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which book-genre would the dao companions be?

Alistair: Action and Adventure because look at that boy, am I right? Action and adventure sums up his life pretty well.

Dog: Comedy because they honestly are such a feel good companion and if your mabari doesn’t make you laugh then what kind of person are you?

Morrigan: Mystery. This one is like a no brainer and I won’t even bother explaining it farther, she is mystery.

Leliana: For her, I’d say romance though I think that she could honestly be so many things. I feel like the Bard life is romanticized tho and it kind of fits Leliana, especially if you actually do her romance.

Sten: His is probably a mix between mystery, action and adventure. He has his whole quest to find his word but he has a personality that is a bit tough to crack at first.

Wynne: I feel like she is historical fiction. That is not meant to be a crack at her age at all but more of the context of historical fiction has this whole story told from a certain perspective because of its time period and I think Wynne has something similar with her Circle mage perspective and her being saved.

Zevran: Lets be real here. There is only one true genre for that boy and it’s erotica. Lol but also why not a dash of romance and adventure in there. Mainly erotica tho.

Oghren: is there a genre about drinking? No? Well probably a bit of fantasy bc some of the things about his life are just that off the wall but probably mostly comedy.

Loghain: WAR NOVEL. Literally that dude’s life is like a war novel and that’s how he seems to make all his decisions. I understand that he had a long hard fight against Orlais but still my dude, chill just a touch.

Shale: I feel like they would be something like satire. They have a very dry humor to their character, tho it is still good so I feel like that fits them. Pls I feel like having shale as a companion could make so many political statement alone in origins.

-Direct From Orzammar

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(Talesfromthefade) “Wow - you look… amazing.” for tonight's DWC?

Alistair/Ophelia Cousland for @dadrunkwriting & @talesfromthefade

Alistair isn’t one for flattery. He’s never seen the point of lying, really, hasn’t made a habit of it since he was a young boy trying to find some privacy in the Chantry. He can be polite, sure, but that’s different than flattering someone.

Flattery is expected in court, but he’s thankful that’s it’s mostly directed at him. He’d rather no one flatter him, he’d rather people just be honest, but… it is what it is, and Teagan has lectured him more than once on how he should accept the attention of the court.

So, no. He doesn’t flatter, as much as Ophelia insists he’s flattering her whenever he compliments her.

As far as he’s concerned, he’s just telling the truth.

He likes the way her pale skin turns pink and her eyes dart away from his when he says “you’re looking lovely, Lia” or “that dress is a very beautiful color on you, Lia; it brings out your eyes.”

He likes the way she clucks her tongue at him when he says “you look beautiful, Lia” and the way she swats him away with a smile when he leans in to kiss her cheek and whisper “I can’t wait to see you tonight, Lia.”

But most of all, he loves the way her whole face brightens when she joins him in their chambers in the evening – sometimes wearing something new and sheer, sometimes wearing one of his old shirts – and he can’t help but smile and say, “Maker, you look… amazing.”

Here are all the Dragon Age companions in a nutshell: 


Alistair: Your senior officer who is so scared of taking charge that he pretends you’re the senior officer. You can make him king. 

Morrigan: Antisocial witch who totally turns into a spider just to fuck with Alistair. Will probably hold her nose and boink him later. 

Leliana: Ex-nun that murders people and tells you bedtime stories.

Sten: Murders a whole family. One of your more reliable companions.  

Shale: A fashion-conscious, bird-hating rock. 

Wynne: Magical possessed Grandma. <3

Zevran: Failed to kill you. Tries to seduce you instead. 

Oghren: Drinks so much that you forget he has other personality traits. You probably made him kill his wife. 

Dog: Who’s a good boy?! You are! Yes, you are!

Loghain: Doesn’t know why he’s here and frankly kind of wishing you just killed him.


Anders: All he wanted was to leave the giant tower he was trapped in and not be murdered. Jury’s out on how well that worked out. 

Oghren: Still drunk. He left his new wife so he could kill more things with you. 

Nathaniel: He’s forced into the club because ‘some of your best friends have tried to kill you,’ and frankly he’s concerned. 

Velanna: Fuck all you shem. She’s only here because she’s looking for her sister. Also her ears aren’t that big. 

Justice: He doesn’t know what he’s doing but you seem like a good sort so he’ll follow you like a confused and rotting spirit puppy. 

Sigrun: For a dead woman, she is the peppiest of the bunch. Will set Justice’s corpse spasms to music. 

Dragon Age 2:

Carver: Fuck you. Oh wait… maybe less fuck you. Or maybe he’s the fucker all along. 

Bethany: She loves you. Oh wait… no, she still loves you, even if you’re a prick. 

Aveline: Please follow the law. Please stop dragging her into your illegal messes. She just wants to be a good guard captain. 

Varric: He is writing all this shit down to tell embarrassing stories later. 

Anders: VIVE LA RÉSISTANCE! Also, Fenris can go fuck himself. 

Fenris: Murder ALL the mages. Also, Anders can go fuck himself. 

Merrill: The naive fish out of water from every romantic comedy, except she makes blood pacts with demons.

Isabela: FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT runs away with life-saving relic FLIRT SOME MORE. 

Sebastian: A priest who accidentally joined a gang. 


Cassandra: Best tank. Could probably have a faith spirit in her head and you couldn’t tell the difference. 

Blackwall: Liar liar beard on fire.

Solas: Liar liar egg on fire. Plus racism.

Iron Bull: Is literally called ‘liar’ and doesn’t lie to you for the whole main game.

Varric: He has finally reached a point where even if he tells this story honestly, no one will ever believe him. 

Vivienne: She will make you classy or so help her–

Dorian: Someone stop his country from embarrassing itself again please.

Sera: Down with the bourgeoisie, except not so far down that we can’t steal from them. 

Cole: Is even worse that this than Justice. You love your weirdo spirit puppy anyway.

Leliana: Someone said something mean? Cut out their tongue.

Josephine: Please just talk to people. Her life would be so much easier if you did.

Cullen: Can’t escape this franchise no matter how far he runs.