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The Community finale was fantastic & heart breaker. Dan Harmon demonstrated a master class on writing,scripting, & how to create an original ending to an original, unique show. Alison Brie as Annie Edison will forever live in my heart. She was the definition of perfect imperfection. Thank you Dan Harmon, for putting your heart & soul into creating something that was so much more than just a “show” to me & so many others.

Well, I wanna live in the same home for more than a year, order wine without feeling nervous, have a resume full of crazy mistakes instead of crazy lies. I want stories and wisdom, perspective. I want to have so much behind me, I’m not a slave to what’s in front of me… especially these flavorless, unremarkable Marvel movies.
—  Annie, Community, “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”

“The most important thing this finale accomplishes is the revival of what, at one time, was the show’s thesis: change. Season five and six have presented a version of the show comfortable with slotting in new characters in place of the old and going about business as usual, trotting out wacky homages and occasionally remembering to tease the fact that some of its characters still have the hots for each other. In other words, in some ways it’s gotten uncomfortably close to being a normal sitcom. This finale embraces, as the best episodes of Community have, that change is scary yet inevitable, sad yet necessary. These characters (and these actors and writers) have to be permitted to move on and grow. And the same is true of the fans.“