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Some ideas about a “xavier’s school” TV show.
- it would be Harry Potter meets Skins meets Misfits meets X-men Evolution.
- Each season the cast would change and the show would focus on a new younger class.

season 01 / the new mutants
season 02 / generation X
season 03 / the new x-men
and I still need to figure out the casting for …
season 04 / the Jean Grey Institute

I know every fanboy/girl and their grandmother have done it, but tell me, what do you all think about this fancast? Now that Gotham will have its own show, I think a Xavier School show would totally work!

——– UPDATE (kind of) ——-

Seeing how this post got many notes in a short time, I feel like maybe I should give a little more insight into why I chose certain actor/actress.
some choices are based on looks only. some on other personal bias.
for example:

Asumi Zdrenka for Surge could seem weird, but when I saw Asumi on Neon Jungle video “BRAVEHEART”, she was pretty punk-ish, and well… really pretty. I thought she could well embodied the spark and rebelious nature in Noriko’s character.

Dianna Agron is indeed looking more anglo-saxon than latina BUT… in the comic there was a retcon explaining Amara Aquilla was really Alison Crestmere, a tourist girl from England that Selene abducted and included in her Nova Roma fantasy city. Maybe it was retconed out since then, I need to check those facts up. And to me Dianna would work well as Amara/Alison.

Charlie Barnett for Sunspot is an odd choice I concur especially now that Andrew Wheeler (hey Andrew!) made me discover the endless gift that is Micael Borges. sorry Charlie you’re out, Micael you’re in!

Now, Jeremy Allen White as Cypher.
Cypher is a difficult character to portray since his powers are really abstract compared to the other kids. He’s often (not always) pictured as vulnerable. I thought he needed an actor who can convey his intellect, his brilliant mind, and curiosity. I admit I am in love with Lip Gallagher’s character in SHAMELESS. he’s clever and a street smart genius without ever sounding nerdy or book-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I love nerds but I think Douglas could be more interested if written as more laid back regular guy than know-it-all good student kid.Just my two cents.

Ali Larter…. oh Ali , I don’t know why you bring so much passion in people’s mind, either for or against. I think her characterS in heroes where the most interesting ones. and She portrayed Tracy Strauss, an ice queen of some sort already, and I think she nailed it. I like her physique of course, but I, naively maybe, thinks she can acts too. Is she Emma Frost good? I don’t know, but I’d like to see her anyway.

Luke Pasqualino is not looking indian enough for some people, and I agree. but I don’t know a lot of yound handsome teen actor from indian origins, and this actor actually impressed me a lot as Grey in SNOWPIERCER. And he would have to wear purple make-up anyway.

Isabelle Fuhrman as X-23.
I already liked her after seeing Esther a few years ago. And for a long time I had Summer Glau in mind for X-23. But then I saw Isabelle as Clove in HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE and I thought : she is so badass and she actually frightens me a lot. Which I think should play well in the X-23 character

Hayley Steinfield as Loa. I am looking for a young hawaian actress but I don’t know any. your help is welcome :)

Callan McAuliffe as Hellion. Well, I see Hellion as this rich spoiled brat who happens to be a good passionnate leader in spite of his own bad temper. I saw some snobish quality in Callan, and a bit of a charmer too, in a Ed Sedgwick/Chuck Bass kind of way. Hellion should look and feel like he’s above the rest of them all. Even if he deeply cares about them.

Maybe cause I watch TV show, but not TV, I’m not too exposed to Jaden Smith. I thought he was the only good thing in AFTER EARTH, and he looked kinda sweet and nice enough to play the well balanced Everett. To those who don’t like him, don’t worry, Everett dies in the end :)

as for the Guthries, I hear you Brett White I hear you. Being French myself I cannot express enough how hilarious this first scene in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER was. Every actor was speaking french with an accent. Belgium. Canadian. even Swiss. So I totally understand you would be frustrated if the Kentucky accent is not well rendered. But so far I don’t really know any actors/actresses from Kentucky. Your help is more than welcome.
(and yes, I did some google research as well. But I have seen work from at least 80% of this kids :) )

okay enough for enough. I’ll be back soon with all those other kids I forgot, like Trance, and Gentle, and for the JGI kids as well.

play nice!