Holywell Sunset, by AlisterBenn

A well-known beach in the SW of England on an extremely windy night. Long exposures were impossible, as was standing up! All we could do was hang on. I write educational material for creative and expressive photographers. We run small group Photo Tours & Workshops locally here in NW Scotland and in Iceland. eBooks, Scotland & Iceland Workshops // Fine Art Prints // Follow on Facebook

The Galactic Centre, by AlisterBenn

This one is special to me, I dislocated my kneecap at nearly 18,000 and had a 30km walk back downhill to the 4x4. I won’t lie, there were tears! As many of you may know, I lived in Tibet for a number of years with my wife Juanli. We spent a lot of time traveling across the plateau and making images in some very remote, high altitude areas. Mt Kailash lies to the far west of the Plateau with a small village nestled at the foot of the mountain at the height of about 4800m/15,800ft. As we trekked around the mountain and up to over 5500m I knew I wanted to try and shoot the Milky Way behind the mountain - and as luck would have it, we had perfect conditions. The setting moon gave enough light to get some exposure in the snow, but dark enough to get a good star field too. A very fortunate set of circumstances. Can’t wait to get up there again at some stage - it’s truly glorious and really quite spiritual.