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A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys (9/?)

A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys


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A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys (7/?)


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okay as someone who loves cas and wishes misha was in that episode bc we all know he wanted a musical episode so bad 

i can understand why he wasn’t in it and i mean you’re free to be angry still about him not being there. you’re not wrong for being angry but i’m not wrong for not being angry about it just let me have my opinion and say what i wanna say yo

if they are moving forward with dean & cas as a canon romantic endgame couple, it really, really, really makes sense for cas not be in this episode

because look how differently destiel & wincest were treated

dean outright refuses and denies wincest right away, has the actresses stand farther apart, the actresses are just friends in real life, the whole thing is treated as platonic the rest of the show

but not destiel

dean doesn’t say anything against destiel at all once it’s mentioned. he just gets blushy and flustered, and sam teases him in the way you tease your sibling when you know they have a crush, which is how he’s acting when he talks about the pronunciation of destiel and comes up with more ship names for dean and cas. the actresses playing dean and cas are dating in real life. it’s continued to be played romantically in the rest of the episode -cas sings a love song about dean, complete with faked romantic starry lighting, and the audience sighing and smiling with hearts in their eyes

dean seems to be reflecting on a bit, when he does a 180 and tells everyone to play their version, he looks directly at the cas actress. at the end of the play, he says he’s inspired and is looking at his life differently.

this whole episode was a big “everyone knew you were in love before you did trope.” and whenever this trope is played out, only one half of a couple is ever present during it, because it starts to get that one half of the couple thinking and reflecting on their relationship and how to move forward, and it just doesn’t work as well when both members of the couples are there for that trope to play out.

again, still understand if you’re angry about the real cas not being in the episode. cas probably would’ve loved the musical and girls putting it on, and it’s misha’s accomplishment too. so yes, you’re not wrong for being mad but yeah…

this was just my two cents and part of what i’ve made of this whole episode.


A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys (11/?)



A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys (3/?)

i 120% believe robert berens when he tweeted that promo is very misleading + contains at least one outright lie. i mean, think of his previous episodes (heaven can’t wait being the most known.) that promo is so contrary to his usual MO of subtlety, complex layers, poetry, and queer subtext and text out the wazoo

i’m actually excited because all of berens’ episodes have been incredible, like on the level on ben edlund


A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys (2/?)