alistair redding


This is the result of the small prompt I got from fileundermiscellany - she suggested: “Alistair after a battle, all bloody and scuffed up but still smiling.”

And this prompt really helped me to fight the art block… 

Now I know that Alistair is not scuffed up and bloody. Because in the process of drawing it I didn’t want to make him bloody and… yeah… I am really happy with the final result.

I also included the WIP steps again - if anyone is interested.

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YOU ARE ALL SENTENCED TO GO TO YOUR ROOMS AND STAY THERE FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST BOTH ALISTAIR AND MY HEART. Really, I don’t know how many of these I can handle. But crimes were committed here, and I’m pressing charges. I’ll just be taking this fic with me, er, to prepare my case. Yes, that’s it. Now go to your room, you monstrous creature.

Sometimes I wonder why people keep telling me I’m a horrible person. Then I remember that tonight’s conversation with @aphreal42 included me going, “You write red templar Alistair and I’ll take dead Dorian. *thumbs up*”

(We both really like that dystopian Redcliffe, OK? And her take on it is still one of my favourites.)


I’ve had the reference photo for this sitting in my patreon pinterest board for a while now and I realised that it was perfect for these two. And as usual @feylen went above and beyond with delivering and I’m so happy with this! There’s no real au or story behind this, just a pretty picture with prettier people!


The Blacklist – 3x13 – “Alistair Pitt”

Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) work with the taskforce to stop a negotiator who has resurfaced to unite two rival crime families. Tom (Ryan Eggold) reconnects with a former flame. Tony Shalhoub and Margarita Levieva guest star.