Schedule of activities

Is it just us or the COC’s week is really boring?

Founding Anniversary is a much-awaited event in our college- College of Communication. We expect exciting, thrilling, and enjoyable activities. We’re always looking forward to have a good time in celebrating our foundation day. But this year, I could say that the Founding Anniversary of our college isn’t successful enough. It was flop, disappointing, and/or boring. Actually, I or we do not feel like it’s our college week. We miss the times where we were having a parade, booths, and concerts. Yes, different clubs have different booths and activities, but it wasn’t as exciting as years ago.

I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of different booths because they were already closed when I entered CoC. But I saw the contestants of Amazing Race. Though unfortunately, they were running for their life so I couldn’t get a shot. But here’s their setlist:

We tried to enjoy the moments but it’s not really that fun. I may sound a mean girl but that’s what I really feel about the event, though I’m grateful that our friend, Sera, is one of the finalists in “Mr. & Ms. COC 2012”. We’re all hoping for her victory.

Colleene & Leo: my accompanies