alistair shaw


U.N.I.T. and Lethbridge-Stewart firsts: From ‘Spearhead from Space’ to ‘The Power of Three’ - 2/2

U.N.I.T. just isn’t U.N.I.T without a Lethbridge-Stewart in charge.

Kicking and screaming aside, Kate needs to remember who really started the ball rolling with the science.

Further more, can we all appreciate how the Brigadier is practically stalking Liz around the lab? That and, y’know, the whole personal space thing…

storylines still left unexplored (reasons why person of interest should not end at season 5)

anyone is free to add since i can only think of a few at the moment (aside from the AI war of course)

  • most importantly, shaw’s kick-ass return
  • is elias really dead
  • harper now that ernest thornhill has stopped contacting her
  • the 911 guy
  • alistair wesley
  • brooks avenging grice’s death
  • control
  • claire mahoney
  • dani silva
  • possible return of daniel casey, jason greenfield, and daizo
  • maybe a martine rosseau flashback