, Bethany Young.

Now two girls are missing, Bethany & Alison. Unaware that another girl is in the grave. I’m assuming that the Radley staff believed that Bethany went missing and the whole town of Rosewood think Alison also went missing except for Jessica DiLaurentis who buried her. 

Bethany has taken over Spencer’s life and is now living in The Hastings residence after being at a mental institution her entire childhood and part of her adolescence.

She is now sleeping in Spencer’s room. She now has access to photos, personal information, yearbooks, basically everything to impersonate her and know her life. She had to act differently. Bethany didn’t only make friends but also a new enemy, “A”. The moment she impersonated Spencer, she became A’s target. That was one of the consequences of taking over her sister’s life. 

My favorite clue that Spencer is a twin. Same top as the girl in the grave. 

1 year later… (Pilot episode)

Alison’s body is found at Maya St. Germain’s backyard. The body was identified with the yellow top. There was no DNA test. This is why everyone thought this was Alison. It isn’t until season 5 where they identified the body and matched Bethany’s DNA. The problem with this is that identical twins share the same DNA. The body was unrecognizable. 

Going back to the pilot episode. “Spencer” sees a blonde girl in Alison’s room. 

Note: This can’t be Charlotte because she was at Radley with no more out privileges and also this can’t be Alison because she was not in Rosewood. She only visited the girls when they needed help or were in trouble. This has to be some hallucination. What a crazy bitch! 

You have to remember that Bethany had Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). Here is some information on IED 

Signs and Symptoms of Intermittent Explosive Disorder

There are a variety of symptoms that people who have intermittent explosive disorder will display based upon individual genetic makeup, development of social skills, coping strategies, presence of co-occurring disorders, and use or addiction to drugs or alcohol. The following are some examples of various signs and symptoms that a person suffering from IED may exhibit:

The patient may break or destroy objects or property, become combative and hurt others, and often feels confused or suffers amnesia about the event.

Behavioral symptoms:

  • Physical aggressiveness
  • Verbal aggressiveness
  • Angry outbursts
  • Physically attacking people and/or objects
  • Damaging property
  • Road rage

I found something really interesting that someone uploaded. Bethany’s Radley file

It’s really hard to see what’s on the file but the person who uploaded the photo noted some things the files says. “Hallucinations and delusions” “Bizarre” “Psychotic process” 

In other words, this girl “was” a deranged unstable bitch that had to be locked up under strict supervision. No wonder Jessica DiLaurentis was afraid of her. 


Now the interesting part of this theory is that Charlotte must’ve known that Bethany had a twin sister, Spencer (her new target) but she never knew that the person she stalked this whole time was not Spencer but Bethany. 

Another thing that proves this bitch is Bethany. In 5x25, Spencer reveals she “felt a connection with Charles in the vault room, someone who she might’ve met when she was a little girl, like a penpal” Of course, she knew Charles because they were both patients at Radley.

Now some people say she felt a connection because Charles used to go to the Campell Farm where Veronica Hastings used to take her children to go apple picking. Which is true but it was never mentioned both families used to take their children there together. Correct if I’m wrong. Plus, Charles used to go there before he was taken to Radley when he was around 5. Spencer at that time was a baby like Alison. She didn’t have the age to feel the connection. 

The Hastings including Melissa have always been very secretive and protective towards Spencer. They hide things from her. They want her to forget about her past because they don’t want to know that she had a twin sister that was put in Radley. In 6x05, Spencer has a dream about a little girl dancing in Radley. This was a dream of her being at Radley when she was a girl. 

I don’t know you but before everything was revealed, I used to think that Charles & Bethany were both in love or were really close friends and Bethany’s death was the reason A was doing all of this. Marlene has referred to Charles & Bethany as “Chuck and Blair”and it’s also seen as a “Bonnie & Clyde” relationship. They all have the same initials.

An interesting clue that I never thought is 

Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Princess Diana was born Diana Spencer.

Two names of two characters of the show. A couple.

Original ‘A’ (started the game): Mona

Big ‘A’ (stole the game): Charlotte

Uber ‘A’ (will finish the game): Bethany / Spencer

Bethany aka Spencer is PLL ENDGAME

The only way for Spencer/Bethany to takeover was to murder Charlotte. Spencer was always on step ahead of everyone even ‘A’. She’s proving she’s the best. Spencer has an “obsessive need to be the best at everything.” Charlotte’s death was brutal. Someone who really hated her killed her or planned her murder.


In 6x12, Spencer reveals to Caleb that the specifics of Charlotte’s death matched a paper she wrote for criminology in college.

This is such a big coincidence. You can see that someone who knew about this paper planned Charlotte’s murder. It was “The Perfect Murder” Spencer planned Charlotte’s murder by using the idea of the paper she wrote. The only person who would know of this paper would’ve been “A” but she was in a psychiatric hospital this whole time with no access to a computer to hack her laptop. “A” got rid of “A” in the finale. She wasn’t hacking anymore.

Spencer is the mastermind behind Charlotte’s murder. 


^^foreshadowing Charlotte’s death. 

Spencer is using Caleb. She knows he is a professional hacker that can do basically anything. Hack systems, computers, any device. He is using him to get rid of any evidence that will lead to her involvement in Charlotte’s murder.

Marlene said that Uber ‘A’ is avenging Charlotte’s death. Which I don’t believe it’s true because you can literally eliminate everyone except Jason and Alison. Plus, it’s kind of weird she’s giving all this information when she’s supposed to keep the identity and a motive a secret. 

I’m 100% sure that the person sending the texts with the emojis and Uber A are two completely different people.

Going back to the dollhouse…

When Spencer wakes up in the dollhouse there’s a picture of a horse. “A” recreated the dollhouse with the exact replicas like their real rooms. Spencer doesn’t have a picture of a horse in her room. 

Now the horse is another big clue she is Bethany…

Bethany had adopted a horse named Custard when Jessica DiLaurentis was taking her to the stables. 

The people who have read this theory are asking me how would she remember things like the “Ali flashbacks” they are just visualizations. Remember that Spencer left personal information in her room. She was a patient at Radley so she doesn’t know anything. She basically just connected the dots and visualize how it might’ve happened. 

In season 4, when Ezra is writing about the book. Spencer reads a note where Ezra says that CeCe witnessed a fight and then we see a “flashback” between Alison and Spencer. CeCe was lying because that night she was busy trying to find Bethany, who was wearing the yellow top. Spencer visualized how it might’ve happened. So it wasn’t really a flashback. It was something she visualized just by reading the note. She is unaware what happened between the real Spencer and Alison until Alison tells her and the other girls in the season 4 finale. 

What I love about this theory is that this bitch had everyone fooled for years and is actually a sociopath who has been blaming everyone of being the villain. And The Liars have been friends with someone who was a patient at mental institution. 

She planned everything from her sister’s death to Charlotte’s death. 

If this turns out to be true. Be ready because this isn’t only topping Cece’s reveal it’s also topping Mona’s, Toby’s, Ezra’s, Sara’s. Basically every reveal. THIS WILL TOP EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER BEEN WRITTEN ON THE SHOW. 

I honestly don’t care about the ships. They could kill one of the liars or one of the guys and I wouldn’t complain. I want this show to have A VERY TRAGIC ENDING. A mystery show should NEVER end with a happy ending.

If you want to discuss the theory with me you can always follow me on twitter @hotlinetroian. Please don’t steal and give me credit in anything that you use. It takes a lot of time to come up with it and it’s unfair if you say it’s yours. I will keep updating this theory once we get to watch more episodes.

You can never turn your back on a Hastings. 

Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret. 

Bow down to the craziest bitch in Rosewood a.k.a. Spencer Hastings 

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I have sat crying on and off today, trying to deal with the aftermath of last night. I have more scars, some deeper than others, my throat is sore as anything, and have had to run to the bathroom several times to deal with the side effects of my meds overdose ( I can’t actually recall taking them, but I know I didn’t have an empty packet yesterday evening). I will admit that I also cut my pain away today, so some of the new scars are from today, and not last night.

I am not okay, nor will I be for a long time. Last night was the lowest I have ever been, and it wil take me a long while to recover from what I have done.

To all those who sent messages over the last 22ish hours, either to my inbox, or direct messages, I see you, every one of you. Thank You for showing me such love & support. I have over 30 messages in my inbox, all full of love. Maybe with your support, I might just be okay after all.

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I said to my mom that the stage looked like RBB would fit right in and she was like, “maybe he’s there” and u know what. I bet if RBB wanted to go to the super bowl he would just drive himself so he probably was there

anonymous asked:

How do you think wells and lexa would have gotten along? b/c on one hand wells understood the sacrifices and ruthlessness a leader has to have in situations (ex. Jaha floating Jake). But, he also was against violence and wanted some type of peaceful order when the 100 landed (ex. Wells vs. "Whatever the hell we want"). Thoughts, comments, concerns?

thats such a tough question. youre right he would definitely be able to understand where she’s coming from on most issues but i feel like wells wouldnt really like lexa at first, mostly because of her whole “love is weakness” thing which i think wells would call bullshit on. i think if he somehow knew about the fealty scene tho he’d like her a whole lot more. 

i feel like lexa would really respect wells tho. i think they actually have quite a bit in common, especially with their whole “you hate me and that’s alright but im on your side take it or leave it” thing towards clarke.