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It is bittersweet that I present to you my last ever theory for Pretty Little Liars. I apologise in advance for the insane length, but this is covering all those frustrating loose ends across the entire series. I hope you can make it to the end so we can discuss. My only fear for this theory is that it is too daring and gutsy; it would re-define the show we thought we knew. Are the writers willing to ‘go there’ in just 10 episodes? I don’t know! Regardless if this is all right, partially right, or so damn wrong, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did putting this together the past two months! For the last time before the show ends… I hope you enjoy!

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Did You Miss Me?

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This theory is going to work against most of my ‘A’ or ‘A.D’ theories but…. I think that Alison Lauren DiLaurentis might be ‘A’ this time. (or ‘A’ all of the time)


Since the summer finale I can’t stop thinking about how Spencer literally risked her life for Ali and how she has ALWAYS protected her. In every scene that ‘A’ has targeted Ali and the Liars together, Spencer stands in front with her arms and body shielding Alison. It’s her natural instinct. 

Funny enough, it’s actually all of the Liars natural instinct, to protect Ali before themselves. Why is that? Because Alison conditioned them to protect her at all costs. 

She knew that if she was ever in danger and asked for their help that they would run to her rescue. Even if she were crying wolf… even if she were lying… 

And ever since then (with the exception of when they let her get arrested for Mona’s murder) they have never once let Ali down. She ensured that. She played them like they were dolls… or puppets. Just like ‘A’. 

Ali’s puppets. 

A’s dollhouse.

Why didn’t ‘A’ capture Alison if she is their favorite doll? Is Alison the ultimate puppet-master? 

Jenna even gives the audience a little foreshadowing before the doll house and reminds us all that the Liars have always been Alison’s puppets. 

“Like they were her dolls…”

“We’re coming full-circle on this show.” -Marlene King

Back in the pilot episode after Aria gets the very first ‘A’ message she automatically assumes it’s Ali. And she’s not the only one..

In fact, Emily and Aria both admit to each other that they think ‘A’ is Ali. How could it be anybody else, right? Alison is the only one they told their secrets to. “Friends share secrets, it’s what keeps us close.”

It’s been right in front of us this whole time and we chose to not see it. We chose to see Alison as a victim based off of what we have learned about her and her family, but that doesn’t excuse her actions. It doesn’t change her past.

The Liars only dismissed Alison as an ‘A’ suspect after the police found her “remains” buried in her backyard. It was a perfectly well thought out plan, don’t you think? ‘A’ sends the Liars their first message and then Alison’s body is mysteriously found and she’s declared dead, making her appear as a victim rather than a suspect. Classic ‘A’ move. Classic chess move. Check.

Alison being ‘A’ would make things come full-circle.

It would tie the Liars into the plot and it would explain how ‘A’ has always been one step ahead. Alison knows the Liars better than they know themselves and it wouldn’t have been hard for her to anticipate their next move. She is who the Liars thought was ‘A’ in the very beginning and how ironic that ‘A’ now goes by ‘A.D’, Alison’s initials. 

This show is centered around Alison. 

All roads lead back to the DiLaurentis house.

All roads lead back to Ali.

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Holden is Involved?

Holden. I keep thinking about his latest appearance in the # 3x06 . Emily, in that episode, discovers Holden’s tattoo. The tattoo was made at the entrance of NOEL KAHN’s party. Well, Emily also remembered in # 3x06, that the night when “Alison’s body”(it was Bethany) was stolen in # 3x01, someone took her to Ali’s open grave at the cimitery. She remembered being in the car with Jenna and NOEL and also being in a bar with HOLDEN, and there in the bar somebody left a message saying, “Sorry if I left you / abandoned.” Now, I don’t think Holden was made to come back without a sense. A character who was linked to the Noel Kahn’s party, and who returns on stage AFTER Noel’s death. In conclusion:

- In 3x01, HOLDEN brings Emily to a cafe, and apparently leaves her there. In #3x03, Jenna reveals to the liars that she found Emily on the edge of the drunk road, while in # 3x08, Noel tells the truth. They found her in a cafe alone. Jenna said, “I lied because I was protecting someone.” And again, someone left Emily the message “Sorry if I left you / abandoned.”, DON’T FORGET THAT. On a note book at the cafe where Holden took her and where she left her alone. Clearly he left the note. Shouldhe leave her alone, because it was the precise orders of Jenna, Charlotte, and all the team?

- During season 3, Holden went to the Noel Kahn’s party, and when Emily noticed the tattoo, understanding the connection with Noel’s parties, in #3x06, Holden became strange and shady, and said, “Sorry, I have to go.” . NOEL KAHN’S PARTY, one of Charlotte’s minions at the time, and A.D. before he died.

- Lastly, Holden comes back in Aria’s life shortly after Noel’s death. Because? Perhaps, with Noel’s death, A.D. need another minions and then called Holden?

I would really try to reflect on these clues that I mentioned because they’re too strange. Holden left Emily in that cafeteria because he had to. Jenna and Noel had to pick her there. He left the excuse for abandoning her. Jenna lying about where they found Emily because she was trying to protect someone that night, or the one who brought Emily to the cafeteria, HOLDEN. And don’t forget, all the plan to bring Emily to the cemetery was a Charlotte plan foro photograph her and liars in front of Ali’s open grave. Think about it.

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I have spent an obscene amount of time trying to think of a drabble that has not yet been done lol so I hope this is one lol. Emily finds herself in an embarrassing / compromising position and Alison has to help her while trying not to make her feel worse about the situation .

So you had a difficult time coming up with a unique drabble, and this idea actually caused me to spend an entire day, simply thinking of something that’d be embarrassing yet not too bad because I’d get secondhand embarrassment and that would not be a good time. Nevertheless, I got this idea and I think I at least somewhat managed to stay within your guidelines. Either way, I had a blast writing this, so thank you:

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Another Avery is Spencer twin theory and I will die… 

So many things without an answer and now AVERY or BETHANY are like the most imortant people in the show…

Remember when Spencer had supervisor? Then Jason showed up and told her he was on rehab. Guy who was looking after Spencer told her this place was closed down. Why Jason lied?

Why Jason was sneaking to this weird house with this old guy there who scared Hanna and Emily when they were looking for him?

Remember Varjac? What was that about?

Don’t even let me start about Maya..

Remember Alison coded dairies? Was there an explanation from here I missed??

I watched a yt video of our girls putting together this board on where it was who they kissed. And Ali put there ‘beach hottie’. When it was said who it was exactly?

And what about Board Shorts? Was it really Ezra??

Who killed Ian? Ali pushed him off bell tower, but she said she saw him getting out. And then there was somebody hiding in Jason house

Was it Wilden who killed Gareth?

And who exactly put Aria in a box on a halloween train? (Mona said it was melissa and wilden, but where are out proofs?)

Who was Wren calling when he said ‘we have a problem. Take care of yours I’ll take care of mine?’

Why Noel was at the dollhouse? Helping Alison, Helping A, oh Noel Noel.. I’m not surprised you’re dead

Remember when Spencer had dirt in her bed and then bones in her wedding dress? Was it Jessica or Mary in her room back then in the dark??

Cece once said that Jenna is afraid of melissa. Why?

What was going on with NAT videos that everybody wanted them so badly?

Who was wearing Emily mask with sign ‘guilty’?

Who was red coat? But honestly?

What was Shower Harver real deal?

Who took ‘alison’ body the night Emily got wasted?

What happened to this body?

Who was living under DiLaurentis house?

Why Sara Harvey were wearing exact same clothes like Bethany, Cece and Ali back to That night?

Why almost every single Jenna lover ending up dead? Noel, Gareth, Shana..

What happened to Eddie Lamb?

Alison was buried alive by her own mother and then she trusted mona to run away? She told Aria she knows who A is, what was that about?

Who knocked out Toby back in the Woods?

Who start a fire in a Cabin with girls still in it?

Why Ali hated Paige so badly?

Why Ali was calling Lucas ‘hermie’ back in high school?

and much more…


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idk if you saw this but marlene gave us a new emison line on twitter ("I'm sorry I tossed and turned all night") can you do a quick drabble based off that line? :)

Drabble idea: Alison asks Emily to move in with her. Fluff included.

I’m combining these two drabble ideas because, if I had written them separately, they would’ve been much shorter (plus they flow nicely here):

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Helping Team Pro-Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

I’m the only one understanding Alison and i haven’t seen the show for a long time, only opinions and spoilers seen on Tumblr? Or it’s just Marlene King that suddenly is in my body?

Alison comes from a family where keep secrets, being a bitch and being an egocentric person is the type of person you have to be to keep yourself alive. Alison comes from a crazy husband who made her being send to an asylum. Alison needed to runaway so she could help “her friends”, Alison is a person that needed to protect herself from others so she can’t get hurt. She has live a living hell and now she is pregnant with Emily’s eggs and even they say is her dead husband’s, we don’t know who the father is. 

Alison redeemed herself but you can’t be an angel when a demon is kicking your ass again. She is bitching with everybody? Of course. I would be in that way too if because i put my walls down, i get hurt again. She is bitching with Paige? I would too if i know someone would take away someone who makes me happy, in Alison’s case, Emily. 

The only problem with Alison is that she needs to learn how to protect herself in the right way. She is a chaos, she is complex and that’s why she is so amazing because she is still discovering herself. Aka Marlene could have spend less time in love shitty triangles and shitty ships and develop the characters more. Aka don’t do it in just 10 episodes.

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I think Wren implanted Emilys eggs in Alisons body...Alison said it wasn't Archer but a doctor and Wren will be back next episode. Coincidence? I think not.

100% won’t be a coincidence. There’s no way they drop that Emison bombshell and then very next episode a legitimate doctor comes around… only for that doctor to not have a role in this! Wren is shady.

But I can’t help but remember Wilden’s board. “Dr” Kingston. Maybe he’s not even a real doctor. If that’s the case, who did that to Ali in 702!? You would need to have SOME medical experience to pull that off!?

Pretty Little Eyes

GUYS I HAVE FIGURED OUT THE WHOLE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have developed a theory that stemmed from looking carefully at Bethany’s drawings from Radley. It’s pretty crazy, and very long and detailed. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!! I sincerely believe I figured out EVERYTHING.

Sit back, relax, and ENJOY! XOX

This next part I briefly posted about the other day, but now I’m going to build on it in a MAJOR way, so continue reading!!

Bethany drew this picture in Radley:

The building in the background looks like the front of the Blind School at 1465 Elm Street that we saw for the first time in, “The Darkest Knight.”

The moment they lingered on the front of the Blind School in the finale, ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was how it looked so similar to Bethany’s drawing.

Let’s analyze Bethany’s drawing. It seems to be a little boy being taken away from the school by a masked figure, and a little girl (probably herself) chasing after them. 

Before this episode, there have been a few mentions of other Blind Schools. In 2x16, Let the Water Hold Me Down, Spencer finds the rehab center for the blind that Jenna went to after she was blinded by the Liars and Alison. 

Spencer goes in but the women at the front desk says she cant divulge any patient information. As Spencer turns to leave, another patient tells her that he knows Jenna, and that she was really motivated during her rehab stay. Spencer steals the sign-in book on her way out and shows the girls. They see that Garrett signed Jenna out the day Ali was ‘murdered.’

In 3x3, “Kingdom of the Blind,’ Aria and Jenna play “In the Eye Abides the Heart,” and Aria steals a post-it from Jenna’s house. The girls follow Jenna to a gun store called H.COBB GUNS-N-AMMO. She then leaves and proceeds to drive her car. Hanna confronts her. Jenna tells the girls she’s been able to see from the first operation. She didn’t tell anyone because it was her “only protection.” 

  • Side note: It is interesting to note that Jenna has almost been murdered twice throughout the series: Once in 2x23, “Eye of the Beholder,” by being lured by A into Jason’s house that was set on fire (Hanna saves her). And in 4x9 “Into the Deep,” after being knocked unconscious and left in a lake to drown by supposedly Charlotte.

Before the A ending of this episode, Mona is shown in a hospital bed in Radley singing “In the Eye Abides the Heart.” There is a queen of hearts in her right hand. Could this signify that Aria or Jenna is the QoH? Remember who we KNOW was dressed as the QoH on the Halloween Train- WILDEN.

In the eye abides the heart.
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,
Through the eyes their charm impart.
Words are often clothed in guile;
For the lips with fear my falter:
E'en confiding smiles may alter
Oh! believe not in a smile!
‘Tis the eye unveils the heart.
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,
To the eyes their glow impart.
If thy bosom heaves a sigh
For a fair and cherished maiden,
Though her voice with love be laden,
Mark the language of her eye
There each impulse of her soul
Beams for thee in truth and candor;
There her secret passions wander,
There remain beyond control.

The episode ends with A pouring a glass of vodka while making a necklace with ‘Alison's’ teeth. A body bag is shown in the freezer. A is seen unzipping the bag before the screen cuts to black. I believe this is when A manipulates the dental records to make it seem like the body is Bethany Young’s. I think the body is the real Sara Harvey’s and the character we know as Sara Harvey is really Bethany Young.

So as you can see, the PLL story has revolved around eyes, vision and blindness. 

  • ‘I SEE YOU’ has been written on their cars twice
  • There was the ‘eyes’ billboard
  • A has been referred to as “Pretty Eyes” multiple times 
  • An eye was the symbol that was stamped on the wrist of anyone who attended the Kahn’s parties, and was on the box that the girls found the flashdrive of the Dollhouse in “The Wrath of Kahn.” 
  • We have frequently seen an eyeball looking out of a hole 

A see’s EVERYTHING, watches everything.  

And many titles of the episodes are related to eyes, blindness, etc.

 So what is with all of these vision references?????

After I realized that the first photo Bethany drew could be of the Blind School that the girls went to at the end of the summer finale, I decided to look further into her other drawings.

This next one is of Jessica, notice that her EYES are scratched out.

The eyes are completely black in this strange painting as well.

So what is the deal here? Do Bethany’s drawings point to the fact the the Blind School is more important than we originally believed it to be?

Lets go back to that original drawing again:

I think that the boy being taken away from the Blind School is Charles Drake, and the girl chasing after them is Bethany Young. In ‘The Darkest Knight’ when the girls go into the room with all the baby dolls in the cribs, a crazy thought came to me. What if the Blind School is in fact a front for the illegal selling of children. I know this is nuts, but stay with me.

Why on earth would a Blind School have rows and rows of cribs/incubators? I do not think they were using that room to only teach blind people how to take care of children. Let’s remember that Dr. Cochran hinted that he did some shady things with the babies that were born in Radley. Things he wasn’t proud of, to the extend that he is estranged from his daughter, lives in hiding, and is an alcoholic. 

Let’s assume Dr. Cochran is the liaison between the babies born in Radley, and the illegal adoption of children out of the Blind School. Mary gave birth to Charles in Radley, and taken to the Blind School by Dr. Cochran to be put up for adoption. One day, Charles is adopted and taken out of the School. Bethany had become very close him, considered him a brother because they grew up together, and was heartbroken when they were separated. Time passes and Bethany is never adopted. She develops a mental illness, and is put into Radley.  Mary also gave birth Charlotte in Radley (who has always been a girl). Lastly, she gave birth to Spencer while in Radley, and Spencer was illegally sold to the Hastings through the Blind School. I think the dream Spencer had dancing around the bath tubs, was actually in the Blind School, not Radley. 

***I believe the character that we know as Sara Harvey, is NOT the real Sara Harvey. She is actually Bethany Young. So anytime I mention Bethany for now on- she is the infamous Shower queen:

Jessica DiLaurentis marries Kenneth, but has an affair with Mr. Hastings and gives birth to Jason. She adopts Mary’s first child that was born in Radley, Charles from the Blind School. Like I said, Dr. Cochran was the liaison between the children born in Radley, and the Blind School that sells babies. We know Noel Kahn’s father was the “judge” that signed off on the adoptions, so that may be how the Kahn’s made all their money, selling babies on the black market, AND would explain why Noel is wrapped up in all of it. AND would explain why an EYE is the symbol on his party stamps. 

Mary gives birth to Charlotte in Radley, she is never adopted in the Blind School, shows signs of mental illness and is put into Radley. A few years later, Ali was born.

This video, shown in the dollhouse, is of Jessica with her new baby Alison, and Charles and Jason. 

A few months later, little Charles puts Ali in the bathtub one day to try to get her to stop crying. Kenneth freaks out, and demands that he be put into Radley. Jessica is heart broken, but agrees and decides to get on the board of Radley so she can watch over him.  Bethany and Charles are reunited. 

Around the same time Ali is born, Mary gives birth to her THIRD child in Radley, Spencer. Mary either had an affair with Mr. Hastings OR Jessica suggested that Mr. Hastings should adopt Spencer. 

Jessica feels terrible that she had to put Charles into Radley, and decides to find another family to adopt him. 

Originally when I was coming up with this theory, I thought Charles was either Ezra Fitz or Wren Kingston. But it cannot be either of them because Ezra hooked up with Alison which would be his first cousin, and Wren hooked up with Spencer and that would be his sister. So for the sake of this theory making sense and not including incest, I think the only person A.D. could be is Officer Darren Wilden.

So now for the second time, Charles is taken away from Bethany and she is ENRAGED. She drew the picture of Jessica with her eyes scratched out that we spoke about before, with LIAR written all over it:

Bethany HATES Jessica. She took Charles away from her in the Blind School, and then again by getting him adopted into another family.  Jessica is aware that Bethany knows about the illegal selling of children at the Blind School, so Bethany blackmails her. In order to keep Bethany quiet, Jessica buys her clothes (that’s who the second yellow dress hidden in the piano is for), takes her to the horse stables, and has Bethany call her Aunt Jessie.  Bethany and Charles sister, Charlotte, grew up in Radley together and become best friends. They both become insanely jealous of Alison over the years, for getting to live a normal life while they spent their childhood in the Blind School and then grew up in Radley.

Jessica still keeps in touch with the family that adopted Charles because she loves him like a son. She even brings her children, Ali and Jason, to his birthday party, saying it is for their cousin “Freddy.”

This video is of Jason - Charles (Wilden) - Alison

CHARLES– looks SO MUCH like Wilden. 

Even their hair is parted in the same exact way.

Many years go by and Charles eventually finds out who he really is. He reconnects with Bethany, and meets Charlotte- eventually finding out (through his job as a police officer) that she is his sister. They decide they need to get revenge on the entire DiLaurentis family.

Charlotte is also blackmailing Jessica, and uses her to get out-privileges to go to classes at UPenn and get dirt on Alison and the DiLaurentis family. She even goes as far as becoming Jason’s ‘girlfriend,’ and Alison’s best friend.

In a crazy twist of fate, around the same time, the Liars & Alison blind Jenna by throwing the stink bomb into the garage. Jenna starts going to the Blind Rehab Center, becomes close with Noel Kahn, and finds out the truth about the sordid past at the school on Elm Street. 

Wilden became a cop because he will have access to everyone and everything.  He has been sending Ali the A texts for awhile now. 

On “that night” he helped Bethany and Charlotte escape and they plan to kill Ali in front of Jessica in revenge. Ali turned into a spoiled, bitchy girl, when she grew up with all the luxury in the world. That, coupled with their jealousy, makes them want to kill her. They also know this would cause Jessica the most possible pain.

Since Jessica is still buying Bethany clothes, (probably the same clothes she buys Ali) Bethany happens to be wearing the same yellow top as Alison that night. 

Jessica gets a call from Radley that Bethany has escaped, which is why she didn’t want Ali to go out that night. Bethany hits Ali with the rock, which Jessica sees through the window. Jessica buries Alison, thinking she is dead. She knows she cannot tell the police what happened because of the blackmail Bethany has been holding over her head. 

Grunwald pulls Ali out of the ground and Ali flees.

This same night, a girl named Sara Harvey ran away from home. She was also blonde and similar in stature to Ali.  Mona, who has been bullied by Ali for years, hit Sara over the head with a shovel, thinking she is Alison. Melissa comes across Sara’s dead body (who she also thinks is Alison), and thinking Spencer killed her, buried her in the grave Ali was in earlier that night. 

Charles, Bethany, and Charlotte believe that Ali is dead in the grave under the gazebo on the DiLaurentis property. They don’t know that she escaped and went into hiding. 

Everyone, including the Liars, think Alison is a missing person.

Melissa, Charles, Charlotte, Bethany, and Jessica all think she is DEAD. 

When Maya’s family moves into the DiLaurentis house and decide to do some remodeling, they discover the dead body buried under the gazebo. The police are called in.

Charles (WILDEN) is a cop and has access to the body. He see’s through dental records, that the body is of a girl named Sara Harvey, the dead body is NOT Ali. He decides to switch the dental records with Ali’s so it looked like Ali was dead, and no one would go looking for her. NOW WHO WOULD BE THE ONLY ONE ABLE TO DO THAT? A cop!!!! 

Jessica is brought in to identify the body, and she either pretends it’s Ali’s out of fear and confusion, OR because Charles forces her to.

Charles also forces her to dig a grave and to tell Kenneth, and his biological mother Mary, that he has died. He doesn’t want anyone to find out his true identity. 

But now clues start coming that Ali is alive. Charles (Wilden) aggressively tries to find her. He is always accusing the Liars, hoping he will scare them into spilling anything they know. That’s why he started sending the Liars the A texts, to try to blackmail/torture/scare them into giving him information. He belibes they know where Ali is, and are helping her stay hidden, and develops a deep hatred for them. He enlists help from people that hate Ali, like Mona, who give him info on the girls and Ali.

When the cops are forced to reexamine the corpse, they find that it is Bethany Young. ONCE AGAIN Wilden messed with the dental records. The dead girl who was killed that night was the REAL Sara Harvey. She has been dead the whole entire time. Wilden switched it so it would look like Bethany Young was dead (just like he did with his true identity), so she could be freed from Radley and that he could protect her and no one would look for them or suspect them. They are the king and queen of the A Team. 

Charles/Wilden is Black Hoodie 

Bethany/Sara is Red Coat

Charlotte/CeCe is Black Veil

They had many plans set in case they got caught. The first being that Mona would take the fall for being A. She would be in Radley with CeCe to protect her. Remember what she said was she was brought into Radley? 

What WE want. Meaning her, Charles, Bethany, and CeCe.

So quick recap before we continue:

·         Charles Drake is the character we know as Darren Wilden

·         Bethany Young is the character we know as Sara Harvey

·         Charlotte Drake is Charles younger sister (she was NEVER a boy)

Now that it has been discovered that Ali is not dead, the police start to look for her. Noel is helping Ali stay hidden at this time because she was blackmailing him. But as we know, eventually Noel AND Jenna, are on the A team working against Ali and the Liars. 

Charlotte eventually finds out where Ali is, and that she is planning to come back to Rosewood. Charlotte, Bethany and Charles devise a plan: They don’t know if Ali saw them the night they tried to kill her, and they can’t risk her coming back and telling the cops on them.

First, Charles instructs Charlotte to go see Ali, and then to use her Vivian Darkbloom identity to get out of the country so she will be safe. 

He tells Bethany to murder Jessica DiLaurentis, because she is the only one who knows the truth about all of them, and they all hate her. Bethany is safe because the world thinks she is dead.

Finally, Charles decides to fake his own (Wilden’s) death so he will be safe as well. He killed a man with a similar body type to himself, and put the Wilden mask on his face. First of all we know that there are insanely real looking masks in play in this show. We later see Rollins was wearing a WILDEN mask. We know it was a PERFECT mask of his face.

WHY WAS ROLLINS WEARING THE MASK OF WILDEN OF ALL PEOPLE? Because Wilden is Uber A. Rollins is another one of his minions (will get back to that later).

This is the dead body of a man Wilden murdered. He just put a mask of his own face on the body.

Charlotte is waiting out her time in London, while Charles and Bethany continue to monitor the girls in Rosewood.

This is Charles and Bethany (Characters we know as Wilden & Sara)

Time goes by and Charles (with the help of Charlotte and Bethany) continue to torture the girls and Ali. They try to kill her countless times but fail. They decide the ultimate revenge would be for Ali to get convicted of murder, and spend her life in jail. They set the plan to make it look like Mona was murdered. Mona is in on this whole thing. 

Their plan works, and Ali goes to jail on a murder charge.

They decide to build a Dollhouse they will use to torture the remaining Liars for the rest of their lives. (They hate the girls so much because of their loyalty to Alison). Noel and Jenna help.

They devise a plan just in case anything goes wrong. Charlotte would pretend to be Charles DiLaurentis (the transgender son of JESSICA), and tell the crazy story to gain sympathy and avoid jail time. The only person who could prove this was a lie is dead (Jessica). Bethany would pretend to be Sara Harvey, a runaway girl who was kept prisoner there. Mona will pretend that she was brainwashed into believing she was Ali, & drugged and tortured in the Dollhouse. And she should act like she is trying to help the girls, so if anything goes wrong they don’t suspect she was part of it.

And Charles would escape without anyone knowing.

They successfully kidnap the girls and bring them to the Dollhouse. Charles decides that he wants the girls to organize a prom for him as their last act. He plans on killing them with poisonous gas afterwards. He gives Mona a gas mask so that she will survive. If all goes well this will be the end of their revenge. All the girls will die in the Dollhouse, and Ali will spend the rest of her life in prison.

As we know, none of this goes as plan, and the girls escape and Mona, Charlotte and Bethany are forced to stick to the plan they devised as a fail-safe.  Bethany pretends shes Sara, and Mona pretends she was abducted, brainwashed, and held captive.

Bethany pretends to have a crush on Emily to stay close to the girls, and Charles, Bethany and Charlotte try one more time to end it all. Charlotte abducts Ali from the Ice Ball, taking along Kenneth and Jason to make her fake story seem legitimate. Mona and Bethany lure the girls to the Carassimi Group Lair, and they plan to blow them all up. 

Bethany burns her hands and this plan fails as well. Charlotte is forced to pretends she is Charles and that the game is over.

Ali is released from prison, Charlotte is admitted to Welby,  and the game stops for 5 years. 

Over this time, Charles reconnects with his birth mother, Mary. He finds out that Spencer is his other sister. Mary is now helping Charles, Bethany and Charlotte with everything.

Charles arranges fake doctor ID for Charlotte’s boyfriend, Archer Dunhill (Elliot Rollins) and instructs him to take care of Charlotte in Welby. Charles instructs Archer to make Ali fall in love with him as well, so they can plan their ultimate revenge. They have to put the game on hold for the 5 years that Charlotte is in Welby.

The girls all come back to Rosewood and Charlotte is released. Archer succeeds in making Ali fall in love with him, and they marry. 

Then something goes VERY WRONG. Someone murders Charlotte. Charles is devastated and ENRAGED. He vows to find out who killed his beloved sister. 

He starts to use the name ‘A.D’ instead of ‘A’, which stands for AFTER DEATH, in honor of his dead sister. 

Bethany Young moves into the Radley, which is now a hotel, to be close to the action. 

He thinks one of the girls killed Charlotte, and starts to send them messages again.

Meanwhile, Mary and Archer dress up as Jessica and Wilden to make Alison think she is going crazy. Their plan works and she admits herself into Welby.

Hanna pretends it was her, and goes to the Lost Woods to turn herself in (but her and the other Liars are just trying to catch A.D). Their plan goes arry (BECAUSE MONA TELLS A.D. WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING)  and is abducted by A.D. A.D tortures her in the cabin trying to get information out of her.

The Liars start to believe that Ali killed Charlotte, and use the sweater as evidence to get Hanna back. 

Charles uses police tools he still has at his disposal to check the sweater for evidence that Ali killed Charlotte. But he doesn’t find anything.

Isn’t it interesting that when Charles sends the sweater back to Ali he writes “I couldn’t find A SHRED OF EVIDENCE.”

Who talks like this? A POLICE OFFICER!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, When Hanna escapes from the cabin, Mary Drake picks her up. Although she understands her sons need for revenge, she truly feels bad for what he put Hanna through. She also wants to be around her other daughter-Spencer.

Charles instructs Archer to drug and torture Ali in Welby, so everyone thinks she is insane and she can never escape. 

After Charles realizes that the girls know what Archer is doing, he tells her to take her out of Welby and murder her in the woods. Obviously this goes wrong as well, an Archer is killed. 

Now Ali is back home one again. Charles tells Mary to move into the house to watch her. 

Isn’t it SO INTERESTING that that A.D dressed up as a COP when he went into the house and tried to kill Ali???  Wilden is 10000% A.D and Charles.

He has Bethany call Jenna and Noel to help them with their mission. The only people who know A.D’s true identity are Bethany and Charlotte. All the rest are helpers, but have NEVER seen his face.

Something goes really wrong AGAIN when Bethany is murdered in the bathtub. 

I think their are two teams at work here. One is trying to protect the girls (whoever killed Charlotte and Bethany) and then the other is torturing them. 

Now A.D has lost Red Coat AND Black Veil. He is all alone.

He instructs Noel to find out for sure if Spencer is his other sister. That’s why Noel had Mary’s DNA and was trying to contact Dr. Cochran, who helped sell Spencer. 

The girls end up at Aunt Carol’s WHERE THE EMPTY GRAVE OF CHARLES WAS, and goes into the Lair. That lair was NOT Jessica’s. It was his.

He blows it up so they cannot find any evidence. He threatens that if they find out who he is before he finds out who killed Charlotte, he will kill them all.

Then disaster strikes when the girls find the USB of footage from the Dollhouse in Noel’s things. He has Noel break into Spencer’s house and take it back.

But then Hanna abducts Noel. Charles is relieved when Hanna calls Mona for help. He instructs Mona to retrieve the USB. Mona isn’t able to do that without Hanna realizing she is on the A team, so she convinces Hanna to go back to Rosewood. When Hanna leaves, she lets Noel go, and gives the video of what Hanna did to Noel to Charles. Charles blackmails them into bringing the USB to the Blind School-WHERE IT ALL STARTED. Where they were sold as babies!!!

The girls put the USB on the table, and A.D takes it right away. He instructs Noel and Jenna to kill them all because he doesn’t know what they saw. Mary is there as well. But then Noel is decapitated when he is trying to kill them. Jenna blindly tries to kill them, but ends up shooting Spencer.

Mary intervenes at this point, because she cannot bare to watch her daughter die.

A.D pulls Jenna out of the house. Once again, the girls have escaped, and he needs to make a new plan.

The HUGE missing question: Who is Charles, Charlotte and Spencer’s biological father?

I can’t wait to see what happens next! 7 more months!!!

It has taken me forever to write this theory, I know it’s crazy but I really think this could be it. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you SO much for reading! xoxoxoox

i want emilys body with alisons face, hannas attitude, arias closet, spencers brain, monas boyfriend and -As money

umwhatev  asked:

i have been dying for someone to tell me WHY Garrett told Spencer on the Halloween train that Jenna thought he killed Alison "that night" and when "Ali tells all" she literally goes over every detail of her night but fails to mention that AT ALL. yettt, it was worth Wilden killing him that night? Also, side note wasn't "Alisons body" dug up by A, and the fingers were found in Spencers dress in 4x23 and the teeth on a necklace in a different episode,So maybe it isn't actually Bethany in the grave

Jenna was with Garret when he pretended to kill Ali; they put on a little play for blind Jenna where Garret hits the tree, Ali screams, Jenna thinks Garret hit/killed Ali. So she had reason to believe Garret did it. Ali never mentioned it in 424 because of time constraints. It isn’t really that important. There’s a lot they didn’t mention in that episode!

We know for fact Wilden did kill Garret, but we don’t know why Wilden killed him. I personally think it was because Garret knew Wilden was Beach Hottie.

I’m slightly confused by the last bit - it wasn’t Alison’s body, they want us to think it was Bethany’s body that Charlotte took, and the bones were supposedly Bethany’s too. 

The Monster of All Theories

What I’m about to say, I don’t believe has been said in any other theory before. Yes, there is a twin, an identical twin… And it is someone we have met, someone we think we know very well and yet don’t know at all. There are three. Bethany, Courtney, and Charlotte. All identical, only two are twins, Charlotte is a doppelgänger of both identical twins so you could say… There are triplets among us, at least there used to be.

Charlotte never meant to hurt anyone, she never did- in fact, the only things she did usually ended with no one dying, and yet someone… Someone out there was a cold-blooded murderer. That person is still out there. That person is who I’m going to name “Courtney” (an ode to the books!).

She killed Jessica. She killed Ian. She killed Garret. She killed Charlotte. She corrupted and tried to kill Alison. She met with Melissa. She had the visitors pass. She lived in the haunted house. She went to UPenn. Everything Charlotte didn’t admit to, Courtney was behind it. She was behind it all. It was said that Bethany Young was 20 when she died, making her and Courtney two years younger than Charlotte. Charlotte isn’t the one with the twin, Bethany and Courtney are identical twins and they look EXACTLY like Charlotte, and I’m going to prove it.

Lets start at the beginning, the twins story- this is the story of Bethany and Courtney. We originally thought that Charlotte was the one with the twin, that the other girl represented Alison… It sounded right but didn’t really fit, Charlotte never caused any intentional harm to Alison- therefore she couldn’t be one of the twins. We knew one of them was crazy enough to stab the other over a doll, that one of them was sent to Radley, and one of them was dead. Now, in the story- they never said the other twin died after the stabbing, it is merely assumed she died from the wounds.

Both twins survived, one was insane- the other was not. The dead twin that we see over and over repeatedly tells us that her sister keeps telling lies to her parents about her, I think it’s quite possible that Courtney stabbed herself to get Bethany thrown into Radley. In 3x13, the dead twin shows up again- she says she called her mother and asked to go home but her mother started crying. The dead twin then says her sister tells lies about her- telling her parents she ran away, that they fight all the time.

This could be interpreted as Courtney telling her parents that Bethany ran away from Radley when she was actually murdered.

How do I know that Bethany was the non-violent twin? The tapes. The tapes that were recorded during Bethany’s stay at Radley.

“She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul! You could be the nicest person in the world, she gets them to do anything she wants! 5 minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, 2 minutes if you’re a man!”

The person that Bethany is talking about doesn’t fit anyone on the show that we know of, Charlotte was not evil, and I can’t stress enough that she repeatedly uses “she” to identify this person. But… There’s more, from another one of the tapes Bethany had been recorded on:

“Not destructive, self defense! It’s me or her, she’s not the only one who can make plans!”

Bethany sounded like it was either her or the other- neither could live while the other survived. (Harry Potter reference for my potterheads!)

Does that sound like someone who would just randomly push someone off the roof and then blame it on someone else? No… Because the one who pushed Marion off the roof wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney. How do you think Charlotte knew how to get in and out of Radley? Someone showed her how.

I believe Courtney snuck in and out of Radley at will to cause trouble, that way she could do whatever she wanted and Bethany would take the blame. She’d take the blame every single time because she wasn’t the twin that was admitted.

Now, lets take a step back to 5x13, the Christmas episode… While rummaging through the DiLaurentis house, Hanna found a letter, a letter from Bethany to Alison. Does this letter sound like someone who has any intent on hurting Alison?

This letter solves one of the biggest mysteries on the show… The yellow tops. Courtney sent letters to Bethany pretending to be Alison, she’s the one who bought the yellow tops, she’s the one who set everything up. Charlotte following Bethany from Radley back to her house to protect Jessica proves the fact that she had absolutely no idea there were more than one yellow top out that night, in fact it proves that whoever set everything up was NOT Charlotte but someone else.

It’s funny how Melissa and Charlotte were supposed to have this huge relationship, yet the only time Charlotte mentions her was when it involved the trip to Cape May. Charlotte supposedly went to UPenn with Melissa, Melissa supposedly called Charlotte to tell her that Mona was in Radley… But Charlotte was already IN Radley. She had never met Mona before, she knew nothing about her, she listened to Mona talk about how happy they were that Alison was gone… And yet, why did Charlotte need a visitors pass? Why did she tell Melissa to notify her if Mona was ever in Radley? It’s because Charlotte wasn’t the one using the visitors pass, it was Courtney. Courtney used Charlotte’s “Cece Drake” alias to gallivant around, she made friends with Melissa- corrupted Alison, and caused mass mayhem around Rosewood.

Courtney started the entire thing, from day 1. The attack on Alison in the haunted house? It was right after the frat party, and right after Alison started receiving messages… And ironically, right after Alison told the twin story the first time. Courtney created destruction wherever she went, she got people in trouble and felt no remorse whatsoever.

The fact that Charlotte, Courtney, and Bethany looked alike worked for Courtney’s advantage, she could do whatever the hell she wanted and one or the other would get blamed for it. That’s also why Jessica was taking “Bethany” out, only it wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney- she was blackmailing Jessica for either the existence of Charlotte, or the murder of Mrs. Cavanaugh- probably both. It was said at the stables where Jessica took her riding that “Bethany” threw a bucket at Jessica’s head, they never came back. Courtney then hated Jessica, she started to feed Bethany lies about Jessica having an affair with their father… This is when Bethany’s drawings turned dark, this is when Charlotte realized Jessica could be in danger- and therefore giving Courtney the motivation she needed to kill her twin once and for all. If Courtney’s plan worked Bethany would’ve killed Jessica, Courtney would’ve killed Bethany (both of them wearing the yellow top), and Alison would’ve went down for the murder because she was also in a yellow top. Bethany killing Jessica would match the anger she had towards Jessica so no one would question it, and Courtney murdering Bethany wouldn’t be questioned since both were in yellow tops, and Alison would’ve gone down for the murder because of the letter planted in the DiLaurentis house so it made to look like she planned to kill her. (Season 5 storyline anyone?)… That is, if Charlotte hadn’t have escaped and accidentally knocked Alison out in the first place.

Now, getting to the proof that Courtney is in fact Uber A… There are some requirements for the person who actually IS Uber A… 1. This person knows everything that happened on Labor Day. 2. This person dug up Bethany’s body in 3x01, proving that someone knew that body wasn’t Alison before anyone else. 3. This person knew every single person involved with each crime, aka Mona and Melissa, along with the accomplices who covered them up. 4. This person is highly intelligent, but absolutely insane and dangerous.

Charlotte had no idea that Alison was alive up until the night of the lodge fire, so how could she have possibly known the person in Alison’s grave wasn’t her? The simple answer is, she couldn’t have. This proves that whoever Uber A is knew not only the Bethany was dead and that Alison survived, but they knew who was responsible for each crime. Didn’t you ever wonder why exactly Melissa, Wilden, and others did the things they did? There was something they had done that someone knew about that held it against them.

Last episode Melissa said Charlotte called Wren and told him what Melissa had done, this would be impossible because Charlotte was watching Jessica bury Alison, she had been with Jessica the ENTIRE night while Bethany was knocked out and buried. Meaning someone saw everything happen and watched it unfold.

Another thing Charlotte said during the 6x10 finale stuck out to me… She said she could never trust Mona, that since she hit her best friend with a car, how could she trust her? And yet, the red coat who dug up Bethany’s body had Mona do it. Speaking of red coats, one of the scenes  with the A ending has red coat torching bobbleheads of the girls, if Charlotte had worn the red coat just that one time at the saw mill… Who bought the black hoodies in 3x01?

Now, I’m going to go back to the Season 4 finale when Jessica was murdered. We all know Charlotte didn’t do that, Jessica was the last person in the world who knew Charlotte existed and was the only person left who loved her. The person who did this was heartless, they wanted to hurt Charlotte and Alison in any way necessary, and that was taking away someone they loved, and someone who the killer absolutely hated. No one on the show hated Jessica more than Bethany, at least that’s what you’re made to think- and yet, if Bethany is dead, who STILL hated Jessica enough to kill her? Courtney.

Courtney isn’t like Charlotte or Mona, she has no real reason to do what she does… As Bethany said, “She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul!”

Knowing just how evil, and just how smart Courtney was, she did things for Charlotte to hate Bethany (i.e. killing Marion and blaming it on her), and she did things for Bethany to hate Jessica (telling her about the “affair”). She pitted people against each other without them knowing it was even happening, and they didn’t even know they were being manipulated, Courtney had a reason for every single move she made- she never did anything that wouldn’t serve a purpose.

Now, reading the synopsis for an upcoming episode, it says that Alison believes she’s going insane- I think Courtney is going to be showing up (much like what Alison did when she was supposed to be “dead”) just to torture Alison, making her think Charlotte is still alive. Alison will probably think she’s going insane and will most likely be put in a place like Radley (possibly by her own hubby *cough*).

Now, who do I think killed Charlotte? Like I said in my Vertigo theory (which you can read here:, I think Dr. Rollins was the one to help murder Charlotte- while Courtney was there. From the tapes Bethany was recorded on, she said Courtney could get anyone to do anything she wanted within a few minutes of knowing them, 2 minutes if you’re a man. And I can guarantee you that he’s using his marriage to Alison as an alibi, Courtney probably told him to do it as an alibi but also to further damage Alison and put her away permanently. And we’ve also seen recently that whoever the big bad is right now has access to Medical Records, (Veronica and Yvonne’s).

And now, she’s going after Mona and Melissa as well, she’s framing Melissa for murder and torturing Mona as well. Melissa is going to most likely be pinned for some murder, whether it’s Charlotte or Bethany- right now it looks like Melissa may be going down for Charlotte’s murder because of the murder weapon being a part of her luggage bag. And remember, Melissa HATES Charlotte now for telling Wren what she did… So they’ll believe the motive.

Now, for the physical proof:

In 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day- she says that Bethany left with the Yellow Top, and from this letter that was found in 5x13… Someone was sending Bethany letters pretending to be Alison, and THEY are the ones who gave Bethany the yellow top. In 3x19 Jason stumbles out of the house, drunk and high- he sees Melissa and someone who looks like Charlotte in the yellow top. I think it’s very likely that Melissa was talking to Courtney, in fact- I think Courtney was the one who outed Alison and Ian to Melissa.

Whomever Melissa was talking to in the yellow top, she knew- she knew very well. And in 6x10 while Charlotte was explaining how she accidentally hit her thinking it was Bethany, Alison says that Jason saw her and Melissa talking, but it couldn’t have been Charlotte because she was in all black. So, whoever Melissa was talking to looked EXACTLY like Charlotte.

And in episode 4x24, when Alison was telling the girls what happened on Labor Day, she discovered the EXACT same yellow shirt in her room- along with an A message. So the person who sent both Alison AND Bethany yellow tops had a plan for them, and Charlotte was NOT included in that deal.

And again in 6x10, Charlotte said she stopped visiting Mona once they started weaning her off her meds- and yet, in 3x01 Red Coat took Mona to the cemetery to dig up Bethany’s body which Emily recalls in 3x18. This proves that whomever dug the grave up KNEW whoever was in that grave wasn’t Alison, and Charlotte believed Alison had been dead up until she discovers that Alison is alive in the Lodge Fire.

One of the most prominent pieces of proof that Bethany, Charlotte, and Courtney looked alike was in 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day when she mistook Alison for Bethany- Charlotte says this: “She stole my clothes and knew I had out privileges so she snuck out of Radley.”

Speaking of Red Coats… A recurring thing that keeps popping up are twins, specifically twins in red. Well, take a look:

The last photo is from the night Charlotte was murdered, whoever was in that red shirt was there when Charlotte was murdered… And since Marlene has confirmed there is an identical twin coming up, along with the fact Alison believes she’s going insane. It has to be someone who looks exactly like Charlotte without being her twin… I believe Courtney is alive and well, and we’re going to meet her… Very, very soon.

(P.S. Melissa is still the one trying to figure out who the killer is, and Dr. Rollins is still the one who killed Charlotte… None of that has changed!)

I have a lot more physical proof that she exists, but I’ve been writing this theory going on about 10 hours total so… If you have any questions, shoot me a message!