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agnes obel — chants of dreams, so divine 

dear everyone, feminist friends, lovely humans !
i’m alissa cha, 18 years of age and an artist, designer, poet and photographer (if i may say so) …
and most importantly probably - i cherish music in the highest .
this is my first article about WOMEN IN THE ARTS, heroines of life

i’d like to tell you about a wonderful singer/songwriter named agnes caroline thaarup obel. born in copenhagen, she grew up in an environment full of music, creativity. at a young age she learned to play the piano, which she uses to conjure up magical worlds of sound. influenced by portishead (an amazing british band that you should definitely check out if you don’t know them yet) she stated “as a teenager, i had the feeling that it belongs to me, it defined me. This mix of melancholy and daydream…” — which is to me exactly, what her music is about (as well as the band’s she’s actually referring to).

i was incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to visit a concert of hers in vienna (as you can see on the picture). an evening of poetry, the magical vibrations hung lightly in the air, a feeling as if the whole world was about to change. such significance as just experienced through music and art … and love. so i felt very romantic, mind you, i’ve been to this concert alone, but nevertheless felt incredibly happy. 

arriving a bit too late and scurrying to my place as quiet as possible in the dark i came just in time to hear the beautiful young woman at the stage introduce herself. feral & stray from canada did the support and quiet marvellously so. amazed i listened to the fairytale that was music, unravel on stage and was happy as one can be.

but did i know… after a short break, a trio of women, consisting of agnes obel herself, a cellist and a violinist entered the stage, lit by lights floating in mid-air. it was flawless. all three musicians veiled in black clothing they seemed to be a beautiful part of the darkness, so sophisticated, so divine. and agnes, in a long black velvet dress with her long hair open, elf-like, just a single curl of blonde hair nearly touching the floor. she could’ve floated, it wouldn’t have struck me as unusual in the slightest.

the music even more intense than on her latest record aventine, the concert proceeded, and, closing my eyes, i felt like in higher spheres. completely surrounded by beauty and music, i just felt whole and so inspired. 

so, everyone, if you haven’t yet done it, i really advise you to check out the music of agnes obel, a true heroine of what is magic and divine in music. be inspired to create something astonishing and show your beauty to this world. 

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wishing you the very best

✶ alissa cha ✶

((Hey guys! This is Spud Zine’s very first original article from a darling contributor, Alissa Cha! Check out her blog for more of her amazingness!!))