alistair frost


the royals || doubt truth to be a liar (2x06)
tell her that, yeah, that might be the original reason you came here, but then you got here and you got to know her and you…you fell in love with her. that literally nothing else matters because you will give up everything just for a second chance with her.


Nicola L., Ocean, 2003. Vinyl, 14 feet high. 

Represented by Broadway 1602 Gallery, NY.

Darren FlookGallerist and Co-founder of Independent, stands before work by Alistair Frost, represented by Flook at his gallery, Hotel, London.

Painting on wall by Gabriel Vormstein, Meyer Riegger Gallery, Berlin; Sculpture on floor by Christoph Bock, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris. These two galleries mixed it up and interspersed work from each gallery in one shared space.

Gavin Brown’s enterprise: Rob Pruitt installation; On the wall: Left, 9 drawings by Oliver Payne; Right, 25 drawings by Spencer Sweeney.

Elizabeth Dee, Gallerist at the gallery that bears her name, Co-founder, Independent, chatting with visitors to her space at the temporary exhibition forum.

INDEPENDENTthe temporary exhibition forum

As has been the case for the past two years, Independent wins again this year, hands down, for being the most enjoyable fair to visit during Armory Week NY, for a few fundamental reasons: the consistently high caliber of contemporary art represented, the space it inhabits (the former DIA Chelsea building) being the most aesthetic not just for the fair-goer but also for the art being shown thanks to the natural daylight streaming through the space, and the actual number of galleries showing being manageable in one visit, and not inducing extreme visual overload. Rumor has it that Independent is about to be gobbled up by new art fair coming this May to the New York City block, Frieze NY.

Que sera, sera