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Wren’s reaction to the Summer of Answers.

I still think Wren is the real Charles and/or the real A. Always have, always will.

It’s not a coincidence that wren returns in season 7.. why bring him back if it’s not important? I still firmly believe he will be revealed as a major villian… and this photo just gives me more hope that marlene will give the pll army the ending we all very much deserve. 💋

PLL Theory: Wren is Uber A and Bethany Young’s Brother.

As I was an avid Wren is Charles believer, I am more than aware of all of Wren’s potential to be highly significant to this story. Since he had just as many shady moments and clues as CeCe did, he is definitely worthy of being the next big “villain.” 

As Marlene has said, anything left unanswered is still relevant to the story. Well, Wren definitely has a lot of unanswered questions, and he is definitely going to return, so I think this is our first hint that he is still pretty important. 

So, here we go…

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I really wish Emison was as healthy as Brittana
I mean Santana and Brittany are getting married whilst Emily just got Alison arrested…

The pll finale is kind of like American idol or X factor because there’s always someone who everyone is almost 100% sure will win but deep down inside you have a feeling they mightn’t win. In pll I’m 99% that wren is A but deep down im so scared that he’s not because I’ve read so many theories about wren being A and they are so flawless so basically WREN HAS TO BE A!

Alternate A Reveal

It’s pretty clear that most of the Pll fandom, myself included, was disappointed with the Big A reveal. Many things didn’t add up, and the episode felt very rushed. I decided to write an alternate reveal that I feel is more interesting than the actual one. Please keep in mind that this is not perfect. I had to work around the information Marlene has already given us, and Pll is also full of red herrings, so I wasn’t able to explain every single little detail.

This turned out to be really long, but hopefully you’ll read through it. Tell me what you think, and feel free to ask me any questions!

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