PLL Intro - Aria has the biggest secret!

As we know, the girls now take it in turns to do the ssh action during the intro, but something I’ve noticed (and was hoping for) was that Aria would be the last one to do it out of the group. The fact that during seasons 1-6A Aria was the only one who did the ssh action during the intro has been used as evidence to back up the theory that she’s ‘A’. According to the producers, they filmed all the girls doing it, but liked Lucy’s version the best. Whether you believe this or not is entirely up to you, but I still think that the producers are putting an emphasis on how Aria has the biggest secret.

If you think about it, there are 6 episodes left in this season. The next intro is obviously going to have Aria doing the ssh and I would imagine that the order is going to remain the same throughout this season and the next, when Big Bad’s story will come to a close. Now I may just be overthinking this, but if the order does remain the same, that means that Aria will be doing the ssh action during the 6B finale, the 7A finale and the 7B finale. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post how Aria and Alison turned away from each other in the intro and that Alison does this pretty dramatically, so I don’t think that this theory is too far fetched. I think that the intro is actually quite revealing about the events that are going to occur. Emily was said to be the one to come back with the biggest secret and during the intro we see her looking down with a guiltily expression, like she has something to hide. We sort of know what her secret is now, but there’s probably going to be more to the story. Then there’s Spencer and Hanna, who don’t really do anything, which leads me to believe that there is something going on between Aria and Alison.

If we think about it, we still don’t know why Alison picked Aria and to be honest, I don’t really believe that they’re friends. So far in 6B, Alison has only been in two scenes with Aria. The one in the school where she asked the girls to lie and then in the court. Alison then texts Aria afterwards, which I think was a really spiteful move, to say that Charlotte is being let free. Then when Charlotte is murdered, Alison jumps straight on the ‘Aria murdered Charlotte’ train and even goes as far to go and talk to her Dad, who tells her that Aria left a day earlier than planned. During the second episode, Alison keeps bringing up how Aria left earlier and how suspicious it is, which don’t get me wrong, I still do find suspicious, but they’re supposed to be friends, so you’d have thought that Alison wouldn’t spring at her like that. Then she even tells Lorenzo that she thinks one of her friends was involved in Charlotte’s murder, which is probably going to come back and bite Aria later in the season.

As you know, I still believe strongly that Aria is ‘A’, so if there’s any piece of evidence that can be used to support it, I’ll be right there. But I just can’t get over how Aria will most likely be doing the ssh action during at the finales, after being the only one to do it all the way up to the end of 6A. Surely the logical order would have been Alison, Emily, Aria, Hanna and then Spencer? As I said, I may just be overthinking things, but it does seem highly suspicious. Maybe there is hope for us Aria is ‘A’ theorists after all?

Wilden in 1x01: Rest assured, I will figure out what happened that summer.

CeCe in 6x10 said that she killed Wilden because Wilden figured out that Alison is alive. So pretty much, Wilden was getting VERY close to fulfilling his promise.

What I don’t understand - how was it a problem that Wilden discovered Alison is alive? Isn’t that a good thing that a cop knows!? So why did Wilden need to die for knowing she’s alive??

Another Alison clue?

So I’m pretty much going to stick with Alison killing Charlotte and edit a few things along the way. After re-watching some scenes and episodes i just realized, who else is good at pushing people off thing in church and then making it look like a suicide? Alison.

Remember when Alison told her story to the girls about how she was the one who ‘‘saved’‘ Spencer?

Although she claimed that she didn’t know who took Ian’s body or who made it look like a suicide do we really believe her?

Anyone else starting to see the pattern? Just like Charlotte.

She was killed and the pushed from the roof making it at time seem like a suicide attempt.