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Are you up for an ask about job interviews? I have my first non-retail job interview ever tomorrow. I'm a PhD student, so I haven't interviewed for a job for over six years. I mean, I've done a lot of different jobs teaching, grading, and editing, but I didn't need to interview for any of them. I am friendly and funny, and got nice clothes to wear. I genuinely want this job, and researched the position. Any tips or horror stories specific to academics transitioning to other fields?

I’m a corporate recruiter for an insurance company and I’ve worked for insurance companies the majority of my career, so I don’t have advice specific to your area. I do have general advice, though, if that will help. :) 

Be honest.

They want to know who you are, what you can do, and what you want in return. If you misrepresent any of those things, you and your potential employer could be headed down a road that will lead to disappointment at best. 

Be positive.

I mean for real. LIVE it. Before your interview, think of any potential hang-ups or concerns from your background and how you can present them in a positive light. Focus on what you learned from times when you’ve failed, and don’t downplay your successes (this is something ladies and Midwesterners tend to do). Use positive language whenever possible. It makes a huge difference. 

Be prepared. 

You’ve researched the position, which is perfect. Researching the company never hurts either. They might ask you “Why are you interested in this job?” Have an answer that includes your wants and needs and how they mesh with the job AND the company. 

Remember, they want YOU.

They would not have asked you to interview if there wasn’t something about your resume/background that sparked their interest. No need to be nervous! Be confident and self-assured and they will know that they were right to be interested in you.

Hope this helps and doesn’t seem lame! ^___^


Before and After: Spot the Difference!

The facial details that I backstitched in got swallowed up when I filled his face with long and short stitch, so I went in and reinforced the lines of his eyes, nose, and eyebrows.

I am SO THRILLED To be done his face (minus some grey running stitch in the mouth, I think). Now I just have to do the NBA logo on his jersey, a little white fill to suggest the fabric, fix up some errors at the bottom, maybe reinforce the “Ball Don’t Lie” banner, and do some background sun rays in Knicks colours. So, you know. Basically done.