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  • neil: “we need to stop the bleeding he’s going into shock” maybe i wanted to do that, try minding your business for once
  • andrew: often times people will often, because of the times you see, they will expect things of me, which at a time like this or any other time, is bad.
  • nicky: if the bible has taught us anything its that you have to fight for your right to party. a song? go then i guess it taught us nothing then
  • aaron: oh you think i need to reconsider? at no point did i consider anything in the first place.
  • kevin: in a way aren’t we all responsible for my actions
  • renee: some days you're the hero, other days you're the other thing, that's what separates us from the animals. that and our various hair styles
  • matt: let the door hit you on the way out, it would give me a good laugh and i would probably forget why i was angry
  • alison: if you claim to have wind-swept hair when it is only wind-slightlytussled you may find yourself in a shallow grave, or somewhere else
  • dan: unlike most people, i don’t need a song to tell me to row the boat, i just do it

They’d better bring back Isaac, Derek, Jackson, Braeden, Morrell and Kira. They’d better make a suitable amount of mentions of Erica, Alison and Boyd. They’d better explain where Theo went. They’d better fix every mistake they’ve ever made in this series. If this is the final season, it needs to go out the right way.

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me: please let isaac, alison, erica, boyd, ethan, danny, and kira come back even though it's a long shot but please let them come back or just mention them please.

KIRA IS THE REAL QUESTION because arden would of loved to come back and they could of brought her back for the whole season smh and yeeeees please mention isaac and allison AND DANNY CMON hows his life going i NeEd tO kNOW

Stiles' real name

Guys I think stiles’ real name is Miguel…

On his library card it says his name starts with an ’M’ and whenever Derek’s his “cousin” stiles always says it’s his cousin Miguel.

Update: I was wrong
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 “I’ve got a 17 year old boy in the back of my car and I’m running him up to the station.” His dad sighs.

“Oooo is he cute?” Stiles asks jokingly.

Stiles can practically hear his Dad’s eye roll. He can hear the Sheriff shift as he turns around to look at the boy in the back. “Hey my son wants to know if you’re cute.”

He hears the boy on the other end go after a second of hesitation, “I want to say yes, sir.”

His Dad just cracks up laughing.