Guuuyss  this is my follow forever-my first one, so don’t judge me. First of all-sorry for my english but ehm okay.I can’t edit so Sena offered to edit this picture for me,bby thank you ilysm omg <33

Thank you all for lightening up my dashboard and making my day better. I love every single one of you even if I don’t talk to everyone here. I hope you all continue to make these perfect edits and awesome text posts and gifs. because you know I’m too stupid for that. I know some of you don’t even follow me back but I’m happy to have you on my dashboard. These are the blogs that I wanna thank for making my dash so fuuuckiiing awesome and I hope I forgot no one. I follow 171 (x) people and they are all awesome but here are my 100 favourites I’m too lazy to tag you all but haha ilysm:

A~ adoringbruno, alittleallovertheplace, angelbrunomars, allerianaalwaysbrunomars

B~ bbmars, bieberonmars, biebsandmars, bmars-news, bmtaughtmethat, bokingwithbruno, bokwitdeb, brewnohmars, brubru-mars, brunitomars, brurih, brunoallover, bruno-mars-sweden, brunomarsz, brunorthodox, brunos-mars, brunossexydick, bruno-stole-my-heart, brunotheliferuiner

C~ captainmarz, cherrythirst

D~ //

E~ earth-to-mars, escapetomarsechosei 

F~ faithinloves, fanfictionfrommars, flawlessbruno, fuxwitbruno

G~ gotloveforbruno

H~ hawaiiandragon, herrobrunomars xD, hitmyjamesbrown, hooliganrehab, hooligansclub, hooligan-xo, hoolimars

I~ iamzangief, ibrunz, iheartbrunom, imhooliganbitch, inmany, irideincisimaginarycarrot, irocthegrenade, itsmelesley, iwantmars

J~ jacobinao, jazzyproducshizzle, jennifer-perfect-lawrence, julyonmars

K~ //

L~ letusbok, lockedoutofbrunomars, lockedoutofheaven, loudgiirl, lovemybruno, luuhooligan, l3runo

M~ marsandora, marshope, marsnation, marsuns, marsrobot, marssarshere, marstolove, meandbrunomars

N~ nagashaw, nextbrunomars, nushii

O~ ohbruno, ohbrunos

P~ peterakabmars, petesboy, petrasoutofthisworld, pghmars, pleasureislands, pollyv, privateagentmars, proudhooligan4ever

Q~ //

R~ rhapsodyincolour

S~ seekingmars, showmesomebruno, stranger-of-mars

T~ takeustothestar, thebabysquirrel, theboogerboy, thedudewiththehat, thelifeofahooligan, thepigglydiggly

U~ unorthodoxbruno

V~ //

W~ w-a-i-t-i-n-g-y-o-u, wedreamandsmile, wegotmarssarsbr, wherewelland, whomphooligan

X~ //

Y~ youdbetterwatchit

Z~ //

123..~ 69withbruno 
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My follow forever! this is my first one…so if i forgot someone…I’M SO SORRY!

I love all of you and thank you for making my dash perfect! 

A- a-ho0liganadorablemarsadoringbrunoagumarsiastaalexandris0607alittleallovertheplaceallthingsphilsmeezealwaysbrunomarsandysmcnallyangelbrunomarsanutamars

B- bangbang-gorillabangbangg0rillabb-marsbbmarsbieberonmarsblaugranahornsbmars-newsbok-wit-mebokingwithbrunobokingwitmarsbokwithitbokwithmebokwitserebones-lover-bbbooths-squintbrandimarsbreannmarsbritunobroonomarsbruno-is-amarsingbruno-marsbruno-mars-swedenbruno-newsbruno-stole-my-heartbrunomars-xbrunomarsthaibrunomarsxbruntzzbrunomarszbrunos-marsbrunoscarrotbrunosmarzbrunsmarsbubblewrapbabybwuno-maws

C- camillemarscaptainmarz

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E- earth-marsearthtomarsbrechoseiel-captain-fuegoembl3marsesme07everythingeventuallyboneselcapitanfuego

F- faithinlovesflawlessbrunofuckyeahbrunomarsfuckyeahphiliplawrencefuxwitbrunofuxwithbrunomarsfuxwitmars

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H- hawaiiandragonherrobrunomarshookersuxxhoolieeshooligan-xohooliganlandhooliganrehabhooliganwhocanteven

I- ibruno-marsiheartbrunomilovemystripysocksim-all-about-youinmanyirideincisimaginarycarrotirocthegrenadeitsmisscee

J- jacobinaojennifer-perfect-lawrencejulyonmars

K- kingsheerun

L- l0cked-0ut-0f-heavenl3runolive-smile-dancelockedoutofbrunomarslockedoutofheavenloudgiirllovethemsomebrunoluuhooligan

M- maddihopemarsmarsandoramarsnationmeandbrunomarsmoonshine-junglemoveslikebruno

N- nextbrunomarsnocolorynushiiniallmars

O- obsessed4bonesohbruno

P- pessimistly,pghmarspleasureislandsprayithelpsprecciateyouprivateagentmarsproud-hooliganproudhooligan4ever

Q- /

R- reallydr-mcbonesrhapsodyincolour

S- sexgodmarsshipping-bb-everyday,sparklarry

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U- un0rth0d0xjukeboxunorthodox-brunounorthodoxblogger

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1,2,3- 69withbruno

Follow forever

So these are actually all the people that I follow but I won’t unfollow anyways so.. Yeah :) Of course some people in this list have became real good friends of mine but I am way too scared that if I’m going to mark names that I forget some names so.. Here you go :) Sorry if I misspelled your name but these are many names so yeah.

A: alittleallovertheplace – alleriana - bmars-news

B: bokingwithbruno – billboard – blackandwhiteparty - brbdancingthrulife – brunofanfiction - brunorocksburst – brunosbockinbabe – brunogifs – brunomarsfans - brurih - bruno-audio

C: cherrythirst

D: dry-tears-xx - dutchdiamonds

E: echosei - earth2mars-d – eliesjuh

F: fanfictionfrommars - fatmareda - forever-young-a

G: ghoulishthemes

H: heeline-bm - hooliganf0rever – hooligantolittlemonster – hawaiiandragon – hooligandictionary

I: inmany – itsalishamars – irideincisimaginarycarrot – irocthegrenade - i-willtrytofixyouu – ilovemusicandmore - iamzangief

J: jacobinao – jessicacabanexpozay

K: kimvanderwiel

L: lenagaidash - let-l0ve-rule – letusbok – lovemybruno - larissaferrariq

M: marsuns – movingthestill – marssarshere – musicandlove - marsandbeyond-d - misszintaaaa - mebrustamars

N: nushii – niggapinomars

O: onarockettomars

P: privateagentmars – psychofactz - phalliwells - pollyv

R: rhapsodyincolour – raininhawaii

S: somewhereinbrooklyn-fanfiction

T: thepigglydiggly – tippingtimeless – trustindestiny - thishooliganlivesonmars

U: un0rth0d0xjukebox - unorthodoxbruno

W: wedreamandsmile

X: xmiesie

Y: youreallaboutme - youjustrealized

Oneshot for Gil (alittleallovertheplace)


We walked down the street and passed a fountain that we usually pass on a regular. The breeze was light and smelled like the air. We were walking to the grocery store because we didn’t have cheese; the shredded kind that went into those omelets that only she could make. She smiled when I pointed out the billboard of the movie she wanted to see on the side of the road. “You wanna see that after breakfast?“

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I haven’t seen any non-fan comments about the GQ feature yet but I can imagine them being thrown off by his language and humour :’) To be fair though, the write already set-up the article and said he was going to play with him. If people think this was him being douchey, they probably wouldn’t like the interview he did for The Independent haha 

Bruno was trying so hard to protect his babies from being attacked by nerdy logic and reality, bless him ^_^

Definitely some blogs worth following :) Go check them out

I follow way more amazing people but these are just the blogs from the statistics.

11% nushii

10% livinglovingthisway

9% alittleallovertheplace

9% marssarshere

8% irocthegrenade

8% bornthiswayhooligan

5% itsalishamars

5% cherrythirst

5% brunorocksburst

brunosflatbooty asked:

Hey, I had this big-ass discussion with a Hooligan who met Jessica and she told me that she was sweet and cute that there is absolutely no reason to hate her. She taught Jess to say "I love you" in French for Bruno and Jess gladly said she'll say it to Bruno all the time :"> I guess that answered my curiosity about her. Looks like all the Hooligans who hated on her for the past months have been wasting their time lol

Awww, that’s very nice to hear! ^_^ It’s rare on here to find a ‘personal encounter’ message that’s not negative. Thanks for sharing this story :)

I have been tagged by 69withbruno 

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1. Your favorite singer ?

I have a lot, but right now Bruno Mars is winning my heart.

2. What do you do in your free time ?

I watch movies.

3. Favorite blog ?

Hum… I will say Rhapsodyincolour.

4. Favorite Youtube channel ?

Napeson’s Youtube Channel.

5. Something you like from yourself ?

I’m loyal.

6. Have you ever been abroad?

I went to Spain several times.

7. Favorite tv show ?

Malcolm In The Middle (this show will never get old!!)

8. Favorite actor ?

Johnny Depp.

9. The best experience that you ever had in your life ?

I don’t have one in particular… 

10. Best friends ?

Right now? The Hooligans.

  • My questions

1. Favorite song of all times ?

2. Name of the last movie you have seen ?

3. If you could be someone else just for a day, who would you like to be ?

4. What’s your motto ?

5. Where are you from ?

6. What’s your biggest dream ?

7. What couldn’t you live without ?

8. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up ?

9. Do you have any guilty pleasure ?

10. Do you have talents ?

privateagentmars replied to your post: I hate dreaming about Bruno because my mom always…


alittleallovertheplace replied to your post: I hate dreaming about Bruno because my mom always…

i omg kiara wat

My mom is always tryin’ to get with Bruno and she’s always like,

  • “Hey I bought some of your favorite groceries.”
  • “Hey, I’ll wash your dishes.”
  • *licking her lips* “You like lasagna don’t you?”

And he’s literally all over her, what the heck.

brunosflatbooty asked:

Well, I gotta do this back at cha honey. I specially picked these for you ;) 200, 198, 193, 189, 176, 169, 162, 159, 151, 143 *coughs,* 134, 97, 83, 76, 67 *coughs again,* 58, 41, 29 and 1. Good luck ;)

200: My crush’s name is:
Guido ( and Bruno )

198: I am really:
internet addicted :)

193: My height is:
They say it’s 1,57 m ( yes i’m shorter than Bruno )

189: Last book you read:
It’s called Guilt from Simone van der Vlugt and it’s about paranormal girl who lost her friend. She knew that she was going to die but didn’t warn anybody and feels quilty. She went to a new school and place after that

176: Last YouTube video you watched:
Queen vs Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Break Free I always listened to Queen ( from when i was 2 ) and i still listen to them so it’s amazing that someone made that video

169: I believe in love at first sight:

162: I believe in God:

159: I believe in ghosts:
Yes ( call me crazy but Derek Ogilvie is one of my heroes and i’m gonna see him and take a pic with him )

151: Red heads or Black haired:
Black haired

143: Curly or straight hair:
Curly hair!!! ( i’m in love with curly hair i can’t help it it’s just so aaaaaahhhhh!!! )

134: Singing or dancing:
Dancing. I can’t sing or dance but i go for dancing. I was in a chorus when i was 9. It was fun but now i don’t sing anymore i don’t know why. I’ve never sang after that

97: Last time swam in a pool:
It was in 2011 in October i think. It was with all the first-graders. It was fun

83: The most difficult thing to do is:
Live without music. It saved my life and is very special for me. It loves you and cares about you. It’s there when nobody is there for you

76: Right now i am talking to:
Myself. I’m discussing about Bruno ( again lol. I do it every day )

67: The person that makes me cry the most is:
Michael Jackson when i miss him ( and that’s very often ) or when i’m watching a documentary. I’m a very emotional person

58: Your hair color is:

41: Have you ever pre-named your children?
Yes i did. Michael and not Bruno ( he can’t listen so if i name my child Bruno he won’t listen i always thought but now i’m thinking about calling my child Bruno because he’ll have a great name. It changes every day how i will name my children

29: My favorite singers:
Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson
With a good voice: Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Adam Levine :)

1: Did you answer all these truthfully?

Thank you so much for asking i love you so much. Have a nice 2013 <3

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1. You will be stuck on an island, but you can bring three things from home, what would they be? 

my mom cause food i love her…my stuffed lamb…clean underwear, ya gotta have that shit with you 

2. You’re watching a romantic movie at the cinema, who would you want to sit next to you holding your hand, maybe more?

hihihi i got someone in my mind *__*

3. Favorite scent of candles?


4. Do you watch a lot of YouTube videos? What’s your favorite channel? 

i do quite a lot…but i can’t choose just one…i love NigaHiga, PointlessBlog, Zoella, iisuperwomanii, Jenna, Tanya Burr, Chester See, D-trix, Dan, Phil, Tyler…and many many more!

 5. The whole world has burned down, but only you and your best friend are left on this world. What part of which person gets eaten first? 

hahahaha i don’t mean to be mean…but probably her…i’m faster and more physical then she is…

6. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Married? With a family? Working? Or a house mom?

i hope to have a family on my own by then…or at least planning one

7. Do you have a good relationship with your relatives?

Some more then others 

8. Glasses or contacts? 

none, i don’t need them 

9. Name one place you really wanna travel to at least once in your life


10. Would you rather be a hippo or a giraffe? 


My questions for ya’ll:

1.How will you know if you have lived a full life? 

2.If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?

3.What’s one thing that if your mom new about you, she would freak out?

4.If you could have any car in the world what would you drive?

5.If I asked your best friends your 3 best qualities what would they say? 

6. If you could do anything in the world without fear of failure what would you do ? 

7.What’s the first thing you notice about people?

8.What are some of the first things you do in the morning?

9.What’s the best prank you've ever pulled?

10. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

brunosflatbooty asked:

this one's random bby but 28, 47, 58, 69, 119, 147 :)

uhhhh let’s see what you give me 

28. Who are you most comfortable around?

my family

47. Have you ever been high?
no, I never ever used any kind of drugs, I don’t need that in my life

58. Last thing you ate?
Rice, beans, potato salad and carrots, pot roast with potatoes

69. Are you watching tv right now?
no my sister (she has 30 years) is playing video game

119. Favourite book?
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

147. Mars or Snickers?

I have to say snickers because we don’t have mars here in Brazil

that was fun, thank you 

brunosflatbooty asked:

5, 15, 25, 35, 45 ;)

5. What was the last thing you ate?

Hmmm. It was this delicious dessert made from cherries and cottage cheese.

15. Eye Color?

It’s kinda the missing link between olive and brown…

25. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate. Strictly. 

I can’t see the 35th one, what should I do..?!

45. Do you like to travel by plane?

Yes, actually! Although I literally have to buy the entire shelf of mint candies and mint gum, but I really love airports and the moment of departure.

Thank you a bunch, darling!