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After the death of one of the rich and popular Martin twins on 4th July, the small town of Beacon Hills investigates the murder. The series starts in September, the beginning of a new school year that brings new students, relationships and reveals the mysteries of the past 4th July.

I watched that new Teen Wolf trailer and instantly remembered why I stopped watching that trash show. Why the fuck is Gerard still alive? Do all these dumb ass characters forget that Ethan helped kill Boyd? I wonder if Kali and the twins had killed Alison instead would fandom and the show still stan them🤔 I do hope Stiles dies and Scott lives though. Also no sign of Kira or Danny, fuck Jeff Davis.

They’d better bring back Isaac, Derek, Jackson, Braeden, Morrell and Kira. They’d better make a suitable amount of mentions of Erica, Alison and Boyd. They’d better explain where Theo went. They’d better fix every mistake they’ve ever made in this series. If this is the final season, it needs to go out the right way.

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me: please let isaac, alison, erica, boyd, ethan, danny, and kira come back even though it's a long shot but please let them come back or just mention them please.

KIRA IS THE REAL QUESTION because arden would of loved to come back and they could of brought her back for the whole season smh and yeeeees please mention isaac and allison AND DANNY CMON hows his life going i NeEd tO kNOW

Stiles' real name

Guys I think stiles’ real name is Miguel…

On his library card it says his name starts with an ’M’ and whenever Derek’s his “cousin” stiles always says it’s his cousin Miguel.

Update: I was wrong
lamalterre replied to your post: the problem with the tw fandom and so many others…

literally just saw a gifset about that bit and i wanna d*e whyd they have to bring back steak

they’re bringing back everyone - derek, stiles (he never left but he’s hardly been in s6 because of dob’s schedule), jackson, isaac, chris, peter, gerard, theo, and kate. but of course no sign of kira or danny, lol, and they’d never fathom bringing alison and erica and boyd and tracy back from the dead even though they’re bringing back outdated villains who’ve already been defeated. i’m sdlgj sldjfdlsgjsdlf god i really hate this show