Behind the Scenes of COMMUNITY • Building the Set

Who needs Photoshop when you can build the set!  When you have a great production designer like Peter G and his amazing crew it’s no problem at all. How do we take the final concept from David Ikeda and Adam Fox at Ignition Creative and make their brilliant idea into a functional and safe reality?  Have a peek below and see how we did it!!

Peter G getting fired up!!!

Big thanks to Dahlhouse Scenery who engineered the rig: (clockwise from bottom) Max Bringas, Erik Alonzo, David Bringas, Robert Torres, Joaquin Torres.

Our crew from Peter G Design and our fantastic producer Brooke Ludi: (clockwise from bottom left): Scott Stone, Adrienne Burton, Coby Robinson, Brooke Ludi, Anthony Altomare and Sammy Primero,

yes, no, maybe so || alison & colton

If there was one thing Colton was afraid of, it was being abandoned. Whether it was a family member, a friend, or a significant other, it all hurt the same. Too many times people have walked out of his life without warning or reason. It left him wondering if something was wrong with him or if he was doing something wrong. This caused him to be cautious with how much he opened up to someone. People always talk about how it’s such a cliché thing to do – put your walls up. But the thing is, it’s cliché for a reason. Bad things happen to people and they react and do things to keep it from happening again. That’s just generally how humans work.

Alas, he hadn’t heard a single word from Holland since they slept together for the first time. She was practically his best friend and he loved her, well, he still does. But she had basically disappeared off the ends of the Earth from him and he didn’t have a clue why. In the letter, she told him that she was in love with him, which made the situation all the more confusing and hurtful. Naturally, he began making up excuses for her. Like her phone got ran over by a car or she’s just been really busy with work. Deep down, he knew those reasons weren’t the case.

So it was Wednesday afternoon and he was feeling okay but not great, slumping into his couch and talking to people via internet. One person in particular was Alison. Always leave it to her to make Colton smile, regardless of whatever mood he was in. She had this light-heartedness about her that made him feel good even when she was calling him dumb or an ass… or a dumbass. Their banters were usually the highlight of his evenings and he never ceased to look forward to them. Getting on her nerves had quickly become one of his favorite past times.

Thankfully, Alison was coming over soon to face rejection. Or not, since Colton actually wanted to cuddle with her. He liked to make her think that she didn’t have a chance though. The upper hand was something the young actor was used to having. But somehow, this woman managed to strip it from him from time to time. And that was, in a way, intriguing to him. When he heard the doorbell, he quickly stood up from the couch and strode over to the front door. He picked and pulled his brain for something witty to say, but fell short when the words, “Well, hi there” left his mouth after he opened the door. What an original greeting.