alison is redcoat

Maya St. Germaine: The Forgotten One

I am crossing my fingers, legs, arms and toes Maya’s story is further elaborated on. She was a suspicious character who died mysteriously. We ALL know how the dead do not like to stay dead in Rosewood, and this quote was repeated by the cast during recent interviews.

- The day she moved into Alison’s home, Spencer saw someone wearing a blonde wig staring at her from Ali’s old window. We know this was Maya, bc the top Fake Ali was wearing was the top Maya was wearing that day. Even if this was innocent, I’d like it to be explained.

- She was hanging around with Noel Beheaded Serial Killer Khan, and attending the parties along with Cece, Jenna and Holden. She died for knowing too much, but why did she hang around with them in the first place? Why were they so enticing?

- That whole thing was an unexplained rollercoaster.

- The Nate storyline was as useless as those Supermarkets who put peeled oranges into plastic packets. WHAT did it add to the A storyline? Why would Nate kill Maya and why was it even included into the plot? Surely A killing Maya would have better enhanced the story? This is still fishy to me.

- Maya flirted with Emily the moment their eyes met. At this time Emily was still in the closet, dating Ben. Maya did not flirt with the other girls. Either Emily made it super obvious, Maya possesses a strong gaydar, or she already knew.

- Redcoat. This mysterious character was flicked away from the plot by Marlene, explaining it away with Sara and Alison. But Redcoat knew every inch of the DiLaurentis household. Sure, Alison does too. But there were multiple redcoats. Charles could have remembered from his childhood the hiding places and told Sara, or found the blueprints, but the only other person who knew that house was Maya. The blonde wig from S1:E1, and the fact that Redcoat wears gloves, wigs and a mask points to the fact that perhaps Redcoat isn’t a blonde, white girl? I am literally nitpicking here good Lord

If you have any more points you’d like to add, please add a comment and I’ll add it to the list along with a credit to your name! Feel free to also tell me if you think any of my points are actual garbage, which they probably are, because I feel like Edward Scissorhands clutching at straws here.

PLL Baby Announcements

Okay I’m going to start this post off by saying I know people think this information isn’t important and it was just made for props. However I think maybe that just means the photos of the babies aren’t all that important. In my opinion the writing underneath could be a clue so I’m going to post what i can make out whether it’s important or not :)

Firstly this is the clearest pic I have come across and I found it on pllquestionsandtheories so thanks for posting a clear one and the images below are the pic above just zoomed in on.

So first is the one on the left:

I believe it says:

Mr and Mrs Al (something)

take pleasure in announcing

the birth of a son

Jason Matthew

on Friday, the twenty-seventh of November

nineteen hundred and seventy (Ah okay last time I read it as ninety but now I believe it says seventy)

(now this next line I have trouble with because to me it looks like it starts off with 5 number possibly 19229 and to me the next words look like: famous Holly Cimb? haha I can’t read those parts and don’t really know what it would mean)

Los Angeles, California

Second pic from on the right:

I believe says:

Mr and Mrs Al (something, I think it starts with an R or a P)

take pleasure in announcing

the birth of a son

(something, I have seen people say it says Rodney or Radley) Todd (or tedd)

Weight 7 lbs. 12 ozs.

on Sunday, May 7, 1972

Los Angeles, California


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PBS has described Martel’s story as one of “personal growth through adversity.

The main character learns that “tigers are dangerous” and develops “ALPHA” QUALITIES as he musters the strength, will and skills he needs to survive.


So I was watching “UnmAsked” again and everyone noticed some suspicious behavior at the ball. Lots of people noticed the blonde girl in the red dress with the gold mask and gloves. The camera really focuses on her. There’s no way she means nothing. Anyway so when Mona is talking to Hannah. “Blonde red dress girl” walks past them. But as she is walking up to and past them a guy in a black cape/hoodie walks out. (interesting outfit choice eh?) Anyway a couple of seconds later ANOTHER blonde girl in a red dress wearing a gold mask and gloves comes past. (the camera also pans on her a bit but very subtly) She is walking out too. They reemerge a couple of seconds later, separately. Later on in the episode when Emily is alone you get a glimpse at “blonde girl red dress no.2” and blackhoodie/cape guy together looking hella sus. They could be no one but they could be something and they really do look sketchy. Paige finds Emily and they sit down. “Blonde girl red dress no.1” is conveniently seated nearby. You catch heaps of glimpses of her in the mirror behind Emily as well. . 

The EYE We Saw Watching the Girls in Ezra`s Lair Belongs To...

The “Pretty Little Liars” DVDs, especially the “Special Features” are full of clues and answers. Ever since the episode where a redcoat leads the girls to A`s lair (as we later find out, Ezra`s lair), I`ve always wondered whose blue eye it was watching the girls through the wall. According to a clip in the season 4 DVD`s Special Features, the Eye belongs to —–>

There we go! 


“I was Redcoat. I was myself with an Alison mask.” - Sasha Pieterse.

Mona told the liars in 3.24, that Redcoat wore a mask and Sasha confirmed in the Halloween Special (which I believe was a secret revealed as Marlene and ABC family tweeted there would be secrets revealed), that she was Redcoat. in the Ali mask.

If Alison was the Redcoat with the mask and Mona mentioned to the liars in 3.24, that the redcoat with her at the grave wore a mask then it’s hella possible that Alison ordered Mona to dig up her own grave just as Hanna mentioned in 3.18 to  Emily and Aria when Emily remembered that Redcoat was there the night that Ali’s grave was dug up.

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-alison spencer mona cece

-spencer hanna aria emily

-cece paige sara melissa

-toby caleb ezra jason

-noel mike jason lucas

-melissa bethany jenna shana

-kenneth wayne peter byron  

-ashley veronica pam ella jessica

-travis jake sean noel

-garret wilden holbrook tanner

-ian wren andrew wilden

-maya samara talia paige

-sullivan eddie barry grunwald

-tippy pepe pigtunia


-spoby ezria haleb mina

-emison emaya paily emara

-wrencer spoby spalex

-sparia spanna spemison spalison

-spezra tanna jaria (jason/aria) tomily

-ezria jaria (jason/aria) jaria (jake/aria) 

-haria spason jalison hamily

-vandermarin spona monalison

-toby/caleb caleb/ezra toby/ezra


-rosewood ravenswood dollhouse radley

-aria’s house spencer’s house alison’s house emily’s house hanna’s house

-kissing rock spencer’s barn rosewood cemetery a’s lair

-rosewood high ezra’s apartment coffee shop hastings lakehouse


-charles: wren jason ezra toby (other write in)

-redcoat: alison aria cece melissa jenna (other write in)

-black veil: cece jenna melissa (other write in)

-who has a twin: alison jason toby hanna jenna (other write in)

-who killed ian: alison mona jason cece (other write in)

Charles is still dead, Cece is still A.

Okay I just got a flood of asks in my inbox from tonight’s episode and I just want to let everyone know to chill… Take a deep breath… Breathe in, breathe out. So just recapping what happened tonight, they think Charles may be alive because Lesli thought she heard he escaped the night Bethany died. They also think he might be alive because he had liver damage and they wouldn’t accept his organs… I will explain this very easily because it really isn’t that confusing.
So let’s start at the dollhouse, the girls are kidnapped and taken to the dollhouse to live there forever. A literally built that dollhouse for the liars and Alison to stay there as her dolls forever. They replicated their rooms, brought things they had stolen from their houses, set up everything so that the liars could stay there indefinitely. How… And why… Would A, if it IS Charles, why would they create a gravestone, fake a file to make it look like he died at 16, destroy any evidence of his own existence… Why would he do all of that BEFORE the liars went to the dollhouse, IF THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO STAY THERE FOREVER. If “Charles” planned on having the liars and Alison there indefinitely, with absolutely no sign of ever letting them out… Why would they set up a fake death that they would never find out about.
Another thing… Lesli said she heard two patients escaped, she heard that Charles was the patient. That can’t be correct. You know why? If the file at Radley said he was dead, and if he actually were alive (escaped/Jessica smuggled him out) at 16… That was 8 whole years before any of this happened. You can’t escape a place that thinks you’re a dead patient… You can’t hide a patient for 8 years. Spencer couldn’t even go to the children’s ward in Radley without being caught.
Charles is still dead, and he still isn’t A. You forget that the vault in the dollhouse was plastered head to toe with pictures and memorabilia of Charles, you don’t create a place like that for yourself or someone who is alive.
The birthday party (most likely going to be a twisted birthday for a child) will most likely be an A trap to kill Kenneth, and if Charles was A? He probably would’ve gone after his father who hated him a LONG time ago.
Not only that, but Charles literally couldn’t be anyone on the show. Charles would be 25/26 now- no one is his age that could be A, it can’t be Ezra, Wren, Andrew, Toby, it can’t be anyone on the show… He’s still dead. And don’t forget, the photo of the female in the hoodie is still there, as is Sara’s testament to seeing A is a woman.

Take a deep breath, and we only have to endure 4 more episodes of this stupid yo-yo crap.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: how did -A use some freaking toy balls to knock out two fully grown police officers, Steve? They had guns. Also, how did none of the other characters notice the blood on the Liars' necks? Is Mona no longer afraid of Alison? Where did Ezra go? Is Charles called Freddie now? Why did Toby suddenly decide to steal Spencer's candy? So are Mike and Mona back together? When will Ali come back to Rosewood? Why didn't Kenneth take Jason with him? Will Sara ever stay in her lane? Steve? Steve? Wake up and smell the lies, Steve.

5 girls… many secrets… one night…  one mystery… and someone who is going to tell… everything… or else…

This is the whole story of Alison, Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna, who are being tormented by A and of A’s life, motives and the long-awaited and big reveal as Cece Drake/Charles Dilaurentis.
Beginning in the night Ali was buried alive - ending in the night, she and her friends finally got to breathe freely again.

If the finale didn’t move you emotionally - then probably this video will get you there. 

Wren is A theory

In my CeCe theory, I mentioned that I suspect Wren is Beach Hottie. I want to elaborate on that. Here it is!

In summer 2009, Ali went to Cape May with an older crowd. “CeCe” introduced her to Wilden, and they were sometimes joined by CeCe’s high school pal Melissa. Since Melissa had broken up with Ian temporarily, she wasn’t as irked by Ali’s presence as she usually was. Especially because Ian never crossed Ali’s dreamy mind those intense couple of weeks. Ali’s sights were set on another older guy: Wren Kingston.

He was a med student who came to Cape May from England on his summer holiday. Well, it wasn’t completely a vacation. He got a job working as a lifeguard for the month of June. Every girl who crossed his path fell for his dashing smile and charming accent. Ali was no exception. Neither, however, was Melissa. Ali wasn’t willing to ruin her fleeting peace time with Melissa by spilling the beans that she lost her virginity to Melissa’s summer crush. So whenever Ali talked about him, she just called him “Beach Hottie”. Ali loved having another juicy secret.

Of course she lied to him about her age. Ian never took her seriously because he knew she was just 14. But Wren never had to know. She could be 18, 21…anything was possible with a new guy and a good lie. Ali even had fake IDs, thanks to CeCe. She liked this whole feeling adult thing. That is until Wren got her pregnant.

She was sure that if she kept the baby, Wren’s life would be over. He would never again be the promising med student with a bright future; he’d be the creep who knocked up a teenager. She knew him well enough to know he would want to stay in the states and support the baby, but she couldn’t do that to him. She knew he’d hate her when found out her real age.

Wren went back to England at the end of his trip, and Ali returned to Rosewood. She desperately tried to prepare for the baby. She needed money, so she blackmailed her friends’ parents, modeled for masks, and made sure she would inherit all of her grandma’s fortune. During all this, A was becoming an increasingly large threat to her and her baby. When she couldn’t figure out who A was, and was sure she was in great danger, she decided to run away. This was perfect for Mona, who had been trying to scare Ali out of town all summer. Ali told Mona her secret, and Mona convinced Ali to fake her death and go into hiding. 

Alison went to New York and found the perfect couple to adopt her baby. They were wealthy, fascinating world travelers and they were kind. They let Ali stay with them while she grew bigger. She gave birth in in spring, and stayed with the baby and adoptive parents through the summer. She loved her baby so much that she felt herself starting to change. She would never let anyone hurt her baby. In turn, she felt guilty for the way she used to hurt people. She said a difficult goodbye to her child, and headed back to Rosewood.

But by this time, the body believed to be Ali’s was found. Ali would look super suspicious if she came home now. But Mona was torturing the liars, taking full advantage of the fact that Ali had to stay “dead”. Ali figured out what Mona was up to, but she couldn’t risk letting anyone know she was still alive. The only person who knew her secret, beside Mona, was Noel. She knew his secrets, so he would never tell hers. She told him about Mona’s treachery, and he broke up with Mona without an explanation. Ali stuck around Rosewood, staying in Noel Kahn’s cabin, so she could protect the liars. She only appeared to them when they were half-awake or medicated, and tried to drop cryptic hints so they might figure out Mona’s game without Mona knowing Ali told them.

The liars finally caught Mona red-handed, and Mona was taken to Radley. That’s where she met Dr. Wren. She had stalked Ali enough during summer 2009 to know who he was. She had one of her minions bring Wren Ali’s infamous yellow top and bracelet from the night she stayed with Mona at the Lost Woods Inn before running away in disguise. She told Wren that Ali was still alive, and that she had his baby. She traded Wren information in exchange for help sneaking out of Radley, and help sneaking visitors in.

One such visitor was “CeCe” Courtney Drake (see previous theory for explanation) ). Wren told Melissa about Ali being alive and Melissa told “CeCe”, hoping she could help them find Ali and the baby. Melissa was furious that Wren was ever involved with Ali, but thought she could to a better job at raising it with Wren than Ali could. Since Ian and his baby with Melissa were gone, Melissa was desperate for a second chance at motherhood. She also wanted a second chance with Wren, who she still loved against all reason.

But Wren had other motives. He had to make sure no one found out he fathered Ali’s child. Not only would he be convicted of statutory rape, he would look extremely guilty in her disappearance and what everyone thought was her murder. Mona told Wren that when the liars are put in danger, Ali always manages to be there to protect them. Without Mona’s knowledge, Wren took over the A game. To throw her off, he made her believe he was done helping her because he wasn’t okay with her sneaking out to hurt the liars. He became her Uber A anonymous boss, and she didn’t even know it. He made many attempts to make Ali believe the liars were in danger so she would show up to save them. At the same time, he tried to stay in enough control to never actually hurt them.

One night, Mona left Radley with Courtney to switch CeCe’s body- thought to be Ali’s -with Bethany’s. Courtney asked Wren to switch the medical records around so that Bethany’s- and not CeCe’s -would replace Ali’s now. He figured out her secret, and forced her to be his 2nd in command. She became redcoat, a double agent for Ali and Wren, and she was the vessel through which Wren’s orders reached the A team.

Wren played on his charm to try and get information from the liars. Spencer and Hanna were wooed, but never trusted him completely. He decided to recruit new members to Mona’s existing A team of Lucas, Jenna and Toby. (I believe Toby was part of the A team long before he said he joined.) He sent Melissa, Jenna and Shana to torch the lodge and capture Ali once and for all when she tried to save her friends inside. Jenna’s then-boyfriend, pilot Nigel Wright, was able to contact frequent-flyer Ali and deliver her to the scene of the fire. 

But that night, the A team was a mess. Wren recruited Wilden by scaring him into believing he’d be framed for Ali’s murder if he didn’t join. Wilden couldn’t take it anymore and tried to make Ashley Marin give him money so he could run away to Canada with his fake passport. When he couldn’t get the money, he told Courtney he’d reveal that she murdered her twin. He couldn’t risk A framing him for Ali’s murder, which never even happened. Courtney, furious at her once-lover’s betrayal, shot him. Courtney was supposed to be capturing Ali at that time, and she missed her chance. Melissa rescued several of the girls from the lodge before Ali got there. (Jenna and Shana didn’t know, but Melissa and Wren never intended for the liars and Mona to actually be injured). Then Ali saw Nigel, Jenna and Shana conspiring in the woods, and realized he was on their side. She snuck onto the helicopter and flew it back to the airport herself.

After Wilden was killed, Melissa conveniently got an “internship” in London, where Wren just “happened” to be moving there. In reality, they were exhausted by the Ali witch hunt and thought it would be best to separate themselves from Rosewood and carry on with their lives. They could still direct the A team via text messaging and the internet. Besides, it was apparent that Ali had no intention of coming out of hiding.

But Ali did come back, and Melissa was hot on her trail. Melissa made sure to switch all the documents back so when the body in Ali’s grave was exhumed, it would be correctly identified as Bethany. No medical-record foul play would be investigated and Wren would be off the hook. Now Melissa plans to stick around and find Ali’s baby. Wren, getting off scott-free, is retiring from the demanding uber A position.

Picking up where he left off is Jenna, who is back and sassier than ever. She is planning an explosive revenge for Shana, Wilden (her admitted old friend), and for herself. Step 1: burning down her own house when she knows no one is home. All traces of evidence against her that she can’t see will be destroyed, plus the liars will be scared without suspecting her. Step 2: recruiting insider Sydney to the A team. (Sydney must have been personally victimized by Regina George Ali in some way we don’t know of yet.) She feels she is an experienced enough A team member to fill in the Big A shoes. Jenna’s reign of terror has only begun, and there will be a body count…

Thank you for reading! Please let me know your ideas! :)

Blondes in the background

So i was re watching the season 3 finale because Marlene said something about watching the finales for clues and two things stuck out at me. 
What was with the blonde extras. 
The first one is the blonde girl at the diner where Toby meets Spencer. The camera sneakily focuses on the girls in the booth in front of Spencer. But to me. The blonde girl sticks out. Because we only get little hints of her face.

This could be nothing. But why would they focus so much on two extras who ave nothing to do with the scene.

Another thing was when Spencer is chasing Hannah dressed up as red coat in the school there is another blonde girl (or possibly the same one from the diner) the camera seems to sneakily focus on.

She stares straight at Spencer then stares into the direction here Hanna went.

To me this looks like a very feminine looking boy in a blonde wig. (sorry to the extra if you are actually a girl) That’s why i said feminine because it looks like a boy who looks like a girl, haha.
What better place for redcoat to hide in plain sight then in a crowd of redcoats.

This brought me back to season 2. When there as a mysterious blonde at the Masquerade Ball. I don’t think this was Ali like a lot of people said as we see this person without a mask on later in the episode. We only see the profile of her face and we also see her reflection through a mirror. EXACTLY like the reflection of the blonde in the mirrored glass in the diner in Season 3. 

I have a post on this blonde here.

Back in season 1 in “the Badass Seed” the girls are at the college party that Ali took them to where they think Ian pushed a girl down the stairs.. Again, there is a mysterious blonde in the background of almost all of the frames.

This to me also looks like a man in a blonde wig. I’m sure there are more mysterious blonde in crowd sightings. (if you know of any can you please tell me) Is this the cross dresser everyone is saying there might be? Is this Charles?
I have been looking up the actors listed on imdb. One of them stood out to me. A guy named Scott Carnwarth. He’s listed in 5 episodes. Throughout 3 years. One of the episodes he was in stood out to me.

 He was in the first episode of the 3rd season as a Rosewood student. Supposedly where “A stole the game from Mona”. He is good looking. I don’t know why he is only getting extra jobs. He also has a feminine looking face a bit. They use so many extras. Probably the same ones for many things. It just seems odd that they would give this specific extra so much credit. I’m trying to imagine him in a blonde wig dressed as a woman. (sorry to this guy if he is only an extra haha) If these blondes are a man dressed a blonde woman. They don’t specifically have to use the same actor as they can re film scenes for later on with the actor chosen to portray the crossdresser when they are ready to reveal him. The only time they have ever shown a proper face of the blonde was the season 3 finale in the crowd where Spencer is chasing after Hanna. I think Scott looks a bit like this girl. Could he the blonde girl in the wig in the crowd? Is this the same person? Is this the person that was at Ambrose Pavilion? Or could the blondes in the background really be girls? What does this all mean? MArlene help us pls!

Pll predictions/theories

-The blonde girl in the doll house really is Sara Harvey and Bethany is dead
-A or “Charles” is not really a Dilaurentis, he’s a Young, and he’s Bethany’s brother
-Sara met Charles the morning she was last seen in the park, and she willingly went off with Charles, and that’s why her friend said that her parents thought she ran off with an older guy. However, Charles’ intentions were always to kidnap Sara because she reminded him of his sister who was burried the night before
-Sara was not meant to play Ali in the doll house, she was meant to play Bethany. Charles wanted his sister back
-Sara developed Stockholm Syndrome from being kidnapped for so long, and began helping Charles, she was the 3rd redcoat (this explains why it always seemed like A was a girl, she was the girl at the grave when it was dug up, the girl at the pavillion, and the blonde girl who attacked Mona)
-Ali was the one who wanted to kill Bethany and Charles found out and that’s why he attempted to kill Ali. We know that Mrs D has a strong connection with bethanys family so this somewhat gives reason to why she tried to protect Charles, but there’s definitely more to it than that
-The liars are all equally responsible for Bethany’s death in some way. I think that Spencer was the one to hit her but they all played a role. They don’t remember because they were drugged. This is why A hates them
-Mona was never really A. Charles blackmailed her into taking the fall. I don’t know what he has over her but it would explain why the writers all said that Mona wasn’t going to be A, and it explains why Mona said “I did everything you asked me to.” I do, however, believe that Mona’s mental breakdown at Radley was real
-finally, I 100% think that Wren is Charles.

-Charles is not A, but he’s A’s reason for being A. A was related to Charles, possibly his parent or sibling, and somehow the liars had something to do with his death


-Charles is Toby’s brother and Bethany was their sister. Marion Cavanaugh is Jessica sister, making Charles, Toby and Bethany cousins with Ali and Jason. This explains why Jessica wanted Bethany to call her aunt. This is not known by the their kids because Marion found out that Jessica was having an affair with her husband( which contributed to her mental instability) so she cut ties with the family. Both Charles and Bethany were in Radley basically their entire lives so not even Toby remembers them. This also contributed to Marion’s mental breakdown. Jessica was the one who killed Marion because she wanted to be with her husband, and then she tried to become closer with Bethany, but Bethany never trusted her. Ali was jealous of Bethany so she tried to kill her, which caused Charles to hit Ali, and Mrs.D then burried Ali because she was afraid it would all unravel and she would get arrested for Marion’s murder.
-Another possiblility with that last theory is that everything stays the same except the real Toby died, and the Toby we know now is actually Charles, but I think after the past couple of episodes, it’s safe to assume that it’s not possible for charles to be Toby