remus doing nonbinary!sirius’s hair and when they go out a young girl asks him how he got the braids like that and sirius gets super confused and tries to explain by pulling up the youtube tutorial but he’s shit with technology and he accidentally opens flappy bird and he finally just sighs and commands that remus take his hair down and redo it to show her

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What was your last:
Drink: Apple cider 
Last phone call: Mom
Last text: My messages on my phone doesn’t really work so I dunno
Last song you listened to: Cyanide - Metallica
Last time you cried: I don’t know 
Have you ever dated someone: Yea
Kissed someone and regretted it: Kinda yea
Lost someone special: Yea
Been drunk and thrown up: Only when I drank a bottle of perfume lmao
List three favorite colors: Black, red, silver

In the last year, have you…
Made a new friend: Yes
Fallen out of love: No
Laughed until you cried: Yush
Met someone that changed you: Don’t think so
Found out who your true friends are: Yep
Found out someone was talking about you: Yes
Kissed someone on your fb friends list: Yea

How many people on your fb friends list do you know IRL: Dunno, most of em
Do you have any pets: 3 cats
Do you want to change your name: Maybe
What did you do for your last birthday: I don’t remember 
What time did you wake up today: Around 7 or 8, way too early 
What were you doing at midnight last night: Reading
Name something you cannot wait for: Metallica on the 22nd
Last time you saw your mother: Today
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Oh man
What are you listening to right now: Cola - Lana Del Rey 
Have you ever talked to someone with the name Tom: Don’t think so
What’s getting on your nerves: Every fucking kind of guilt tripping 
Most visited website: Tumblr 
Nickname: Bea
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Pronouns: She/her
Favorite TV shows: Oh man, I dunno
Hair color: Dark brown
Long or short: Long or short hair? Pretty long if that’s the case
Height: Around 5'5 maybe a bit shorter 
Do you have a crush on someone: Sorta
What do you like about yourself: A+ music taste fuck yea
Tattoos: Don’t have any but there’s a bunch I wanna get 
Righty or lefty: Righty 
First surgery: Haven’t had any 
First piercings: My ear piercings
First best friend: Alfred, Folke, Zaio
First sport you joined: Does dancing count?
First vacation: Morocco 
First pet: Cat

Right now
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Listening to: Endless Pain - Kreator
Want kids: Nah son
Career: Non existent lmao

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: Both, depends on with who 
Shorter or taller: I don’t really care
Older or younger: Older
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous 
Nice stomach or nice arms: Either
Sensitive or loud: Depends
Hook up or relationship: Depends as well
Troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: Yes
Drank hard liquor: Yes
Lost glasses/contacts: Don’t have any
Sex on first date: Mmmh, kinda 
Broke someone’s heart: Yes
Had your own heart broken: Yush
Been arrested: Yes 
Turned someone down: Yep
Cried when someone died: No
Fallen for a friend: Yea

Do you believe in:
Yourself: Depends on which aspect 
Miracles: Not really 
Love at first sight: Attraction at first sight is more like it
Heaven: Hell, yes
Santa Claus: Yea, that’s my babe 
Kiss on the first date: Yea
Angels: All the dead rockstars

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happy birthday to my sister from another mister Alissa @alissawhitegluz one of the most sincere, amazing, talented, inspiring, and legit human beings to stomp this earth. here’s to another incredible year of your never ending list of amazing accomplishments and getting to watch you take over the world, one scream at a time.


People call Alissa annoying for standing up for something she believes in and it boggles my mind. They take everything personally. The thing is, people are always looking for something to offend them, it’s their fuel in life. There’s always someone taking offense on something completely unspecific someone has said, specially when it doesn’t say good things about their bad habits and when they know deep down they’re not doing the right thing. I’m glad Alissa has her convictions and isn’t afraid to share them with the world and hopefully inspire someone to make a change that’s going to benefit them. She seems like a very sweet person but god forbid she actually has an opinion on something. People are used to cookie-cutter overly-respectful people that are specifically manufactured to never offend a soul otherwise it’ll hurt record sales and that would be a disaster. I can respect someone who speaks their mind regardless of how people are going to react to it. I haven’t seen Alissa being an ass and saying everyone who doesn’t agree with 100% of what she says is wrong. She has inspired me in many ways and I adore her for it. I was bullied my whole life for having cystic acne that was not only ugly but also painful, I also had digestive problems, keratosis pilaris, dark circles under my eyes, my nails were very weak and after hearing Alissa talk about veganism I decided to give it a try and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a pimple, my digestion is wonderful, I don’t any skin problems anymore & my nails are like fucking steel. I’m just very, very thankful because I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for her and I just wish people knew that even though she may not cater to their sensibilities, she has helped people like me and she deserves respect.