Lost Horizons, by AlisterBenn

Shangri La - a hidden valley in the Himalaya, as written about in the book Lost Horizons by James Hilton. Surely this is the valley? Overlooked by Everest, Lhotse and Makalu with over 4000m of vertical elevation. This shot was taken from near our camp 4 in the valley floor at 4250m - a rest from the higher altitude areas above us. The frost on the foreground plants was so blue compared to the sunlit mountains behind.

The Galactic Centre, by AlisterBenn

This one is special to me, I dislocated my kneecap at nearly 18,000 and had a 30km walk back downhill to the 4x4. I won’t lie, there were tears! As many of you may know, I lived in Tibet for a number of years with my wife Juanli. We spent a lot of time traveling across the plateau and making images in some very remote, high altitude areas. Mt Kailash lies to the far west of the Plateau with a small village nestled at the foot of the mountain at the height of about 4800m/15,800ft. As we trekked around the mountain and up to over 5500m I knew I wanted to try and shoot the Milky Way behind the mountain - and as luck would have it, we had perfect conditions. The setting moon gave enough light to get some exposure in the snow, but dark enough to get a good star field too. A very fortunate set of circumstances. Can’t wait to get up there again at some stage - it’s truly glorious and really quite spiritual.