• Warden secretly makes friendship bracelets for everyone, and they all think they are special.
  • Zevran: he thinks it's a joke. But why would the Warden mock him like that? When they shyly explain it, he wears it proudly, shows everyone, mentions it at every opportunity.
  • Alistair: at first he tries to cover it, later he grows proud of it and blushes whenever someone notices
  • Leliana: BLUSHING, pure excitement, lots of screaming, makes another one for the Warden.
  • Morrigan: she doesn't want it. She laughts at the stupid thought, but eventually she takes it and keeps in her bag, hidden and safe.
  • Wynne: she took it just to please the Warden. She thinks they are just being young and silly, but she can't hide a smile whenever she looks at it. She tied it onto her staff.
  • Oghren: he laughs loudly and takes it. When he sobers he is amazed how it got into his possesion. While listening to Warden's explenations, he just shushes them and ties it to his beard with laughter.
  • Sten: he's not familiar with the concept, but it pleases him in ways he can't understand. He wears it for his kadan.
  • Shale: She is touched and asks if it is yet another human thing. Warden assures her that yes, so she asks them for help tying it. It fits only on her finger but she doesn't mind.
  • Mabari: Warden ties it around the collar. Mabari barks happily and licks the Warden's cheek, while drooling A LOT.
  • SANDAL: Warden gives him a bracelet, but he doesn't really understands why, so he enchants it. Then he gives it back and it is the most powerful item ever obtained.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *decides to watch victor Frankenstein * this should be good it has daniel radcliffe in it....<p/><b>Me:</b> *notices andrew scott*<p/><b>Me:</b> *notices louise brealey*<p/><b>Me:</b> *notices mark gatiss*<p/><b>Me:</b> *notices alistar petrie*<p/><b>Me again:</b> *is deceased*<p/><b>Me to me:</b> that was brilliant!<p/></p><p/></p>

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Fashion Nino is Paon and Restaurant Nino is Jade Turtle. This is now canon.

Oh man.

Is there a master list of Nino AU’s, there should be. I am going to make one with all of mine including the ones ive never shared

- Jade Turtle: Nino with the turtle miraculous

- Le Paon: Angsty version of Nino with the peacock miraculous

-Peacock!Nino: Not angsty version of Nino with the peacock miraculous, optional ‘strut your stuff version’ (im lookin at you @tides-miraculous

- Ladybug!Nino: paired with Cat Noir Alya

- Past Lives AU: Nino was a man named Alistar in a past life who took care of and raised a young boy named Leonardo, who would later be reborn as Adrien. Alistar was a past Cat Noir and his Ladybug was evil with greed. He was eventually killed by that Ladybug but avenged by Leonardo with the Cat Noir Ring. After that he retired the ring and protected both stones until he died. This was spawned off the idea of “This is not the first time we were friends”

- Inbetween AU: Nino is stuck between life and death and is essentially a ghost trying to figure out how to go home. In this inbetween state he can see the living and the dead and meets Adrien’s mother when he goes to the mansion. She, along with the CN’s of the past help him return to his life

-Chrono AU: none miraculous super technology superhero with a watch that allows him to teleport.

-Ni!knows AU: he knows who everyone is

-Werewolf!AU: self explanatory 

-Restaurant!AU: his family owns a restaurant and hes a waiter 

-Fashion!Nino: he is unwillingly roped into/blackmailed by adriens father to become a model. super salty about it

-Guardian!AU: he is trained to replace Master Fu

-Fill In!AU: Adrien reveals himself to Nino because he has a packed schedule and will be out of town intermittently in the summer, so Nino now is roped in to being Cat Noir when he’s not around. Also very salty about this.

-variation for Guardian!AU: Nino is taught to respect time since his power affects time. He is asked by master fu to practice meditation in between two moments of time. When time is frozen nino explores the world around him and gains respect for how every second affects a million lives. the first time he does this is in a storm and every drop hangs in the air

-Dog!AU: Nino inexplicably gains the ability to shapeshift into a german shepard and fucks around with it 100% percent of the time. Ladybug is furious with him for ‘misusing’ magic when they catch him. He stares at her, then dogs out and runs the fuck away. Cat thinks this is hilarious, Ladybug does not agree

-Recording Studio AU: he just owns a recording studio. Because i want that for him

Will add more later