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The Tudor era is simply is this - it is a most glorious and wonderful soap opera.

David Starkey, summing up why history students tend to be continually drawn to the Tudors.

Everyone is always plotting and scheming against each other. People are getting beheaded left and right. Sex. Adultery. Lies. Fake pregnancies. Multiple marriages. Divorces.

(Queen Mary was once mad at her council because they wouldn’t let her execute her own sister. It’s mental.)

It’s like Game of Thrones without the dragons, basically. 


Some christmas stuff with the studio bois - been doing those the entire week


Levin - @doble-j97
Ethan - @scrismory (sis)
Soe - @sophie-cartoons
Yuki - @gendertakahashi
Zero, Yoshua and the crew desing by me ;P

Sammy Lawrence with a vine account. The stuff he got on it:

  • An indefinite number of smack-cams at Wally’s disadvantage
  • Screaming in specific tunes i.e. A minor, G major, etc.
  • Strumming his banjo without breaking eye contact with the camera as one of the other employees yells or sings badly
  • Scorches of conversations without context
  • Slowly moving his camera to reveal dumb shit going on
  • Rare team-ups with Wally for terrible pranks
  • Beautiful 7 seconds long renditions of His Classics™
  • Singing with Susie and Allison
  • Susie making voices
  • Clearly doing some culty stuff untill he sees Norman behind him in the camera and turns around. Norman’s gone. What the fuck.
  • Grant drunk ordering 5.678 shrimps on a tuba
  • Thomas (three floors above) cursing very loud
  • Henry animating while weird shit happens behind his clueless back
  • Dissing Joey only for Joey to appear on his shoulder (w ha t th e f u c k)
  • Shawn’s Irish dancing. He ends up kicking the camera.
  • How Hard Can [employee] Open The Door
  • “I’m outta-” “WALLY WHERES MY PHONE” “SHUT UP” “WHAT DID YOU SAY??” “oh shit shit shit-”
  • After being inked, at first he tries to do sermons but they’re too long
  • He ends up making vine after vine of him saying “sheep” and “hail Bendy” as many times as he can and increasingly faster
  • Serenading Bendy cutouts
  • you know that “out of the way!! ITS THE LORD” vine? that.
  • My Lord… If you’re out there… I got this sheep for you “sammy im henry” SSSHHHHHHHHH

Here’s something I noticed

So in the first episode of season 7, we find out that Henry was cursed to remember that his wife and child were killed in a fire.

Didn’t Emma lie to Henry about his father being a firefighter? About how he died a hero while he was rescuing someone.

Was that planned or a coincidence