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The Signs as The Breakfast Club Archetypes

The Princess: Leo, Taurus
The Brain: Virgo, Pisces
The Athlete: Cancer, Libra
The Basket Case: Sagittarius, Capricorn
The Criminal: Scorpio, Gemini, Aries

last minute twin theories:


  • k. this bitch. always shown through a mirror. always. what is the purpose.
  • the whole weirdness with eddie lamb recognizing her
  • (ps is he dead? where u at eddie hmu)
  • those shots of byron looking at the family album with two little girls


  • marlene said we have seen the twin once. is this the twin watching hanna?
  • there’s a plothole? MIA red coat for certain parts of season 3 when matched with the timeline given by cece. @spencerslakehouse has a great post about it here.
  • alison told hanna the story about the twins. hanna’s mom saw one of those twins. hanna saw the two girls herself (in red coats!).
  • pics marlene has posted about twins have similarities to hanna in coloring.


  • tammin knew about a twin before any other cast members spoke of it
  • again, marlene said we have seen the twin once. remember when we saw this sketchy ass bitch walk into a shop, then drive away from it like .2 seconds later?!
  • or when jenna was driving emily around the night emily was drugged?!
  • jenna was either blind or “oh, jk, not blind” “wait no she’s blind again” for like half the series
  • that weird ass scene with jenna and sydney at the eye doctor


  • im really going to scream if ms d had another fucking kid she forgot about
  • ali’s room is full of twin clues
  • sasha knew about a twin as well, interviewed about the episode “the first secret” saying to pay attention to ali’s room
  • the weird discrepancies during the night ali went missing- hair, necklace, all the blondes running around that jason saw (that cece claimed weren’t her)
  • ali’s debut at the ice ball- she’s surrounded by twins
  • ali looks similar to hanna. the girls in red coats could also refer to ali. 


  • she’s most likely involved somehow in the twin storyline, since we haven’t seen her face still.
  • bonus: hanna’s always been lowkey smarter than she acts. is she actually older/more mature than she seems, because she’s the adopted twin of bethany young? despite spot on casting for the other girls, hanna and ashley don’t look much alike.

Here’s a tiny doodle I did of all of the Leda clones! But it was before we knew about Krystal so it’s outdated obvs…


In case y'all don’t remember this scene (05x10) Cyrus has just been released from prison and Ali is giving him plane tickets and a passport.

This is way too shady. I’m thinking that maybe Ali enlisted Cyrus to help out with her A activities. All the fun we had together? The GAME? The game that A has been playing from the start.

Thoughts? Cyrus has to be more relevant than they’ve made him out to be.

Okay, but you know what’s hilariously endearing?

We know from Cosima and Krystal’s experiences that Dyad will place trained monitors in the field to attract the clones, but in Alison’s case Donnie had to be told he was part of an anthropological experiment after they started dating.

That means at some point Dyad was probably throwing Delphine/Paul-level hot gents at Alison hoping she’d be into one of them and Alison was just like “Nope, I’m going with the dork named Chubbs.”


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