I would like to thank my brain

for showing me the cutest crossover, last night in a dream:

Molly Weasley traveling to Denerim to adopt King Alistair and make sure he eats right and has someone to love him.

Look she would even knit him his very own Weasley-sweater! I just want him to be happy!


dragon age charms ✨ i wanted to do the remaining 10+ LIs plus varric but alas there is no time

you can find these at conbravo @ hamilton, ON if you’re attending!

  • Alistair: [Thinking] Wait, are they into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if they laugh.
  • Alistair: [Out loud] What do the Grey Wardens say when they don't sense any Darkspawn? "Taint nothing to worry about"!
  • The Warden: [Laughs] That's really funny!
  • Alistair: [Thinking] Well, that not a fair test. That joke's hilarious.

I can’t believe that I actually fell for the idiot that is Alistair, and that his humor is so so relatable damn. I thought the rose scene was soo soo sweet, and hilarious.

The images of Willa in a dress is how I imagine she might have been before the events of Dragon Age Origins, just a happy girl with a rose, and a sword.