Wren’s final twist: He is going to kill Ezra | Theory

It’s a long post with theories/proofs of why Wren is in the A Team. If you only want to read the Ezra’s death part, go after 6th point.

1. Marlene said that Wren will be part of the final twist of the show, so he’ll be related to AD’s plot or Charlotte’s murderer. Obviously he’s not AD but knows him/her & helps.
(picture from hollywoodreporter.com)

2. Wren has always been part of the A Team. He knew Charlotte very well and he was the one who let Charlotte escape Radley to play the game outside being Cece. He worked there so he knew her real name wasn’t Cece. 

3. The famous drawing of that family with a woman in a red coat. He didn’t drew it, my bet is on Bethany. Also, the farm concept is important in the series: Andrew’s family farm, the stables where Jessica went with Bethany, Mellisa went there too…

4. My bet is he’s the son of Byron’s brother, Scott Montgomery. Byron mentioned his brother had mental problems and Wren mentioned his father also had them. I don’t think he’s Mary’s son because the plot of two family-related person having a relationship again…… His mother is british and he lived with her until he went to Rosewood to work in Radley so he could be with his dad. All of that before Alison’s dissapparence. While working there, he met Charlotte and they became closer and closer until being best friends or lovers. He also met Bethany and Mona. 

5. Wren helped Mona and Charlotte with the game (no, Charlotte never stole the game, Mona shared it and helped her). Wren was a big help since he could go outside everyday/anytime. Wren became closer to Melissa at the beggining of the series so he could knew everything about the girls. Making Spencer fall in love with him was part of the game. In season 4, Spencer was with Toby so he used Hanna. Wren’s in the A Team because he want to know who killed Charlotte and teamed up with AD.

6. In 4x10 ‘The Mirror Has Three Faces’, Hanna meets with Wren because she wants him to help her get into Radley to talk with Cece. Wren doesn’t want her to do it and says he’ll try. She leaves and someone calls him. That person is not A (Charlotte), it’s AD! (I’m doing a theory about his identity. Yes, HIS). AD has to take care of Hanna and the girls being near Radley/Cece and Wren has to do the same but INSIDE Radley.


In 7x15 we see Spencer introducing Wren to Ezra because she thinks they’ve never met before and I think she’s right. They didn’t met before, in person. But you could tell by Ezra’s face that he knew him. And Wren knew him too.

Actually, in Ezra’s lair (in Ravenswood) there’s a picture of Wren (and Spencer?) with a note that says “Wren in Radley”. Ezra knew him and investigated him.

And since he investigated him, he knows that Wren being there isn’t good news. That’s why he doesn’t go to Nicole’s, because he wants to know what’s Wren doing in Rosewood.

Wren also knows that Ezra suspects something and he’ll be watching his movements.

Ezra will find something big and important about Wren, he’ll find Wren’s in the A Team, that he was closer to Charlotte and he wants revenge. And Wren will knew Ezra found out everything so he’ll appear after Ezria’s wedding and will kill Ezra.

In 7B promo, we can see a person with shaved head with a gun. And we see Aria opening a door. 

In both pictures you can see that the doors have the same pattern and frame. 
Wren will kill Ezra before or after he tells everything. And why I know he’ll die?

If you zoom this picture and focus on Aria’s hands, you can see a ring in the marriage finger. Also, they’re on a cemetery.

That’s the same scene. Alisons’ wearing the black blazer. You can also see some graves behind her. And in the picture of the five girls, the way the girls look at Aria…This has “Ezra’s death” vibes everywhere.

And finally….

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ with a black rose….That means one of the liars will have death around her. That liar is Aria.

What do you think about it?

Together Drabble Ch.2

**takes place after the scene from the sneak peek of 7x16 in the nursery**

“Em?” Alison called from across the nursery to the brunette standing in the doorway.

Emily softly hummed in response, taking a couple steps closer to the blonde. “Hmmm”

Alison grew nervous, not quite sure how to voice the request that had been floating around in her head for the past few days. Things had been a whirlwind lately, Emily had practically moved in following Alison’s decision to have the baby. They spent hours upon hours discussing the details of how they planned to handle the ins and outs of the nine month process, not to mention the years of raising the child after birth. They felt like they have only scratched the surface of all the new realities this pregnancy would bring.

Now here they stood in the nursery Emily secretly spent the past few days working on, and suddenly everything felt real to the blonde. This pregnancy was happening, she was going to have a baby, Emily’s baby. She was going to be a mother. The setting couldn’t help but make the girl realize how crazy unusual their predicament was.

After a short moment, Alison gently put down the lamp she was holding, and turned to face Emily, “Would you like to go on a date, with me?” There it was, no more beating around the bush, no sense in waiting till the time was right, cause honestly with a baby on the way when would it ever be?

Emily recoiled softly, honestly a little shocked by the blonde’s forwardness, “What?” Her brow furrowed slightly, as she awaited Alison’s reply.

“Don’t get me wrong, playing house is fun,” Alison took a few steps closer to the brunette, leaving only a foot or two of distance between them, “but I can’t help but feel like we’ve been doing things out of order.” She motioned around the room alluding to the fact that they are having a baby together, as well as living together, all before they’ve even been on a real outing as an official couple. The fact caused Alison to laugh lightly, smiling in Emily’s direction. This is not at all how she imagined this moment.

“It’s not like we had a choice in the matter.” Emily pointed out, noting if it weren’t for AD they wouldn’t be in the mess. However, they both believed they would end up together eventually, just the information behind Alison’s pregnancy acted as a catalyst to bringing them to this moment sooner. That is a topic they’ve already spent a whole day discussing.
Alison stepped forward again, reaching to tuck a strand of hair behind Emily’s ear before letting her hand trail down the girl’s arm. She smiled softly, “Regardless, I would really like to take you out.”

Emily blushed, hearing the girl she’s loved forever say those words caused her heart to race. Emily lifted her head, where she was shyly staring at the floor, to look into Alison’s eyes, this was also not at all like she had imagined, “Tonight?” Needless to say, this was something she didn’t want to wait for any longer.

Alison grinned in agreement, “I’d say I’ll pick you up at 8, but I guess you’ll already be here..” again alluding to the fact that Emily had pretty much moved in already. So unconventional.

Emily offered a solution, “You can meet me at Hannah’s, I’m sure she’ll get moody if I don’t let her help me get ready.” Alison nods her head, “You know she’s been waiting for this almost as long as I have.”

Alison laughs cause she knows it’s true, their friend hasn’t exactly been subtle about her opinions on the couple, she’s grateful Hanna is encouraging and supportive, unlike she was in high school. But everyone’s changed a lot since then, and for the better.

“As long as she understands I don’t intend on dropping you off afterwards.” Alison winked, mirroring the signature smirk from her high school days. She’s changed a lot over the years, thankfully so, but she will never lose her flirtatious attitude when it comes to the brunette.

What Alison wasn’t expecting though was Emily’s ability to go toe to toe, “Is that so?” Emily challenged as she closed the distance between them, bending to whisper into the blonde’s ear, “Well, you should know I love breakfast in bed.” Her lips lightly grazed Alison’s ear with the last word, before she quickly backed away and walked out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Alison standing in shock in the middle of the nursery.

So they’ve all changed, Emily’s no longer the shy girl she used to know, and Alison thinks this newfound sultry Emily just might be the death of her.


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what has become of me | an Alison DiLaurentis fanmix

01. a woman can’t run from the things she’s done, when the weight’s got her on her knees / 02. spoiled, selfish little child, went out to play out in the wild, I found you shaking like a leaf, underneath your family tree / 03. you can bury my body but I’ll never die / 04. acting like I’m heartless, I do it all the time, that don’t mean I’m scarless, that don’t mean I’m fine / 05. so what if you can see the darkest side of me? no one will ever change this animal I have become / 06. run, girl, run, you’ve only begun, you’re going far, they’ve made you a star, is that what you want? / 07. I’m scared and alone, and I’m torn, I’m tearing apart at the seams, feel my thread bare skin / 08. I might never win the fight, but I will rage against the light forevermore / 09. if you could see what I see, the bones of mountains, and the stars are upside down, you’d put those prayers away, strap your boots on, and get on out of town

[ L I S T E N ]

I feel like the show never talks enough about Jessica and Kenneth? I mean people are constantly getting mad at Ali for the way she was in high school and while it in no way excuses her actions I feel like at least once one of the liars should’ve been like “have you MET her parents?” Growing up in an environment like that would screw up any kid and I wish they would talk about that more