Page of good thoughts.

The beauty and significance of this page to me is unreal. Fifteen wonderful people from all different areas of the world sent in their favorite quotes, the ones that get them out of bed in the morning and help them keep going. Not listed here, but also sent to me, were many stories about why these quotes meant so much, and it was incredible reading them and learning so much about these people, some of whom I know very well and others who I hope to get to know. This is easily my favorite page in the whole journal. 

Huge thanks and love to dizzy-miss-lizzy, alittletooobsessive, phodilusbadius, eirwyn, littlehogwartsgirl, sweeneysjoanna, littleroseangel, himynameissamijane, lights-among-heartless, sophomorestump, the-denial-squad, dapperduo, reaganmcclain13, icantojones and paperjessi 

a-little-too-obsessed  asked:

If you could spend one day with an BTS member, who would you choose and what would you like to do with him? Reply with a summary of that day (doesn’t have to be too long) and send this to your 10 favorite blogs. ♥ (and bae you know you're link is wrong for your ask??!!)

Yoongi. Obviously :P (no.. but I’ve thought this out so many times XD)

(in a perfect world..)

We’d start the day by sleeping in till about lunch time (cause you know.. he’d be working late the night before XD), spend about an hour lying (or rolling around whatever :P) in bed after we woke up cause we just didn’t want to leave hahaha

Eventually we’d get up, eat the food that Jin had cooked and left for us (cause he’s a sweetheart ^^) and then spend the day hanging out in his studio. He could be working the whole time I wouldn’t care. I’ve mentioned before how content I would be just watching him work. (I’ve always been intrigued about the process he goes through in putting a song together)

Maybe if he wanted to take a break, we’d have a talk or something - about anything. I’d rather he talk and I listen though XD I’d want him to talk about anything.. his dreams, his likes, his dislikes, his fears. 

After that, if he wanted to take a nap, he’d be more than welcome to use my lap as a pillow ^^ and I’d probably fall asleep shortly after because his talking voice is so soothing and makes me sleepy.