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Hello there! You can, and I hope you enjoy it!

Heechul: *100% done with everyone and everything*

Leeteuk: Excuse you? *can’t believe what he’s hearing*

Yesung: “Oh, this shit again.” *so done*

Kangin: “Hey, in case you didn’t know, that’s my girlfriend and you're not allowed to flirt with her, okay?”

Shindong: “Is this guy serious?”

Sungmin: “He did what?” *extremely offended*

Kibum: “That’s not okay…” *glares daggers into the other mans soul*

Eunhyuk: “Whyyyyyy?”

Donghae: “Excuse you.”

Siwon: “He flirted with my baby?” *totally shocked*

Ryeowook: *unsure of what to do*

Kyuhyun: “Someone has a deathwish, apparently.”

Henry: “No, no, no, flirting with my baby isn’t allowed!”

Zhoumi: “And you thought this was okay why?” *intimidating Zhoumi activated*

Oops - Heechul

(A/N: *cries and begs for forgiveness* I’M SO SORRY THIS HAS TAKEN LIKE MONTHS OKAY I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. But I’m gradually getting back into a writing routine so um stay tuned for more requests and the re-opening of them soon! I hope you like it!)

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5 Things I Find ___ in Kpop (Part 5 *Cute*)

We’re back to the cute stuff!

1.) Sungjae’s ‘Frozen’ Face Imitation

Click Here

2.) Siwon’s Baby Pics

His little dimples and chubbiness and his eyebrows are the same!!!

3.) V and his Bubbles

Let’s be honest, if it involves V, nothing really needs to be said.

3. Zelo’s Matoki (Totomato)

A robot-baby-masked-bunny. Aww!

4. Youngji and Cucumber

5. Jackson x Seo Kang Joon Bromance

Yes, he is playing with his boobs. Yes, he is brushing his teeth with his leg wrapped around him. Yes, they did facials and yes, they picked each other’s nose hairs. But that is what makes them perfect <3 <3 <3

Sidenote: Seo Kang Joon is just so… I just f**king love him okay.