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Toby- “it’s not her, it’s not Spencer's”
Hanna - “I’m confused”
Toby - “she was always writing down notes in that book.
There’s not one sigle note in there”


Mind Blown

Maybe “Spencer” asked Ezra to not mention to anyone that he saw her at the airport with Wren because then someone would be like “No,No that’s not right Spencer was with me at that time.How could you have seen her? You’re mistaken.

Then Ezra would say are you telling me I don’t know what I saw? I saw Spencer at a table in the airport

Whoever he told would go on to say “Look Ezra I don’t know what you saw but it wasn’t Spencer” Twin Theory


PLL boys 💜
8 years of Pretty Little Liars ended 💖
I grew up with these characters since I was in high school.
Why PLL had to be ended so soon😭
God, I miss everything about PLL 😭😭

PLL preferences - The moment they realise they’re in love with you.

Realises she’s in love with you after she told you about A and you didn’t leave her.

Realises he’s in love with you when he comes back to town and missed you the whole time.

Realises he is in love with you when he meets you at a book signing again after you met two times before.

He meets you in hospital and realises he’s in love with you after met up with him a couple of times before.

Realises she’s in love with you after you throw her the biggest party for you birthday and make her wish come true with her favorite present.


Realises she’s in love wih you when you keep bieng there for her when the hard times are happening.


Realises she’s in love with you when you are there for her when nobody else is. This would be around the time when she was just “back from the dead”.

Spencer realises she’s in love with you when she sees you hanging with Melissa and it really feels like you’re family.

Realises she’s in love with you when you come tell her the same thing and she becomes incredibly happy.

Realises he’s in love with you when one night at a sleepover you sneak out of Aria’s room to be with him.

Realises he’s in love with you when he sees you in your prom dress and he’s your date.

Realises he’s in love with you when he’s with Hanna. But he keeps look at you and keeps thinking about you.


Realises he’s in love with you when you make him a song, especially for him.

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Wren’s reaction to the Summer of Answers.

PLL Preferences - What they did to get detention.

Spencer would get into detention because she wasn’t agreeing with the teacher.

Emily would get detention for sleeping in class because she’s always thinking about her swimming. Even at night.

Hanna would get detention for being sassy to the teacher.

Aria would probably get detention because of the dresscode which she wouldn’t agree with.

Alison got detention for bullying other people in class.

Mona would get detention for getting mad at her classmates.

Noel would get detention because he spend his time in class flirting with the girls.

Mike would get detention for just not caring to pay attention.

Wren would get you into detention because he calls you in class and your ringtone plays.

Toby would be playing Wordfeud on his phone.

Caleb would be playing video games on his laptop.

Ezra obviously wouldn’t get detention, but instead he gives you detention for reading a book instead of paying attention.

Jason would get detention for texting you the whole time.

I still think Wren is the real Charles and/or the real A. Always have, always will.

It’s not a coincidence that wren returns in season 7.. why bring him back if it’s not important? I still firmly believe he will be revealed as a major villian… and this photo just gives me more hope that marlene will give the pll army the ending we all very much deserve. 💋

Wren and CeCe are twins?

I’m not sure what inspired this idea, but I think it has some sense behind it. Although a lot of Wren’s shadiest moments have so far implied he was trying to take CeCe down, they can pretty much all be interpreted in the contrasting way and can come across as though he was actually trying to help her. 

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PLL Theory: Wren is Uber A and Bethany Young’s Brother.

As I was an avid Wren is Charles believer, I am more than aware of all of Wren’s potential to be highly significant to this story. Since he had just as many shady moments and clues as CeCe did, he is definitely worthy of being the next big “villain.” 

As Marlene has said, anything left unanswered is still relevant to the story. Well, Wren definitely has a lot of unanswered questions, and he is definitely going to return, so I think this is our first hint that he is still pretty important. 

So, here we go…

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A Theory No.1: Wren Kingston

IDisclaimer: I know everyone has different theories and opinions, these are just mine but you don’t have to agree with them obviously :)

Let’s start off at the beginning then…

1. We can tell by Season 1 when Wren kissed Spencer while he was with Melissa, that he probably wasn’t as loyal to her as we thought. I don’t think Wren ever loved Melissa or wanted to be married, he just wanted to get close to Spencer. Spencer was one of Ali’s closest friends and he probably hoped he could snoop about.

2. Wren mentioned to Hanna while she was seeing Mona in Radley that his father had been in a mental institute. No sane person could do what they did to the girls without having some issues. A definitely has some mental or emotional issues that they take out on other people. So, Wren could’ve inherited the mental health genes. I think he most likely is Charles Dilaurentis and was at Radley at a young age where he met Spencer.

Spencer was the only liar who said Charles felt ‘familiar’, probably because she had spent a large period of time with him without knowing it.

3. (For me, this is quite a BIG CLUE): In Season 4 we see Shana in Wren’s house while Spencer tries to search for him. Shana later in Season 5 wears all black like A usually does which makes me think she was in the A Team. Why would Shana be at Wren’s house? Probably because they were plotting things against the liars.

4. I think we can all agree that Wren is an extremely sketchy doctor. Whenever any of the liars or someone connected to them is in Radley or in Hospital, he just manages to turn up. I think it’s kind of weird that he seems to be everywhere. Also, he has such easy access to medical files and information. He also permitted Cece’s visit to see Mona (Cece was probably the Red Coat) and he most likely has connections with her.

5. Eddie Lamb said that since Wren had been working at Radley, he could tell it was for the wrong reasons. That is most likely because all Wren was doing was spying on Mona and interrogating her, he didn’t care about helping people with mental health, he just wanted answers. 

Also, when Toby is trying to find out about his mother’s death he receives an A note which says:

“Leave the lamb alone and go for the lion.”

This most likely was a signal that Eddie Lamb wasn’t going to have any of the answers Toby needed, but Wren was. Lions are often referred to as kings or kings of the animals etc and Wren’s surname is KINGston. You may be wondering why if Wren was A he would give such a big clue, but I think he was clever enough to know that no one would suspect him as he had such good trust with Spencer and others in Rosewood.

6. We see in a lot of A scenes at the end of each episode that A is a big fan of Vodka Soda. In 1x02 we see Wren order one while he’s with Spencer. It’s not a complete theory but it’s a coincidence.

7. In Season 4 after Hanna saw him, he acted really odd on the phone. After she was talking about Cece Drake and him permitting her visit to see Mona, he was being sketchy. He made a phone call where he said to someone: “We have a problem.” 

This was probably to Cece or  Melissa (possible people on the A Team), telling them that the liars were onto them.

8. Marlene posted a picture on instagram of a younger Charles Dilaurentis saying: “An apple a day doesn’t keep A away.”

We know for a fact that this quote is a reference to doctors and Wren is supposed to be one.

9. I recently read a spoiler on Tumblr saying that someone who works on Pretty Little Liars said that A is someone a lot of people don’t want it to be. I’ve seen a lot of theories and things online where people say how much they love Wren and that they don’t know want it to be him.

10. Wren has never really spoken about his background, his past or his friends/family. This makes me think he probably doesn’t really have any friends or family and is very alone and isolated. 

11. He is the right age to be Jason and Ali’s brother.

Tell me what you think! Do you think Wren is A? What do you believe?